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  1. VERY cool. And I was about to leave a link for her to this forum, but then I saw how extensive the site was and the thought giving my email (required to post there) would be selling my soul. But thanks for sharing... makes you wonder how many others feel the same way.
  2. I'm trying to install Simple Burner (by itself) on my Windows Vista. I DO have Sonic Stage already on the computer, but am running the 2.+ Simple Burner installer and it says "Simple Burner does not support this operating system." Is there anyway to get it to work on Vista? Thanks.
  3. oh ok... I never use a deck for listening, so no difference for me
  4. I'm just curious if you know if the D40 also has this LP2 "Type S" benefit... if CD to MD in LP2 will sound any better on this deck versus a SS LP2 rip, I'd like to know. Thanks.
  5. I just wanted to add that I too am a recent owner of an MXD-D40 (not the 400), and LOVE IT!! I had similar questions about titling. Every now and then you get a CD that has "TEXT CD" and its like a DREAM lol... but as far as manual texting, locally on the dash is very annoying, the remote is a bit better, but I just do the titling in Sonic Stage.
  6. I'm curious if anyone else has this issue... I'm running SS 4.3, Win Vista. Whenever I try to rip a CD that has a multimedia "untitled" track at the end, even though I UNcheck that track SS will not rip the CD, UNLESS I uncheck the last AUDIO track, so basically I can rip the entire album MINUS one last song... Very annoying. Any ideas?? (besides ripping the track as a .wav in another program, which is what I have to do) Thanks
  7. oh goodness... why am I picturing this?
  8. I really don't understand... what do they DO with remaining stock? Throw it AWAY? Surely they didn't sell all the units that were produced...
  9. This post doesn't scare me. Nor am I surprised. I'm just waiting for the surge of MD player sales via Ebay when everyone finally gives up on them, and they go CHEAP Think about it... I'll bet Sony produced some 20,000 EH1 units out there... nevermind the 20 or so we can account for on this forum.
  10. Well then I don't want to hear about it!!
  11. I don't suppose there's an ONLINE shop one can order from, worldwide??
  12. ... I'm running SS 4.3, and had the same issue with 4.2.
  13. ...then is this a setting that one can override?
  14. I've always wondered why it takes so long to delete tracks from a minidisc when your unit is hooked up to Sonic Stage. And why it says "transferring" during the process. I sometimes just disconnect my NH900, do it via the unit (4x faster), then plug it back into the computer. Any thoughts?
  15. Its ok, brother, these thoughts will pass. Its just a phase. Trust me, I've been there I gave up on MD over a year ago for about 6 months.... bought the Sony Vaio Pocket (sticking with my ATRAC library) and had fun with it. Well that didn't last long, as one day I grabbed one of my few remaining units (my beat up NH900) and threw a disc in and it was love all over again. I don't plan on making the same mistake again. There will always be MD players around for the rest of my lifetime via some channels.... sure something may come my way to pull me away, but it wont be a general "I want to carry my entire library of 4,000 CDs in my pocket" reason. Anyway, thanks for sharing your state.... its a bold move in this forum. Take a break from MD. Maybe then you'll realize more what you had to begin with
  16. ^Very cool, jpteasy, thanks for sharing. Both your love for MD, and admitting the Michael Jackson collection. I'm a fan too. My wife actually has the Sony A806 (my influence, of course, to keep her away from iTunes/iPod). I'm seeing a trend how MD fans have had a past of dealing with cassette... and with such background truly it becomes obvious why MD is so appealing. Sad thing is, the Y Generation will have no such comparison or understanding. But that's like saying we don't appreciate the beauties of something from 1940. It's just irrelevant to us.
  17. As far as unconventional cases go, I still love the one I found for the MZ-EH1, and that's the Creative case that comes with the Notebook Pro webcam. This case fits the EH1 very snug, and is made of that material that reminds me of SCUBA gear.
  18. well said!! You are quite welcome
  19. You just sort of contradicted yourself... on one hand you say "I no longer want to buy something that holds music", but then you say you use MD without a computer... well, with today's choices, you NEED a computer to even GET the music to begin with. Then you say you use MD to store your recordings and it's all you need..... is that not something that "holds music?"
