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  1. Archive?? Are you serious? How about .wav or FLAC on some portable HD's backed up... a lot less space, and even better quality.
  2. For one thing, that is no accident, I'm sure. I'd also like to say I admire you speaking up with another POV, it is interesting. I just think its sad that they had to make those things even smaller than their slightly older brethren, the SD media card. I really started to like them, they felt robust at least... these new smaller ones are extra flimsy and even easier to lose ME LIKE: ME DON'T LIKE: ME LOVE:
  3. If it had the option for LP2, I'd agree.
  4. I think the comments on that link say it all... make sure you read them all. I wish companies would take public feedback in account before the launch stuff, but I guess opinion may have been proven wrong before when it comes to marketing success. I'm still so saddened by the dying of the CD... the one, true reliable "master" when it comes to purchasing music. Once everything is digital, as long as they go .wav or FLAC I guess I'll be ok, and I'll archive it my own way, but here we have this format with a gig of space, and they make them mp3s??.... very sad.
  5. I second that question, and would like to add, is there a big difference between a realtime and a 4x dub using the combo deck? I'm sure hi-speed dubbing usually has a loss, but we are talking digital here, so you never know... thoughts?
  6. I just ordered an MXD-D40 deck, and am very excited about ripping a CD to MD without a computer. I have 2 questions I'm hoping someone can answer. 1) Is there any difference between ripping a CD to Sonic Stage at 132k, then transferring it to an MD in LP2 versus using a deck that dubs/rips a CD to LP2 on an MD? 2) Is dubbing a CD from a CD Player with an optical cable into an MD deck recording it in SP going to be better or the same than if you ripped a CD to MD in SP on a CD/MD combo deck?
  7. theblueraja


    I'll confess I'm one of those brave souls... after taking one of mine apart (I own 5 of them), I discovered that it was waaaaay too complicated to put back together, and so I had to give up and just toss it. It is much, much more complex than taking apart the N10 for the internal batt replacement. Here's the last pics of that unit I opened. In general, the E10, as beautiful as it is, is a rather frail and sensitive unit. Over time, the seek motor gets louder.. and you can really feel the disc spinning & churning away inside it.
  8. You're forgetting 2 important factors. 1) The average person does not have access to a store that sells them 2) Ebay... there are no rules, anything goes, and most of the time even the rediculous prices sell. If this was for 10 new TDK Pros, I'd buy them up for that price.
  9. I just got my hands on TWO MDS-JE520s from a radio station. I didn't realize they don't support LP2 Anyone have interest in this deck and would be willing to trade a deck of any type that supports LP2 for me?? Or... something else I may be interested in? Thanks. This is the model I have:
  10. Then let me help take those standards off your hands...
  11. Stopped by the Sony Style store near Washington DC to see if they'd have ANY sign of MD still... was surprised to find a full rack of HiMD discs being sold. Refreshing sight, but who knows for how long. Their price: $6.99 each. I apologize for the poor quality, blurred image, but I used my cell phone camera and very QUICKLY since they have so much security there I was paranoid.
  12. Hey, lets just forget I said anything, ok?
  13. Oh ok, sorry about that - it was more of a snicker about the nature of media & marketing.
  14. ??? Wow, I had no idea my rather generic comment would strike such a chord. I work in the TV industry and we have an awards ceremony to honor the late George Carlin (comedian). This honor was planned just BEFORE his death. Now that he has passed, we are getting a greater celeb list and the show will get higher ratings. We have to prepare on sation ID's for famous people who are old, so that when they die we have the spot in the can and ready to air. My point is when it comes to celebrities, death (especially when young - don't deny Ledger's death didn't boost interest in the Batman release) becomes a marketing tool. So when I read this thread and saw that there was some new release/download in addition to the incident, I just made my comment. Nothing personal whatsoever.
  15. People always die, but marketing opportunities live on forever
  16. I find it puzzling and sad that this technical stumbling block actually caused you to stop using minidisc as a format completely. I mean, I'm very glad you came back, but it's like you couldn't figure out how to lock the glovebox of your new car, so you stop driving all together.
  17. Actually what's really sad is that this SAME STORY with another person and their CD collection will happen just 5 years from now. The CD is near extinction already as more and more digital exlusive downloads are on the rise, more stores dropping the format or closing down, and now Walmart sells these plastic gift cards the size of CDs where CDs normally go... they are iTunes downloads of the albums.
  18. ... I'll bet that rare Rolling Stones record is on the mp3 underground.
  19. Thanks so much for sharing this piece. Very touching, and very true about our times. I struggle defending minidisc more each day against the mp3 whores around me, while in reality I'm using a compressed and crunched format myself. I hope many people see this video... but like the dude says, no one cares anymore, which is quite true.
  20. Allow me to put aside my masculinity for a moment.... THIS is HOT! (too bad no MD support )
  21. I thought it was 1937, are you sure?
  22. The HHBs are very easy to come by... I've seen several web sites selling them... they're also ugly.
  23. It is customary in this forum to post photos and a price... thanks.
  24. Wow... minidisc and advertising... what a concept.
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