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  1. Please use Google Traductor https://www.jonathandupre.fr/articles/17-minidisc-md/
  2. I don't have this unit so I cannot help you any further.
  3. Any electronic can have strange behaviours when heating up too much
  4. Please read the user manual :>) https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/portable-music-players-minidisc-portable/mz-rh10#manuals
  5. Try to clean the units : the garage, specially if you have your car and any mower inside create a smogy and dusty atmosphere not good for the mechanism.
  6. Paulk, important : where are you living ? "Universal" remotes can also be setup if you have the right "codes" The one I have for my Yamaha DSP-Z1 amplificator. https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/files/s/sru6061_37/sru6061_37_dfu_eng.pdf If not, you will need an original remote or do - almost everything - with another model MD deck remote like BearBoy said
  7. Ha ha. At least every member of the forum read ALL topics & posts : there are few of them nowadays and we NEED to keep MD alive. Just listening music.
  8. Absolutely rare and expensive... Maybe you can find somebody who have it and ask him to buy for you a remote able to record every button / task of the original remote.
  9. This rather risky to enter the service mode using your fat fingers ;>) on a portable unit. At the beginning is the unit recognizing discs ? Have tried to record on a blank disk and read the track ? Try to find MD forums (tapehead.net, minidisc.de and japanese forums and find a solution, the Google traductor is your friend). Also from @jonathanpotato : https://www.jonathandupre.fr/articles/17-minidisc-md/50-guide-depannage-minidisc-v2/ in french but once again Google Traductor is your friend. Jonathan can be contact directly (contact page) if needed. Sadly, we are not that much reading daily this forum and technicians are rare. Consolation prize :
  10. Anyway the Sony MZ-E10 is in fact a portable MDLP player so now.... no idea ! Stephen (sfbp) mean Jim Hoggarth, maybe the last MD repair specialist who has been a member of this forum.
  11. Ah bon... Maybe cleaning (gently) the lenses ?
  12. First test : as you have another player, the discs could be in LP2 & LP4 formats (MDLP), E10 cannot read them as it is SP only. Be sure that the disc has been recorded in SP mode only.
  13. I can buy Hi-MD... bookshelves in Vietnam, I do not buy one yet. No Net-MD ! http://trantriaudio.vn/san-pham/onkyo-fr-n9tx.html
  14. Good video, I noticed that Techmoan got the Onkyo MD-105FX, one of the only two Hi-MD decks ever made (Hi-MD bookshelves are also available).
  15. Hi, there is also the ZIP disc format but it will ne kindly difficult to find the discs. Sadly the technology was previous to USB connection. MD is perfect if you have a Net-MD portable unit (see the browser of minidisc.org). Hi-MD allow you to store more datas on the 1 Gb discs but they are a lot axpensive nowadays. The standard 60'/74'/80' discs are much more cheaper but have less place for data storage. At least the durability of the storage is fantastic compared to a HDD or a CD/DVD. Nonetheless, you also could store your datas on several DVDs (2 or 3 backups of each DVD), using the best quality you can buy, they are just much more easier to find than MDs...
  16. Look like that kind of offer will no more be availble one day.
  17. Maybe Christopher just took time to do some laundry... Yes you are right, we all missed it while it was unavalaible.
  18. Huumm, look like some of our historics like old private messages have dissapeared. But, at least, the forum get back. Ouf ! Like ones says in France.
  19. I enter Sony DHC MD575 サービスマニュアル in Google and I got that : http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/service/sony_HCD-MD555_service_manual.pdf
  20. Hi Stephen, maybe you have more information than us about this SonyInsider "shutdown" :
  21. Also happy to see that Sony make that (the ultimate "Walkman"...) : DMP-Z1 ($9000) Maybe Sony will decide to make a deck format version with a 12 Tb HDD...
  22. A solution to the MD label-full-wrapped that Stephen (sfbp) don't like (sure that the mechanism could be jammed) : Look at the labels here : https://www.bandcds.co.uk/all-others/minidisc-duplication-and-production/
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