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  1. rather just read a real book, it's cheaper.
  2. yup, they are used to reduce electric interference...i don't know if they actually work or not.
  3. I say skip the minidisc...it's on the way out.
  4. luckily I sold off most of my MD stuff...I still got the MD mini system though. i'm sure i can sell it but it'll be hard to pack it up and ship it out...
  5. strange, there's usually some type of copy protection...
  6. you can scream and rant till your face turns red, Sony doesn't care...
  7. atraclife has been replaced by sonyinsider...
  8. I can be wrong but I thought I read somewhere, they are taking it down and working on some other site instead of ATRAClife
  9. are there any problems with copy protection?
  10. sector001


    the on amazon says it includes 2 mz-e10......???
  11. yeah seriously, I don't why they bother with stock buds. I rather they not include any at all...
  12. i would just pick it up....for $25? that's a steal...if it is in working condition.
  13. i bet he can get a pretty penny for it...
  14. for blanks u might want to check out jandr.com, in NYC as well...they only carry blanks, no MD units. that's all the stores in all of NYC that actually carry anything MD related.
  15. u should check out bhphoto.com they are in NYC...look up there address on the website. as when i was in the sony centre store last time, i didn't even see 1 MD unit or anything MD related.
  16. if i had all those MD's, i could be rich...
  17. that IP pro setting definitely didin't work. I get a blank screen as well...
  18. sector001


    sold, this can be closed...thx.
  19. couldn't find bat21 so i started a new thread....paid for the shure's quickly.
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