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    It may shorten theirs but it should extend yours
  2. Doesn't the RH10 have a line-out? Although still weak (for a line-out) this would help. I have never had any trouble when hooked up to a hifi, if it's not loud enough then I turn up the volume on the hifi. Of course, I don't know how loud you listen to your hifi... BTW if your RH10 is European I think it's limited to 2.8mW.
  3. Try re-installing Sonicstage. If Simpleburner works then it must be a software/computer issue of some kind so that may well help. Sonicstage 3.4 is the latest version. I also get this message sometimes with my NH900 but I'm pretty sure that's because I dropped it and now it's a little bit broken.
  4. Blu-Ray is not the next evolution of MD, it's the next step for DVDs. I doubt it will ever be used for portable audio as by the time devices have the necessary power efficiency, small size and reliability there will be something else better. I agree whole-heartedly with the comments on reliability of HDDs. This was the deciding factor for me: when HiMD came out I had to decide to either go with that or get a HDD player. There were many factors involved but the most important one was that HDDs are just not designed for portable use and you cannot reasonably expect one to last long. The failure rates of HDD players are so high because people treat their DAPs as they expect to be able to treat them. Any portable electronic device must be able to withstand a few bumps to be worth it's salt and HDDs just aren't capable. If consumers knew this then they would shy away from them but who's going to tell them? Apple? iRiver? If Sony had said "use MDs because HDDs aren't reliable as a portable medium" they would have been lambasted for bad-mouthing the competition. For the time being the best solution to high capacity portable media is MD. Flash memory can come close, given a well designed unit, but HDD is simply not even in the race for my hard-earned.
  5. The power rating only makes a difference in the same "line" of amps. Different amps have different efficiencies. I have a tiny Sony Walkman FM radio that has an output rated at 2.5mW and it's MUCH louder than any of my 5mW MD units.
  6. jonny mac

    HiMD ads!

    Ads haven't been nearly as extensive as they ought to have been. I've seen some one but they give no info on what MD can DO!!!
  7. I think the European limit is 2.8 but is easily hacked to 5. I find that with normal earbud headphones I have plenty of volume on the busy subway at volume 22/30. This is with all my MD units but the output is the same as the RH10. Unless you're using enormous power-demanding headphones then it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. I can't find them now either, must be discontinued. Sorry. I have some at home, they're quite good.
  9. Condoms??? Where exactly do you want to keep your MDs..? Maplin in the UK sell "unbreakable" MD cases. Each holds two discs and is made from clear plastic that's less brittle and more flexible than standard cases. Don't know where to get them elsewhere.
  10. I'd like to see an NH1 with an OLED display, even if it's only one line. Having said that, if this new display shows the same information as the NH1 display it would be very strange. The lack of info on the unit itself was one of the biggest criticisms of the NH1, it made it so remote dependant. If it is essentially the same display then it'll need a good remote. Return of the 40ELK, or maybe a new 3-line remote???
  11. Is it necessary to buy information on this forum now?
  12. I have done this using the level meter in Total Recorder. My NH1 is definately louder after the hack. Taking into account the reports of NH1s which do or don't sound louder, is it possible that Sony only crippled some of the European NH1s? This would seem strange to me.
  13. I used a portable amp with my N710 for a while but gave up. I went from CD to MD largely because of the smaller form factor so I don't want an amp trailing around.
  14. Wow, first I've heard of this. A google search turns up 0 results and 0 pics of this unit. Can anyone get some kind of pic or info page, even in Japanese? I hope there are other units to make up a whole 3rd gen.
  15. Sonicstage won't do this but I believe there are programs that will (although if you have a lot of MP3s it will take a long time). Maybe someone else can name some programs to do this??
  16. I've never noticed this. Unless of course you mean by increasing the recording volume but this yields distortion.
  17. No, it still doesn't worl, just refreshes the page. Is there somewhere else to get the download?
  18. Snap!! EH1, NH1 and NH900!!! The EH1 is my most-uesed unit, the small size just can't be beaten and it's so sleek. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to it, they're hard to get now and there are no other HiMD units that small and light. Enjoy your newest purchase!
  19. I can't get this to work. I've deactivated the pop-up blocker in the MSN toolbar (as it asks) but when I click "Start special" it just reloads the page. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Your UK NH1 will be volume-capped. Currently you'll notice the volume doesn't increase after 24. Perform the hack and it'll increase all the way up to 30.
  21. As far as I know the N710 volume can't be hacked. Correct me if I'm wrong somebody?
  22. If you buy MD now you'll regret it and wish you'd gone for HiMD. The capacity, uploading, better quality recording, USB mass storage etc etc all add up to a great package.
  23. Wow, I was on the Argos page yesterday and the NH1 and NH800 were £150 and £100 respectively. Now they're gone altogether. I'd have grabbed an NH800 at £75. My mistake, they're under "clearance". No stock available anywhere near me though. Pooh.
  24. My N710 started to switch itself off randomly. I sent it to be repaired twice and both times it came back with Sony saying they couldn't find a fault. I think it was a problem with the battery connection. Sorry I can't be of more help, I doubt there's anything you can do.
  25. I don't think they do them anymore, you could ask. It's a simple black plastic box for 4 AAs that has a short cable and a selection of 6 different plugs to put on the end to suit. A quick search doesn't find them. You could always get one of these and the other bits and pieces and build one youself. http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?TabID=...No=267&doy=24m2
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