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  1. I have no idea about the actual problem - seems quite strange. But as an equally irrelevant answer to the aside from @BearBoy, the front of the 630 is painted metal. You can see if you look at the underside when you open it
  2. Prices on discs are way too high, but he has some useful accessories.
  3. I renamed it purely on a hunch, but also becuase I'm a bit OCD about spelling and capitalisation of topic titles 😆
  4. Wow that's awesome! It's always great to receive a box full of fresh unopened discs
  5. They were a feature of many Axia discs but other than that I think only Maxell had some tinted cases and they were all tinted dark grey as opposed to color matched with the discs. That kind of detail is one of the things I really like about Axia discs
  6. Thanks Chris - really nice to see you around the place again 😁
  7. Axia MD | MD PS (Player's Spirits) - 1st Version (1997) This series released in 1997 is one of my favourite Axia discs. I love the slightly more subtle paler shade of blue on the disc itself and on the tinted cases. As usual the attention to detail is very high - apart from the one typo on the index card - see if you can spot it. The discs were available in both 60 minute and 74 minute versions.
  8. I never quite understood why pre-recorded MD's rocketed in price either. I have a few, but they were all picked up for next to nothing on eBay, sometime in the mid to late 2000's when no-one was interested in them any more. I also always thought it was just easier to buy the CD and make your own MD copy.
  9. I'm not really sure how many I have - I'll have to try and do a full count at some point..
  10. Exactly - this like a few of the early discs falls into the "definitely looks better wrapped" category, along with the Scotch, early Sharps etc.. Wow - 30 years old!! I didn't even think of that
  11. * Pictorial updated with white disc overview
  12. * Pictorial updated with 80 minute 10 pack
  13. Victor MD | Victor XM-C31 (W) The Victor XM-C31 was released in October 2004 and came in several colour schemes - pink, blue and this which was nominally called white, although a large proportion of the unit is black. The front panel features a unique square design pattern.
  14. Sony MD | MDW-74 (1993) The Sony MDW-74, released on 10th April 1993 in Japan was Sony's first 74 minute disc. There are some early variations that feature the inverted design also seen on the early MDW-60's. There is also a later version with a slightly smaller embossed arrow in the top left hand corner.
  15. Those must be the European versions - they are indeed the same as the Ho (which was Japan only) apart from the shutter design. All great looking discs! I'll try and do a full pictorial on the Ho's separately.
  16. Reporting for duty 🙋‍♂️ (there doesn't seem to be a salute emoji on the forum software.. oh well)
  17. They could well be the TDK Ho series from 2003 which were also released in Europe a few years later with the same disc design, but a different shutter logo and were just called TDK Colour Series or something equally non-descript. Are they perhaps similar to these ones?
  18. I need to re-shoot some of the discs properly, but in the meantime, here is an example of some opened ones!
  19. TDK MD | Flower Mix Limited Edition Released in 2005, this hard to find series was a limited edition, exclusive to Japanese electronics retailer Bic Camera. The design of the discs is similar to the Ho series, but somewhat more subtle. There were just 2 colors - green and yellow. Available in packs of 10 containing 5 of each color and packs of 5 containing 3 greens and 2 yellows. The discs were 80 minutes only. I consider these together with the Bit Club designs some of the most beautiful discs ever from TDK.
  20. * Moved to Classifieds sub-forum
  21. Maybe this was the thread I was thinking of, but Avrin seemed to think that as well as being able to rip CD's to 105kbps 105kbps was in fact supported on Hi-MD formatted discs, but I guess not legacy MD formatted discs.
  22. I have a vague recollection that to enable LP3 to be transferred to NetMD (with SS) a registry key needed to be added / edited.
  23. Sorry, I'm late - Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good xmas and wish everyone all the best and success in 2024! 🥳
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