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  1. hmm even weirder, did you make sure to have all of the windows updates?
  2. i never understood what they mean by 4h 30min but its gotta be complete bull (unless the bit rate is around 320kbps or something). regarding Atrac3 132kbps (LP2) vs Atrac3+ 256kbps (Hi-SP), LP2 is generally fine for most people as they will have a hard time telling it apart from the original (especially for a portable unit). However if you do compare them HiSP sounds better and is *almost* the same as PCM IMO
  3. wasnt there a problem with a certain batch of discs?
  4. generally speaking Sony seperates the Hi-LP 64kbps and 48kbps by not placing the hi-lp in front of the second so you would have: PCM Hi-SP Hi-LP 48kbps
  5. adertising for something other than video games would be nice
  6. odd how that would fix the problem Let me ask you this: was it a windows 98Se update or fresh install? Like did you have a previous version of windows on the computer (including 98 first/gold edition)?
  7. also isnt there a SS3.1 full installer on the forums somewhere? or is it just the 3.0?
  8. still the prospect is very charming
  9. that's really cool, finally a true drag and drop
  10. on a HiMD to TOC is updated when you press stop, so dont hit stop and take the battery out
  11. the only reason this works is because SonicStage sees that the MD device can playback MP3s and chooses that file first; if the MP3 is not there it goes to second best Just remember always import a copy of the MP3 that way when you delete it you still have the original kicking around
  12. also i don't know how its going in the states, but here in Canada Radio Shack has been purchased by Circuit City, which would explain why 'Radio Shack' would not be expecting any new items in
  13. which quality setting are you using? SP/LP2/LP4
  14. thats probably one of the trade-offs though, HD-AMP might require more power to run
  15. I'm with dex If you want a player: go with an iPod If you want a recorder (or have made a substancial investment in MDs already): go with a MD
  16. Initialize the Disc in SonicStage (you will loose ALL of your audio this way however)
  17. you cannot convert digtically recorded audio to WAV through SonicStage (only analogue)
  18. haha that sucks, however not sure we can help ya with that one
  19. i dont mind its audio CD burning, never had a problem with it and its simple enough to manage
  20. haha wow we missed the ball on that one! Normally we deal with such technologically savvy things that the simple solution may have been the correct one!
  21. First upgrade to SonicStage 3.1 Secondly using dex's GBIGBO methology (garbage in garbage out) when you transcode any file from one compressed bit rate to another its always going to sound worse. In this case it sounds like you had a low bitrate MP3 to begin with. Generally speaking only use MP3s that are 192kbps or greater if possible. Anything lower and you will start to notice artifacts. If possible rip the audio straight to your MD (via Simple Burner) if you have the CD or right into LP2 in your SonicStage library
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