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  1. Unfortunately the info on the Sony website was not correct & I think the ebay sellers are quoting from the Sony site. This unit does not have a line in. It is a player - and a bloody good one too - but a player only not a recorder. Hence DH10 ("D" for download as opposed to "R"). If you have any other questions let me know. I have one of these units and am very happy with it.
  2. I'd go for 3.2 which you can get here: http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/SonicStage/SS32.asp?l=en But if you really need 3.1 try this link: http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/SonicStage/SS31.asp?l=en
  3. What Hi-MD do you have? What version of Sonic Stage do you have installed? Did you install Sonic Stage and the hi-md driver before attatching the player to the USB port? Have you tried plugging it into to any other USB ports on the same computer?
  4. Tested this on my laptop with 2 Ghz processor & 1GB Ram. The application only stays open in the active processes for about 2 seconds before disappearing. I wouldn't worry about it too much. As atrain says it's probably just closing down gracefully (or trying at least).
  5. If it's any consolation the other side of the box is all in Japanese.
  6. I can second this, I have bought from him a couple of times. Both occaasions were hassle-free with ultra fast shipping. He's a top seller. Incidentally his ebay id has changed to "buyfromjapan".
  7. I also purchased recently some cd's like this eg. Kraftwerk's "Minimum-Maximum". Sonic Stage if I remember had some issues importing from the cd's. However they went through with MD Simple Burner absolutely no problem. (I was using SS3.2 / Simple Burner 2.0 - sending to NH-900 Hi-MD and also to Mz-DH10P). So before anything else try using Simple Burner.
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