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    the unit is charging when it effectivly shuts itself off and enters 'charge only mode'. This is also when 'charging...' appears on the screen. You cannot opperate the unit while it is charging
  2. Hi I've looked around for this (maybe I'm being extrememly blind here) but is there any way to merg, split, or combine tracks on any of the HiMD units/HiMD discs? If so could someome walk me through it. And I'm talking about from the unit itself here.
  3. download and upgrade to SonicStage 3.0 from www.connect.com
  4. all MD recorders place track marks (split tracks) when there is 3 seconds of silence, this is not a problem (well maybe a design one but not a hardware problem) and shouldnt be anything to worry about
  5. it shouldnt matter where you buy the battery from. and remember the greater the mAh the longer the battery play life (something 2300+ is preferable)
  6. nice find, very imformative review and yes I think that besides the very expensive models the overall quality of CD players has decreased over the years BTW i'm not sure this is in the right forum
  7. they probably want you to remove it in case of a power spike, it might cause a fire or damage to the MD
  8. there might be a way to get a sony flash program that'll flash it back to warehouse standards. (i heard this was available for a certain sport netMD)

    3rd Gen

    then allow me to settle this the fact is it is possible for lossless to be larger than the source PCM. however it is also possible that the molecules moving randomly in your hand when placed against a wall will line up (again randomly) with the walls molecules and allow you to pass right through the wall. Now in practical terms neither will happen
  10. taken from: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH1.html its listed here as 6 hours for PCM 8.5 for HiSP and 9.5 for HiLP when using the NH1 on a HiMD disc with the battery fully charged.
  11. yes it is though, you can use software to do a full erase or a full erase on the unit itself
  12. depends on the disc used (60/74/80min or HiMD) and if the disc has previous information on it (or the laser needs to seek). All of these can produce varying results. Also its possible that the different models will record 'slightly' different lengths or use slightly different amounts of power to do said tasks

    3rd Gen

    ha welcome to our side, this 'argument' was never about average compression, it was always about theory and now that we all awknowledge this, we can continue with the 3rd Gen thread
  14. Also if you record in real time you can use SP Mono which I believe gives you around the same recording time as LP2 (although it IS mono afterall)
  15. in other words: the quality of the source is probably much less than the quality you loose by going with Atrac (lossy compression). In that way Atrac would probably give you much more 'overhead' then you actually need and therefore there would be no difference to anyone that doesnt sit around listening for differences for hours
  16. i wonder which version of Atrac SP is the equivelent to Atrac3 132kbps Type-R. I mean there has to be something pretty close because im pretty sure Type R beat atrac 1992
  17. I've stored and moved and done pretty much everyting possible on a MD and ive had no problems whatsoever (again above and beyond the slow read/write speed)
  18. SP debuted with the original Sony MD in (i believe) 1992 which would put Atrac (and thus SP) at 13 years old
  19. PCM stands for pulse code modification and in easy terms is a digital representation of an analogue sound wave (cosine or sine curve). It transmits the data values in binary. It can have different characteristics (like frequency, bit depth, and bitrate) however CD standard is 44.1Khz, 16-bit, 1141Kbps
  20. most FM transmitters do not work as well as they are preached to do. for example some lose signal easily or suffer from static even at very close ranges

    3rd Gen

    going back to my comment it is theoretically possible for a lossless compression to have the same end result size (and maybe even larger) than its PCM brothern. in a PCM stream the audio is read in binary 1s and 0s the same can be said for any file type including lossless like FLAC now the difference between lossless and PCM is that the lossless codec needs to have the following: a header and possibly ending tag, as well as information regarding how to restore the audio stream. So for example the PCM stream could be: 10101010101010101010 The lossless stream would be [tag]10101010101010101010[tag] or worst case [tag]1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1,1x1,0x1[tag] the chances of this EVER happening however are so small that you would never come across it (even intentionally)
  22. you cannot digitally upload any audio from a netMD device to a PC with SonicStage

    3rd Gen

    brief introduction for all people confused about lossless compression: PCM data stream reads at 1411Kbps it is read in binary (1s and 0s) and then decoded into useable audio information Therefore the PCM data stream looks something like this: 001000111000101000100.... Instead of throwing out information (a la lossy compression like MP3 or Atrac), lossless just compresses the amount of information present in the data stream. It could do this in many different ways (these vary by codec or encoder) but some possible ways are as follows: Original: 001000111000101000100 Compressed: 0x2,1,0x3,1x3,0x3,1,0,1,0x3,1,0x2 or Compressed: 010011001010010 in any event the end result is less information per second and thus a lower bit rate (usually between 300-900kbps) The great thing about lossless is when the music is played the decoder just puts the compressed information all back together giving you the same thing you started with. Now the bad: lossless (although using a less than PCM bit rate) uses about the same if not more CPU power to do the mathematical calculations needed to put everything back together (and decoding is less power consuming than encoding). Therefore if we bearly get 7-10hours of PCM playback now, lossless playback could be even worse. Also recording on the unit in lossless (via line in or w/e) would probably require too great of a processor and battery life that it probably just wouldnt happen. Also in a worst case senario event (random noise) lossless could take yup the same amount of room as PCM (and maybe more) Example Original Stream: 010101010101010101010101010101 This would make it impossible for the unit to give an accurate amount of recording time left.
  24. actually in a technicality all remotes can search in sub-groups created on the fly, they just cannot create/configure the subset setup. For example if you (on the unit) put it into artist play mode, then pressing the group next button (on the remote) will jump between artists.
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