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  1. umm.... probably should have posted in Hi-MD considering noone's replied so far.. anyways, i managed to repair it ! first i checked the service manual to see which steps would be necessary for taking out the mainboard, and found out that it's necessary to unsolder battery contacts and sth else - which i wanted to avoid... but since i was alrady thinking about 'permanently lowering' the recorder head, i simply used a tiny screwdriver to apply some "mild violence" to the parts of the mechanism i was able to reach without removing the mainboard. popped in a disc and the battery, and Voilà ! back to working condition as if nothing had happened. obviously it was only stuck for some reason. ...okay, i should admit that the 'system files' of two disks got rendered useless, one whilst testing to record in a disassembled state, and the other one was probably already damaged beforehand, since it was that disc i was trying to record on when it first failed. both disks still played fine but were unaccessable by sonic stage. the first received a medium format, the other one is an optical recording of a gapless double cd (K&D Sessions) so im waiting until i've got sth. to write here will report back when i got some live recording experience with the 'repaired' unit, so far it seems to work just fine. i've successfuly tested recording via mic in, transfer and playback. so long, Mo
  2. Hi, recently, i tried to record a session with my band, when i had to find out, my player is unable to record. (afterwards of course, recording was lost/never made, imagine the faces of my bandmates ) I was hoping for a broken wire to the recorder head, but when i unscrewed it, and tested to edit, i saw, that the lock and record-head lowering mechanism doesn't move at all. I really want to avoid unscrewing the board. It looks like a lot of trouble to me, and if its anything beyond a broken wire i can't repair it anyways, so i'd rather try to save me the pain of dis- and reassembly... I think there was someone who had the same problem, and solved it by modifying the mechanism, so the head would _always_ touch the surface, but i can't find the thread anywhere. i wonder how that turned out in the long term (recorder head wear ?) So if you know where the thread is or have any other helping ideas i would be very thankful. greets, Mo
  3. hey, where's my "md 'in the movies'" thread ? nevermind, here's my contribution: [attachmentid=1780] [attachmentid=1781] it's a scan of "alita battle angel" issue 8 (german edition) the md contains a message to alita by ido who is kind of a father figure to her. he has lost his mind after finding out his brain was replaced by a chip when he was 18 years old. a manga worth reading anyways.
  4. i've received 6 spam-mails today, on my previously spam free email account. could still be coincidence, but i just wanted to tell, so you know... (and i'm not talking about that spoof mail with that virus containing exe wich i didn't get since the checkbox is unchecked)
  5. weird. i upgraded yesterday, out of a random mood, and had outgoing connection alerts rom my pf (sygate) afterwards turned out that i had yet to disable the "check for new versions" and "anoymous user reports" and stuff, now it's quiet - doh.
  6. hi, here is "my way" of doing it: i was primarily interested in a more convenient (or any) way to get formerly gapless albums that had been ripped to mp3 (not gapless~) to play on my md gapless again, with trackmarks and tracklist info. specificly mixed albums. So i import those mp3 tracks into soundforge (44.1/16) altogether, create a new file at the same rate and copy/paste the tracks into the new one in the right order. The important thing here is, to set a marker at the end of each track before pasting the new ones. Then i remove the gaps. I save the file, open Nero (v5.5), create a new audio cd, and put that file in it. Now i right klick the file ->properties, and go to the tab "indices, borders, divide" (i don't know the exakt wording in the english nero version, mine is german. it's the middle tab.) The cool thing here is, that Nero gets the marker positions inserted by Soundforge, so i only have to press "split at index positions" and i'm done. I set the pauses between the tracks to zero and burn it as an image. Image gets mounted, open Simple Burner, and hopefully Gracenote works, so i get the album- and tracknames... Don't know if that helps anyone, but i'm pretty happy with it. P.S. i wondered about the 75fps limitation, and thought i'd avoid it by putting a whole single file into nero, but fact is, that i didn't pay attention to where the markers were. still all three albums that i've tried play seamlessly in my md.
  7. well, the unit is like a week old, and it hasn't had the opporunity to discharge over a longer period, the battery has made about 2-3 charge/discharge cycles. it ran dry while playing, and the battery couldn't be recharged since. i'm currently trying to charge it with my nh900, but it acts as if the battery was already full, meaning the charging sign appears for about 2 minutes, then disappears again, and the battery remains uncharged. i already believe the battery might be broken. //edit: i just tested it with my digital multimeter, and it turned out to have a total voltage of exactly 0.00. that's bad, right ?