  20. I took some pics of the Walmart setup that's kicking CDs out... iTunes download cards.
  21. Thanks for that CD article, Arr-Nine-Hundred. It was refreshing to read, even though it is over a year old now and I'm sure the statistics have changed drastically for digital downloads, etc. But I think you have a point, there's probably a large percentage of the population (anyone over the age 30 I'd assume) that would prefer CD as a 'master' or 'back-up' etc. But as we age and more youth come into play, especially since they are the larger portion of consumers, it will still die out pretty fast I think. The way I see it, CDs are being phased out of stores NOW... and the small record shops have already folded to the Walmarts & Best Buys, etc... and Walmart is now selling the iTunes download cards, and will soon shelf those small media cards for albums, so that leaves CDs only available online soon.
  22. I could name several bands easily that are 'album' acts... indeed, very important and lost by today's generation. And I'm not just talking old acts... and heck, I love techno and a lot of it is MIXED by a DJ... don't tell me THAT isn't important to keep the mix in the right order!!
  23. ...I think you're missing the guy's very point about the collection and audio experience.
  24. Reading your post is a treat! For one, in a way you've answered your own question. 1) You're appreciating how good it sounds 2) You have the desire to have "rekindled" enthusiasm... why? Because you recognize what a cool format MD really is... it was just poorly marketed and overlooked. 3) You recognize the durability and reliability of these devices. Now, if I may still add a few thoughts of my own. For one, I've heard that the Cowon players offer great sound quality, and anything that's non-iPod gets kudos from me But minidisc simply offers something no other units really offer these days. Let's first look at what mp3 players and the like offer: 1) huge capacity 2) relatively decent sound (they're slowly improving) 3) recording capability (becoming more common) 4) availability - extremely high... you can get one from the grocery store 5) bling - let's face it, video playback, phones, GPS, etc... all in your music player Ok... what does minidisc offer COOL FACTOR. Is that it?? Well until just a few years ago, we could say it has the best sound, it records, etc., but that gap is (oooo I forgot 'gapless', but that just got fixed not long ago too for mp3 players) smaller each passing day. And I'm not even mentioning battery life because nowadays, unless you are on an island, you can have a unit charging anywhere (car, portable battery pack, the office, etc.)... yes, MD has much better battery life, mostly because there is not large illuminated screen sucking juice, but still not really important in today's rechargable world, in my opinion. So what is this cool factor? Let's face it... a small, literally COMPACT disc that is in a PROTECTED plastic shell that can't get scratched, that is REWRITABLE, and INCREDIBLE sound quality and still looks futuristic, retro-punk cool is just downright awesome. This isn't for Generation Y much and certainly not Z, but if you grew up in a time when even burning your own CD-R was exciting, then you can understand part of the thought process behind why minidiscs are so amazing. But even that aside, you might also know how to appreciate ALBUM listening. I hate shuffle-play or being overwelmed by 10,000,000 songs to choose from. I love to grab a couple MDs and go, which with LP2 still gives me like 6 or more albums to choose from. Less is more as far as I'm concerned. Minidisc is DIFFERENT. It is rare now, and for the most part you can only get units now via Ebay... so the HUNT is part of the fun! Show it off to friends, see their reaction. You'll get the "why not iPod?" reaction, but you'll also first get the "wow, what's THAT?" reaction too. One more thought on sound quality. I bought an iPod a while back and tried ripping music to it in "lossless" wav format and it still sounded like complete crap to me. But that's because I like the SOUND SIGNATURE of ATRAC and the Sony units and their built in amps/eq's etc... so you have to see what your ears prefer. I also love making minidisc LABELS and ARTWORK, just like the days of making tape compilations, or CD-Rs with face label printing... check out the threads for MD label art both in this forum and the Audio T-Board. Anyway, plunge into these threads, look around and have fun... and take PICS of your unit! We love that. Welcome to the family. As we are small, and unique, its what draws us closer together
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