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  1. I like this format.. very geeky and technical at best. But unless "they" come up with new storage capacities in the terabyte range (think holographic storage) and package them the same way Sony's been doing it with MiniDiscs all this time, I'm not budging. Heck, I've still got loads of blank MDs to record on.
  2. I don't think that would be possible.. Think of it this way.. you've got a 60min audio CD being optically recorded to a 60min MD in SP mode. A CD roughly holds 650MB and a regular 60min MD only holds about 150MB. Of course there will be some transcoding taking place.. hmm, maybe my analogy is not that good.. Anyway, since 132Kbps is no different in a standard NetMD and HiMD in terms of audio quality, then I suppose there's really no need for me to "adapt" my entire music collection from standard to HiMD. Sure, the latter might open up more space on standard "converted" disks but rerecording everything would seem cumbersome and redundant, all for sacrificing backward compatibility with MDLP units..
  3. The E33 is awesome SP unit.. except I think it doesn't have any shock-protection/memory scheme in it. I found it ate AAs like there was no tomorrow though. The other units are also pretty cool.. I'm surprised you were able to find more units in around Akihabara..
  4. Finished at 138.50 USD. Now that's hardcore..
  5. I assume the restriction is in place to prevent or minimize the amount of fragmentation on the disk..
  6. Perhaps the battery itself is weaker than expected? I have had the same symptoms back when my N10 was able connect via NetMD. When battery life was weak or almost dead, the operating system wouldn't detect it initially until I hit "play"..
  7. Recently, I had the misfortune of ripping a CD without synchronizations and ended up with one big PCM file. I seem to recall a function on earlier SS versions that enabled you to edit or more specifically track mark directly on SS but it seems the very latest doesn't support this.. Anyway, what would you guys suggest? Opening up the wave file in a sound editor and separating out individual tracks? Separating it the old school way on your MD unit using the T-mark button? Meh..
  8. Hmmm, I tried this method and.. doesn't affect the speed at all. SP uploading is still slow.. tried it last night and it took an hour or so just to transfer. (I have an N10 but USB was borked on that a looooong time ago so...)
  9. Yeah, I always assumed the only way to get Linear PCM was by live recording, via line-in or optical toslink. Then perhaps you can "check in" via SS and get a 1.4mbit audio file. But then again, I'm also to assume that the DRM is in effect as well so you're limited to the number of copies you can "check out" with.. Come to think of it, the only recording modes on the RH1/M200 (without the use of USB) are Linear PCM (1.4Mbps), Hi-SP (246Kbps), and Hi-LP (64Kbps). That's a weird limitation considering there are other bitrates for importing music via USB.. what on earth did the Sony suits think by putting only these three encodings on this unit..
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=014 TDK RXG-Pro.. didn't realize bidding would get this high. Must be some real high quality discs.. Then again, recording via SS wouldn't really make a difference, would it.. considering its all 1's and 0's..
  11. Looking at the FAQ (http://minidisc.org/hi-md_faq.html), the only difference would be between MDLP and HiMD right? And judging from that table above, the modes listed in SS 4.3 are slightly confusing. 352 kbps 256 kbps (ATRAC3plus) 192 kbps 132 kbps (ATRAC3) 105 kbps (ATRAC3) 66 kbps (ATRAC3) 64 kbps (ATRAC3plus) 48 kbps (ATRAC3plus) They could've at least labeled an additional "plus" for 256, 64, and 48 respectively.. But what do the 352kbps and 192kbps bitrates refer to? Am I to assume 352kbps is Linear PCM? Because the table lists it as 1.4mbps which is clearly not 352kbps..
  12. I think it should normally be detected as a USB mass storage device (without loading SonicStage first). Once you load SS, the "removable drive" in Window Explorer becomes inaccessible due to SS' exclusive access.. Then again, are you connecting the RH1/M200 to a dedicated usb slot or via hub?
  13. Is there any way to tell the difference between fakes and genuine batteries? (eg: grammatical error on stickers, wrong dimensions, non-gold plated connections?)
  14. 1. Art of Exploitation 2nd Edition (ISBN: 1593271441).. loved the first edition.. not for faint-of-geekiness 2. Dual PCMCIA PCI adapter (an extra WiFi b/g/n cardbus laying around to be put to good use) 3. Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS PCMCIA card (I miss toslink recording)
  15. YOu still can find HiMD units with the "right keywords" on ebay.
  16. Couldn't you substitute that remote for an RM-MC38EL?
  17. Ahh, Miles Davis. I haven't heard of him but I'm sure Pandora can alleviate similar music.. I'm still interested though, but I wouldn't know what to trade back to you with. The only down-tempo I can think of is Massive Attack (completely disimilar to Miles Davis I would assume).
  18. Eagerly trying to sell me something? I don't need, I want. Still need to do some research on it (eg: whether it'll accept the higher capacity 6.4GB disks compared to standard 640MB ones I've seen).
  19. MO drives are fricken' expensive.. I guess for their reliability. What separates the HiMD with the former drives? Just that? It's based on the same technology..
  20. Hmm, is anyone hardcore to have a more traditional MO drive?
  21. Prompt payment. Your package is on it's way! Thanks.
  22. Unfortunately, I didn't live in the LP generation. But I was told that there's still a following to this format and the general consensus is that the audio quality is superior to everything else. This true? I mean, we're talking analog in the digital age.. needle points in a world of exact digital/audio copies..
  23. I think you'll find that the RH1 is for hardcore audiophiles while the iPod Touch compensates it's audio quality for ease of use (a nice UI based off OSX) and being a glorified media player.. IMHO, I think you'd be better off with an iPod for it's name/recognition in portability. The latest generations are flash-based (no moving parts) compared to the latest MD unit which still builds on the moving-parts principle. But I realize this thread is somewhat about audio quality and that's where the RH1 doesn't go wrong with.
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