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  1. ya but the extra transistor means the output is lower on a physical hardware level. You might need an external pre-amp to bring it back up to the original signal
  2. well like i said Sharp made that announcement around the same time Sony made their original HiMD announcement and what do we have from Sharp thus far? Nothing. Keep your fingers crossed
  3. word of caution: isn't cracking MagicGate illigal? Kinda of akin to breaking the DVD copy protection?
  4. right because in binary PCM is PCM.
  5. why would you want an MP3 under 96kbps (for music) anyways? I guess radio shows or w/e though...
  6. kinda defeats the purpose of podcasting doesnt it? i mean they're not called Minicast or something. Unfortunately we just weren't the targest audience in mind when they created them
  7. really really odd, have you tried recording anything in real time (i.e. through the line-in)? if that works than it is for sure software based. Try to uninstall ALL sonicstage, simple burner, and OpenMG software from your PC using the information in this forum (do a quick search). Then reinstall SonicStage 3.1 AFTER you have installed Service Pack 2 and all of the other Windows Updates
  8. it's probably done on the fly in RAM
  9. hmmm, it may vary by provider and hardware, only way to really know for sure is to try it out
  10. your avatar just reminded me of those netMD comercials Sony used to do here in North America with the Alien dancing on the beach and whatnot
  11. so maybe its doing error correction with the checksums?

    TrPROT ?

    good call, you shouldnt be getting that error for any other reason that the write-protect tab if you have a pre-netMD unit
  13. i know it makes a noticeable difference, but is it really that great?
  14. I think in order for MD to have any chance at a very good future, it is necessary to use Drag and Drop. I wouldn't care if audio ripped into Atrac (or MP3) from within SonicStage or Simple Burner stayed encrypted, as long as I was able to drop my other MP3s from other sources onto the disc. (best of both worlds )
  15. Also make sure you have the latest Windows Updates (including Service Pack 2) because they seem to help
  16. Let the MD boot up the disc and read the TOC before you connect it to the PC, also having SS up and running is always a good idea too
  17. like ive said before, i tried using my NH700 to back up data on my dads old PC (Windows 98SE) and it wouldnt recognize it at all. However once installing the PAD (personal audio driver) from CD, it found it right away.
  18. something i noticed with SonicStage is that it has a hard time doing anything when there are multiple drives present. My solution: make sure only one disc is in your system at a time, not that i see this making a differece in this case...

    TrPROT ?

    yes, no one really understands why Sony made it impossible to erase a track from the PC... well ok I guess I do, they didnt want you to erase a purchased Connect.com track before you transferred the rights to the track back to the PC again... doesnt apply to our own rips tracks though...
  20. or try recording a CD> MP3 from within SonicStage and then transfer that
  21. indeed, ALWAYS make sure to use this first - just in case I do, even though SonicStage has NEVER trashed one of my uploadings, just to be on the safe side
  22. does it still work recording digitally from the PC? if so im not sure its the optical block, it may just have been a personal mistake that caused you to overright everything = still doesnt explain the error message however
  23. another option is to mount the audio as a virtual drive with Nero and use Simple Burner, or make an analogue recording from your PCs audio out, although PC soundcards are a mixed bag when it comes to quality
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