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  1. they just stand for OpenMG (.omg) or OpenMG Audio (.oma) they're both drm'd audio files
  2. i dont believe the Atrac encoder will normalize, but you could normalize the WAV, MP3, or WMA you are taking the information from before handing it off to the Atrac encoder
  3. don't 'click' transfer, place your mouse over it and wait for the drop down menu to appear, then click on Audio CD
  4. I believe the limit is somewhere around 2000 characters for ALL text on the disc, HiMDs are much, much higher
  5. you can however record via analogue output of your soundcard or digital opitcal if your soundcard supports it
  6. so this may not even work with HiMD units at all
  7. i think it all depends on how sensitive your ears are to finding artifacts in the compression. No matter the headphones I could pick out artifacts in HiLP, LP4, 48kbps, the others I have trouble doing so for the most part and HiSP I've never been able to find artifacts (sometimes I think there is but when I check the CD source the noise in question is part of the original).
  8. the EQ makes everything sound better IMO. The standard Heavy EQ setting is what I use most often however I do have a custom system or two I use as well
  9. see if you can buy a replacement remote or send that one in for repair
  10. very true, i suppose in that sense there is a real saturation of the same songs being played, then again everyones in it for the money and if thats what sells... oh wait the point of this topic was to stop this sort of behaviour hmm...
  11. when you import an MP3, WAV file or WMA it just registeres that file in the SonicStage library (no new files are created). MD (pre-netMD) use Atrac SP netMD use Atrac SP, Atrac3 LP2, LP4 HiMDs use Atrac3+ HiSP, HiLP, 48kbps, PCM, LP2, LP4, MP3 converstion can be done on the fly and deleted afterwards or kept around to speed up transfer next time
  12. agreed however only in the portable world, i wouldn't plug it into my Hi-FI deck at home here and play that out of my speakers on a quiet day. My only problem (if you can even call it that) with HiLP is that on some source audio it sounds GREAT and on others is sound like DIRT, where is the compromise, the middle ground, the in-between?
  13. hey hey hey as a fellow Canadian i feel it is my duty to point out that Canada is the home of Research In Motion and the Blackberry, as well as the world leader in fibre optics technology. Also we have our hands in EVERYTHING no matter if we use it or not (missile tracking systems anyone?)
  14. i dissagree to an extend, i don't believe that there isn't enough new or enough previously unheard great music out there, i think the record industry, facing year after year after year, of declining CD sales would be stupid not to find some middle ground between slashed CD prices and profit. Also for once the digital era of internet music is working for them, why not create company based music stores (i.e. Sony BMG, Warner Bros., etc) and undercut all of these joint stores like iTunes? You could sell a song for half the price as say Apple could, and make more money in the long run. Isn't this what the airlines have been doing the past few years with the sudden surge of cheap tickets online?
  15. In my understanding a UMD is basically a miniDVD (optically read, pits and lands) with loads more copy protection. The reason they didn't go with HiMD is because the media is SLOW, you're looking at 1-5x CD-ROM speed maybe slightly more or less, compared to a much faster medium. Regarding the new unit here's my question: if they are releasing a WAV converter for the MAC how exactly are they going to transfer the recordings from the disc to the computer before converting them? Or wil they have absolutely no DRM and just appear as .wav files on the disc? If so how will they be backwards compatible?
  16. -try a different disc (could be the disc is damaged) -if possible see if using another MD unit on that disc makes any difference (could be the MD device's optical block is damaged)
  17. and maybe the bios as well (but BE CAREFUL)
  18. yup, your unit will only be able to decode (playback) Atrac SP and MonoSP
  19. or try converting to WAV format first
  20. i thought i saw some at circuit city they have them at future shop by us, which is owned by Best By (i also saw them there)
  21. For the record these are the bitrates: PCM: 1411kbps MP3: 96~320kbps (supported in sonicstage) Atrac (fake SP): 292kbps (note, in SonicStage it your audio gets transcoded to 132kbps LP2, before it is transfered as SP with the added bits) Atrac3 LP2: 132kbps Atrac3 LP4: 66kbps Atrac3+ Hi-SP: 256kbps Atrac3+ Hi-LP: 64kbps Atrac3+ Hi-LP: 48kbps
  22. yup MDs only support PCM/MP3/Atrac/Atrac3/Atrac3+ and everything else, as Damage said, needs to be converted to wav first. But if you don't want to lose any quality from your FLAC or OGG songs on your PC, just transfer to the MD as PCM, takes up more space but you won't lose anything
  23. unless they issue a SonicStage 3.2... or a new updated (and hopefully good) version
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