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  1. I already have the black and white Cutipop's, just missing the elusive grey one.. 🙂
  2. Yep, I saw those. A little bit expensive for a single disc, but I may be tempted at some point... I guess they were a separate run. Not sure of the chronology. The other colours also exist with the same shutter variation.
  3. The street scenes pack - yes the one with the 4 different colours of traffic lights. I only have a 3 pack of the blue ones. I was certainly lucky to get plenty of discs when they were available new, but plenty more slipped through the net for sure. That said, I can't say I have too many regrets, I was lucky I guess (in the right time and place) to be able to acquire many MD items over the years. Certainly enough to keep me busy & happy for many years to come
  4. Victor MD | ar - 2004 Series Victor's “ar” 2004 Series came in seven color schemes: Sky Blue, Pink, Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Violet and Orange. The colours were split across the 74 and 80 minute disc types. Both 74 and 80 minute variants came in 10 and 5 packs. The 74 minute variant is shown here (80 minute variant to follow soon). These discs also featured Victor's fully enclosed, hinged cases to protect the discs against dust.
  5. Yes, of all the ones I have seen over the years, including the other 3 from that pack (skater, runner, floor plan), the street scenes, and all the rest 🙂
  6. Currently listening to Soehngenetic - Dieneuser in Atrac3 Plus 352k on the RH1
  7. Yes, that disc is probably my favorite out of all the Bit Clubs. If I remember correctly the text on it says 「今日は、ここまで」 "That's it for today.."
  8. No, unfortunately not.. 😔 Apart from the Tartan, I think those ones you mentioned are all pretty much holy grail discs for most collectors. By Book Club, you mean the one with the picture of the lamp and the book on it?
  9. Sony Japan MD | Color Collection 2nd Series 1996 - Special Packs There were a few "special" combination packs of the Sony Color Collection 2nd series discs. I'll add them to this topic as I get to them. The first is a special 6 pack (essentially just a combination bundle of 6 x 74 minute single discs).
  10. Let me know if there is something particular you are looking for, depending on what it is, I may have some spares or can look out for them for you
  11. @BearBoy - forgot to mention there is also Sergio's (@sescoscuba) excellent site: https://sites.google.com/view/crazyforminidisc/home-page/all-my-blanks Some of the dates are slightly incorrect, and his rarity ratings would maybe be different now, given how things evolve, but it's an excellent resource, I recommend.
  12. On my side, I was also on holiday (in Italy) for the last few weeks. Apart from just generally lazing around and eating a lot, I have been studying Japanese quite a bit. I took advantage of the fact I don't have to work to take more lessons online. On the MD front, I was back in my apartment in Rome, where a lot of my MD units are still located, so I was busy getting reacquainted with them and the many recorded discs I left here before moving to London (for the 2nd time) in 2016. I also discovered a whole stack of about 100 sealed blanks of various types I forgot I even had - including 2 unopened 10 packs of TDK Bit Clubs. 🙂
  13. I think it also depends to a degree on the type of plastic used. I don't think I have tried Brasso, but for example on my MZ-E620 which has a kind of glossy transparent plastic front, I was able to remove scratches with a small amount of a cream called "Polywatch" watch glass scratch remover, that I got for a couple of pounds off Amazon UK.
  14. I have the white E630 (as seen in the 3rd photo + pictorial to come in the future). They are not too hard to find, but relatively difficult to find in mint condition. The E730 has the HD Digital Amp. A bit scarcer now than the E630, but they do come up from time to time. On a semi-unrelated note, I remembered this: the MZ-E630 tv commercial featuring Mika. We did have this on the forum somewhere in a pinned thread together with the other Sony CM's, but the links are now dead I think. ↓ CM Link
  15. Oh no worries about that, it's not like I need much triggering 😆 I'll keep an eye out for anything interesting and add it to my next shipment from Japan. Usually these kinds of things are not too expensive and if it's in the community's interest...
  16. Ok, will see what I can do! 😁 (most of my MD hardware is also Sony, apart from a couple of Onkyo components)
  17. I'll see what I can do! I'll check, but I think the majority of mine are all Walkman related. I have a few Sony headphones catalogues and a whole bunch of other stuff relating to the 1999/2000 Sony "Red Hot" campaign featuring another Japanese singer Hikaru Utada. Having said that, there are dozens of old catalogues out there on Yahoo Auctions Japan - are there any particular years / periods / manufacturers you were interested in?
  18. Absolutely correct - it came out in May 2004, just before the Hi-MD models. The MZ-E630 and E730 players which are also MDLP only came out in October 2004. Here's the page for the N920 from the October catalogue (it's the same in the August edition).
  19. I haven't lived in Japan (yet!), although it has always been a dream of mine. The posters I picked up from a seller on Mercari (basically a kind of online Japanese marketplace / flea market). The catalogue I think was from Yahoo auctions. In both cases there are specialist, so-called "proxy" sites that act as middlemen allowing overseas buyers to buy from domestic Japanese sources. What was it? I don't have the catalogue in front of me now, but I did already scan the pages from the October 2004 catalogue which are essentially the same.
  20. Nice work Kevin - the deck looks great!
  21. Yes, these are all from my collection 🙂 Indeed, they still had one or two casette Walkmans. That catalogue has about 10+ pages of MD related Walkmans in it. When I get a moment I can upload the relevant pages if you are interested.
  22. Mika Nakashima (中島 美嘉) | 2004 Sony Walkman Campaign Posters The Japanese singer Mika Nakashima was the "campaign character" for Sony Walkman in Japan in 2004 and featured on promotional materials for the launch of Hi-MD in spring of that year, together with the launch of the MZ-E630 in October 2004 and for the first Network HDD Walkman's. This is a collection of promotional posters, a store counter display card and the August 2004 Sony Walkman catalog.
  23. Daiso MD | Ocean Series I am not 100% sure of the exact date of this series, but it must have been around 2001 I think. Another interesting series from Daiso, only available in 74 minute variants and sold as single sealed discs. The colors are Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange and Gray. * Photos of opened discs to follow shortly..
  24. Thanks. These low cost discs in retail hangers are quite hard to find in the original packaging. They were literally throw away items I guess, but paradoxically they are now quite sought after. Thanks also for the compliment. Stay tuned as I have many more discs to post pictures of. I'll try and do a few each week, time permitting. 🙂
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