  8. Hi, so my gf got herself a rh10, and it worked fine until today, since it refuses to charge its akku. it seems not to recognize it at all. if i insert the battery from my nh900 it charges it correctly, and if i insert her akku into my unit, the akku gets charged as well, but the unit simply refuses to charge its own battery. it doesn't load when connected to usb either. i'm stuck here, could this be some "burning in" that the batery still needs, or is it perhaps super discharged so the unit doesn't recognize it ? the unit is almost brandnew btw, and shows no other flaws different from this issue. thx.
  9. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Galactic Ass Creatures Frum Uranus i really like their lyrics
  10. custom 1 is fitted for my earphones (raise in the lows), custom 2 for my active speakers at my parents' (raise in the highs), no eq for listening on my home hifi set. i used to change the settings a lot more when my remote display wasn't broke yet, now i mostly leave it how it is. so i use the eq to adapt different speakers/phones to sound at least a little more similar.
  11. unit: mz-nh900, about 20 HiMds, ~25 "old disks" use/listening: daily; while walking, jogging, biking, at home, at friends, in cars. use/recording: weekly; radio shows, field recording, use/data: weekly-monthly, i'd use it more for data if mp3 was direct drag and dop. alternatives: none. request: keep md alive, please. and drop drm.
  12. my father who says yeah, you're welcome !
  13. and if they get "hit" by something, or fall down, the disk inside gets loose, and rattles around. not good
  14. yes i hate them ! they're such a waste of space, and much less practical to use. why not make this thread a poll ?
  15. my favourite radio is fm4 (links to site and stream [64kbps, sadly] in my sig) alternative, chart-free radio, basically all kinds of conteptuary music, excluding the selling out popmusic kind of stuff. -> schedule (times are in cet.) i particulary like "tribe vibes"[hiphop], "solid steel radio"+"swound sound"[electronic dubby sillyness] and of course "the world wide show" by jiles peterson. [souly perspective, but generally everything, nomen est omen] although it's an austrian radio, they mostly speak english there, so check it out... edit: added descriptions, so you know what to expect..
  16. SlowMo

    Hardest Element

    since you're sarching for elements, alloy metals don't count. i thought glass (silicium) would be the next hardest element after diamonds, but i'm not so shure...
  17. i currently have "work" tests (meaning metal, wood, clay etc.) of my art classes. yesterday and today, from 8:30am to 6pm. pretty much time, so i've got enough time to slack around a little in between...
  18. i'm using reason, and am very satisfied. the cool thing about it is, that all funktions are visually available, if you don't know the use of a certain knob - use it, and you'll see. automation is also very easy to use on this one. reason is perfect for use with midi devices, i use a doepfer pocket dial and it's a pleasure... reason basically acts as a virtual studio rack, with samplers, synths etc. check http://www.propellerheads.se for details...
  19. afaik, all pc-sondcards ignore scms. (never tried to route an scms-ed signal into a pc, though) anyways, if you manage to record to wav, you're free to do whatever you want with it afterwards, since wav is completely drm-free.
  20. just saw "Une place parmi les vivants" (don't know the english name, translated, the name would mean something like "a place amongst the living" ) on tv. typically french crime movie, playing in the paris of the late 50ies, just great, i loved it ! link (in german) or link (french) -or use babelfish to get it translated.. (-apropros: hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy was great as well..)
  21. just having some "tortellini al forno" easy to cook, yet very delicious, umMMmmh....
  22. "l'essentiel est invisible pour les eux" (petit prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) in english: "the essential is invisible to the eyes" (little prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  23. glue's dry now, and everything works ! i used the scotch tape method, since it needs no time to dry, and is removable. and i'm bothered, that the "sensor" might be damaged by solid material, since the write protection tab is not entirely flat in the original. -a solid flat material might apply pressure to that sensor, scotch tape is a little flexible, and therefore would not apply such pressure. maybe that silicone is flexible enough anyways but i don't like the smell of it, i'd prefer quick-epoxy. but one could use that for the standard md in hi-md case, only by filling the slider with such material, and cutting off the hi-md part of the slider. too much work for my lazy ass anyways, scotch tape is perfectly suitable for my purposes...
  24. very entertaining thread indeed. i had to try it out myself immediately, and it worked. glue is still drying, but i'm rather shure that it worked... after a while of fiddling with a knife, i switched over to using my fingernails, got more feeling in them... soft violence is the keyword. my hi-md case also survived. seems like a full success, thanks a lot for this wonderful idea !
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