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  1. To be fair, most of my discs are just stored in boxes or stacked on bookshelves as well 🤣 This one is quite a unique piece, but actually because you need to remove the discs from the cases, I don't really use it. It's nice as a display item or if I wanted to have a selection of regular discs to hand.
  2. This Panasonic MD case was a competition giveaway prize, with winners selected from a draw. I picked it up unused from a Japanese seller and don't have too many details on the nature of the competition. I scanned the letter that came with it, but it is not dated and just says "Congratulations on winning this Panasonic MD case, your entry was drawn by lottery from a high number of applicants. Thank you for your continued patronage etc..." (or words to that effect). Anyway the "glow" in the name comes from the fact that when the light hits the translucent windows of the disc holders it produces a kind of glowing effect. The discs are inserted without cases, shutter side down and there is an interesting king of rotation mechanism on each slot to rotate the holder so the disc can be inserted. The base of the case is made from aluminium.
  3. Actually you are pretty close. I was mistaken, these ones are also aluminium too. I just double-checked. I must have been getting mixed up with something else. This one is very similar to a business card holder in fact!
  4. Oh yes.. That one is a magnesium, single disc, hinged case. Also sold at Daiso I believe. Very useful! I'm planning a separate pictorial on Daiso cases. Will add that one to it 😉 The magnesium case came out around 2006/07, these MD's themselves are from the late 90's. Not 100% sure of the exact year.
  5. Thanks Kevin, appreciate it! Yes, I do have quite a few in the collection.. I actually quite like most of the Neige discs. To be honest I like all MD's, but I guess the Japanese market certainly was filled with some great designs.
  6. Saehan MD | Melodia These discs from Saehan were available as singles (I think 74 minute only), 74 and 80 minute 10 packs and 74 and 80 minute 5 packs in a slim case (the packs were all without the Saehan branding, but sold under the Vertex brand).
  7. TDK MD | Special Packs I'll use this topic to record any of the TDK special packs that don't really fit anywhere else. TDK Music Jack 5th Version - "A Small Gift for Big Sound" The first is a gift box presentation box, containing 2 single Music Jack discs. I am not 100% sure of the origins of this pack - whether it was a competition giveaway, a presentation pack to TDK employees or something else altogether. Any information gladly received. 2nd Variation TDK ho 【ほ】 - Blue, Paper Wrapped Singles There may be nothing "special" about this pack. It seems like it is a retailer box of the blue discs designed to be sold as singles. The discs inside are indeed the single 80 minute blue ho discs, but I have no idea why they went to the trouble of individually wrapping them in paper in sets of two's using the same TDK gift wrapping paper used on the presentation packs...
  8. Topvalu MD | Topvalu 2nd Color Series Topvalu is a brand of the Japanese retail giant Aeon. These discs were made by Maxell and only available as far as I am aware in these 5 packs. Not sure of the date, but I guess it's somewhere in the early 2000's.
  9. Indeed JVC (Japan Victor Company) is one and the same. Just that they used the Victor brand domestically and JVC outside of Japan. These ones are definitely some of the most colourful discs in my collection.
  10. Many thanks for the compliments. Indeed I have always lived in the UK and Europe and the selection of MD"s over here compared to Japan was small and usually not very exciting types compared to what could be bought from Japan. I was always attracted to the Japanese discs as they were just so much more colourful and interesting!
  11. Saehan MD | Wind Player (Limited Edition) Made in Korea by Saehan, these discs from 2007 were a limited edition of 3 designs, sold in 100 yen stores in Japan I believe. They are now extremely rare. I obtained mine at the time from the illustrious @bland10000. I recently re-discovered them. I had opened one and still have two unopened. The 3 instruments represented are Tuba, Trumpet and Saxophone. They were sold without cases in retail hangers.
  12. Possibly, but I'm not really into buying things for the sake of reselling them.. It's a bit too much time and effort I think for me
  13. I already have the black and white Cutipop's, just missing the elusive grey one.. 🙂
  14. Yep, I saw those. A little bit expensive for a single disc, but I may be tempted at some point... I guess they were a separate run. Not sure of the chronology. The other colours also exist with the same shutter variation.
  15. The street scenes pack - yes the one with the 4 different colours of traffic lights. I only have a 3 pack of the blue ones. I was certainly lucky to get plenty of discs when they were available new, but plenty more slipped through the net for sure. That said, I can't say I have too many regrets, I was lucky I guess (in the right time and place) to be able to acquire many MD items over the years. Certainly enough to keep me busy & happy for many years to come
  16. Victor MD | ar - 2004 Series Victor's “ar” 2004 Series came in seven color schemes: Sky Blue, Pink, Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Violet and Orange. The colours were split across the 74 and 80 minute disc types. Both 74 and 80 minute variants came in 10 and 5 packs. The 74 minute variant is shown here (80 minute variant to follow soon). These discs also featured Victor's fully enclosed, hinged cases to protect the discs against dust.
  17. Yes, of all the ones I have seen over the years, including the other 3 from that pack (skater, runner, floor plan), the street scenes, and all the rest 🙂
  18. Currently listening to Soehngenetic - Dieneuser in Atrac3 Plus 352k on the RH1
  19. Yes, that disc is probably my favorite out of all the Bit Clubs. If I remember correctly the text on it says 「今日は、ここまで」 "That's it for today.."
  20. No, unfortunately not.. 😔 Apart from the Tartan, I think those ones you mentioned are all pretty much holy grail discs for most collectors. By Book Club, you mean the one with the picture of the lamp and the book on it?
  21. Sony Japan MD | Color Collection 2nd Series 1996 - Special Packs There were a few "special" combination packs of the Sony Color Collection 2nd series discs. I'll add them to this topic as I get to them. The first is a special 6 pack (essentially just a combination bundle of 6 x 74 minute single discs). 74 Minute - 6 Pack Retail Hanger Packs - Blue
  22. Let me know if there is something particular you are looking for, depending on what it is, I may have some spares or can look out for them for you
  23. @BearBoy - forgot to mention there is also Sergio's (@sescoscuba) excellent site: https://sites.google.com/view/crazyforminidisc/home-page/all-my-blanks Some of the dates are slightly incorrect, and his rarity ratings would maybe be different now, given how things evolve, but it's an excellent resource, I recommend.
  24. On my side, I was also on holiday (in Italy) for the last few weeks. Apart from just generally lazing around and eating a lot, I have been studying Japanese quite a bit. I took advantage of the fact I don't have to work to take more lessons online. On the MD front, I was back in my apartment in Rome, where a lot of my MD units are still located, so I was busy getting reacquainted with them and the many recorded discs I left here before moving to London (for the 2nd time) in 2016. I also discovered a whole stack of about 100 sealed blanks of various types I forgot I even had - including 2 unopened 10 packs of TDK Bit Clubs. 🙂
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