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  1. I used to own two of these, then sold them... I'd love to have one back PM me if you're willing to part with one. Black only, thanks.
  2. Chiming in late here, but I LOVE the Invincible album. To me anyone who bought that album is a TRUE MJ fan.. not all these people who are now caught up in the death-hype and didn't even realize the album existed. As far as pre-recorded MDs go, I never understood the appeal. Typically I find them to sound more flat than my own CD-to-MD transfers, and you can only have one album on the disc (I'm used to using LP2 that fits 2-3 sometimes). But whatever, I can understand it from the collecting standpoint.
  3. What do you use speed adjust for??
  4. I'll admit the price ends up higher than the original estimate, however keep in mind shipping costs are what they are, he's not trying to scam us. The way I see it is this unit goes for $200 on Ebay and Amazon, so you're still saving at LEAST $70. My intentions for this unit are to use it for dictational letters... remember "taped letters"? I used to make micro cassettes and regular analog tapes to send to my best friend across the states... I've made a couple CDs after recording to MD but even with the mini mic plug-in it always seemed like a hassle somehow recording with the RH10 I used to have, or the RH1, etc because the record "button" is a tiny SLIDER type control; not that easy to quickly puch while driving the car (I do a lot of the dication while driving). This MZ-B10 looks like a robust old tape recorder with a big RECORD button and pause etc. Then I'll just transfer the audio in realtime to the computer to make a CD.
  5. Oh, I shall, and with a full pictorial.
  6. I think that's a great precaution. However I don't see the harm in providing my Paypal address as it is simply an email address, not like a password, etc. But at this point the damage is done, unless you think I shoudn't send payment....
  7. Back on topic for sure. The EH70 is still for sale!! I had to back out folks. Don't miss out... or I'll reconsider when I have more funds
  8. different from WHICH unit, the EH1? I'm not sure why you'd be comparing the two... Unless you are referring to the more boxy EH50, which is closer to the shape of the EH1 but....
  9. PM sent on the EH70 For those who have missed out, I'll tease you with some eye candy of what you're missing. Perhaps it would've sold quicker with these images up Images by Piotr Miłecki
  10. Paypal is pretty much the accepted method of payment online I would say, but yes, I'd pay that way.
  11. "TBR" is me, The Blue Raja, skogen... I think there may be even a few more from The Audio T-Board that may inquire, so I think you should meet your quota
  12. theblueraja


    I own one of these and it has the seek problem... and I heard it is a COMMON thing with this model in addition to other units from this time period. Something about the seek sensor motor or something like that eventually goes bad. So at first, it will have trouble finding a track for a second or two when you hit play... then the problem just gets worse. Sorry to rain on your parade. It is a cool unit as far as size & shape.
  13. Hopefully he'll honor us in order of our replies
  14. My MZ-NH900 has been a very reliable downloader. Shouldn't take much to get back into MD, its very addicting and satisfying. I left it for about 6 months then came back full force.
  15. Soooo... when can we buy this from you??
  16. Oh, so when you said "isnt as HOT" I thought you meant like not as GOOD... but you were talking LEVEL OUTPUT yes?
  17. ...so is the headphone out in MONO??
  18. I think your choice of words is what adds to the confusion here... "store under"? What does THAT mean? Are you saying LP2 formatted music being "stored" on a HiMD-formated DISC or something else? Nothing about believing or disbelieving you, I'm just trying to understand what you are trying to say. This I am very much aware of and have done it for years
  19. Oh ok... since you're into computers, why not dual-boot or whatever to Vista 32?
  20. "transfer LP2 to HiMD"? This makes no sense to me... LP2 is not a format in the computer itself, but rather on a DISC. So I'm not sure what you mean by LP2 to HiMD. I rip my music into sonic stage at 132k ATRAC, then transfer in MDLP mode "LP2" onto a standard 80min minidisc, that happens to be in a HiMD UNIT. I can play these discs on standard MDLP units OR HiMD units.
  21. First of all, you do not have to use "Hi-SP or any other Hi-MD mode"... Assuming you got Sonic Stage to work in Vista 64 (I use Vista 32), you should be able to still use "MDLP mode" in Sonic Stage to make SP or LP2 mode MDs with a HiMD as the downloader, I do this all the time. I use the NH900 to make such discs. So don't feel you HAVE to use HiMD players or modes in your CAR. You'll just need a HiMD unit to make discs with, and then you can continue using your MZ-S1 if you like for playback.
  22. I'd buy one for 60 Euros.
  23. No, iPod-only peeps are insane, WE are the sane ones. Oh snap, 6 THOUSAND??? I thought it was 600. pshhh ... !%!@ that.
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