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  1. This maybe out of this subject but I think is worth mentioning on this part of the forum. I worked at Barnes and Nobles and there was this guy who was still using a cassette walkman. I thought as I was walking by, that this format (cassette) might be a next retro thing for younger people and then at the same time I thought about minidisc being a retro as well. Everyone pretty much using mp3 player like iPod, creative etc. So I think MD might have somewhat room for being a unique.
  2. Good for you...it was tempting, however I already own an Rh1 and I love it.
  3. Meaning it works with mac using specific software that Sony provided for mac. Still doesn't work with SS but with Hi-MD Wav for mac, I think thats what the software called. There is a broad of information on it somewhere as to what file can be loaded to mac and what not. I have a G4 PB and I use this with RH1. It is a fair program and at least Minidisc is not totally crippled from using mac.
  4. In exception of md, considering 15 years is a long time so let us all appreciate it instead. I'm not trying to make an argumental topic here richyhu but I am also just trying to be optimistic as well. I wouldn't mind seeing a Hi-MD deck that record PCM with optical/coax output on it with capable of dubbing CD to MD with it...I can only hope.
  5. There is a hack where you can add an optical output on this deck...I added an optical for my JE440. it might be the same thing.
  6. If this ever goes down to 249.99 this thing would fly off the shelf.
  7. Congrats Bluecrab! Please do, we would like to know what you think of it.
  8. Someone is gotta be crazy selling an RH1, I will not sell mine even if my life depend on it. Rh1 is a classic and should not be taken forgranted. The only time I will sell my RH1 as if there is a replacement for it in the near future, otherwise mine will be here forever.
  9. my ex-wife won of this classisc recorder. I still have one and hardly use it but I am keeping mine because of it's built and it was free.
  10. I think Minidisco.com is having RH1 on sale for 299.99 right at this moment.
  11. there is nothing more sexier in woman with a minidisc player on her lap.
  12. yeah, if the price would have been $8.89 I wouldn't even thought about buying any of them either since I already have some md's but the price was right.
  13. Folks, I went to Target just to browsed and guest what I found on their shelve? Sony 5 Pk minidisc for $4.48 not including tax. It didn't say clearance on it or it was not in their clearance section either. So I don't really know what the deal was but they had Four 5 pk in there and I bought all of it from my Target nearby here in Boise, Idaho. It cost me $19.00 even after tax. I know Best Buy, Radio Shack and Fred Meyer still have these 5 pks on their shelves from 8.99 to 11.99, so go check it out. That's all!!! Peace and keep rocking on with you Minidisc.
  14. I'm old school. I like to be able to touch, feel and see things. And this is what Minidisc is about for me. Don't get me wrong I also have iPod but I still love Minidisc.
  15. I chosed Minidisc because I have already invested on this format since 1992 so it is difficult to let go of something I am already familiar with and accustom to. I like the uniqueness of the disc itself, still to this day I think it has that futuristic appeal.
  16. mdmania

    md again..

    I understand that you may like the Sharp sound, however the SQ of Sony RH1 is pretty at least good enough for me. I don't know of anyway recommending you a Hi-MD sharp if that is what is your looking for and I have not heard or seen Sharp making a minidisc player/recorder for sometime now. So I think you are stuck with Sony if that is your concern.
  17. mdmania

    md again..

    I bought my RH1 From Minidisco.com, I don't shop either from the internet or at least whenever I can avoid it. I was desperate enough to get an RH1 last year and I'm glad I bought one....this is a "Sony Classic Minidisc Player" If they ever come up with a newer one, and this one goes for lesser than what I paid for I would probably get another one for back up in case my current one breaks. Welcome aboard...Peace!!!
  18. I think taking off and landing is the most critical moment when it comes to flying so this is not taking forgranted in anyways. That is based on my assumption again.
  19. Since this "dynamic normalizer" coming from Sony I am confident that they are using a more advance technology. I am not an expert or claim as an expert but I have play around with other normalizer related before like Sound check (iPod), Smart volume limiter (Creative) and Rio Karma's normalizer and none of them as succesful as the Sony's dynamic normalizer at least to my ear. Most normalizer adds artifacts to the sound and Sony's DN is fairly clean and almost keeps it's original sound. Some of you here may argue but this is only coming from my observation. Feel free.
  20. My guess is that it might interfere with their digital tracking system or communication system, I don't exactly know what the name of it but sounds good to me. I hope that helps.
  21. Simple way to put 1GB Minidisc is only for Hi-MD unit not reversable. But legacy minidisc is for both Net MD or Hi-MD (Formating required however).
  22. This is indeed an interesting feature. I also would like to know how this thing works. I have tried in the past before with other mp3 player from Creative's Smart Volume Limiter and iPods's Sound Check and so far these two feature is nowhere near as good as Sony's Dynamic Normalizer. They were not as consistent and gives artifacts to the sound. To me, having Dynamic Normalizer is very important. Prior to that, I was stuck using MP3 file so that I can use MP3Gain and normalize my mp3 files. This is indeed an interesting feature. I also would like to know how this thing works. I have tried in the past before with other mp3 player from Creative's Smart Volume Limiter and iPods's Sound Check and so far these two feature is nowhere near as good as Sony's Dynamic Normalizer. They were not as consistent and gives artifacts to the sound.
  23. Actually Optical output is not as relevant anymore, because RH1 can be uploaded to PC or Mac. I mean it would be nice to have an optical output but is not as necessary or as important anymore. But yeah, I would probably pay for an optical output.
  24. Wow! I am surprised that you don't like the idea of having a "Dynamic Normaliser" You are entitled to what to like and not to like. However, I am for one a big fan of this feature. I completely understand that you feel that certain songs are meant to be lower than the others but to me it is very annoying since I like to make compilation from different CD's and shuffle from one disc to another disc that has completely different recording levels. RH1 is the best thing that Sony ever came up in terms of MD format. Don't be discouraged since "Dynamic Normalizer" can be switch to OFF and you are not force to use it. Buy it and you won't regret it. Good luck anyway with your decision.
  25. Same gripe here in the U.S. but probably not as difficult to get a hold of one since most e-tailer like minidisco and other has them and can be ordered. One reason they are probably difficult to acquire is also they are probably expensive to produce. At least that's my guess.
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