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  1. - Phantom Power : No. You need an external power supply for this type of mics. - No compression if you use PCM. - The recording will be time-stamped. You can rename after the recording is done. - You can use an external pre-amp if you want. - You can choose automatic or manual gain. - And maximum quality is 16 bits/44.1kHz (PCM)
  2. The vast majority of the MDs have a line-in, except for the player/downloader only units. From the HiMDs, you should avoid the NH600D, DH10P and RH710 (I'm not mentionning the japanese players units, but you will hardly find them unless you're looking for them). Check the description page of the units listed at minidisc.org (link on the main page), you should find the description for the type of input accepted.
  3. I think it's some code left from the check-in/out routines. But as we can now upload as many times as we want, this should be fixed. The Mac is not affected because the software had to be rewritten for it.
  4. Get the 40ELK then. It has 3 lines display and works great with the RH1.
  5. As far as I known, you can only upload write-protected legacy discs (80mn and 74 mn in SP/LP2/LP4), which is a pity as there no reason why it could not be done with HiMD (apart some old bug lying in the code ...).
  6. Roamer

    RH1 vs RH10

    This means that you upload anything , except tracks originating from SonicStage, and including those from legacy MDs (SP/LP2/LP4). The RH1 is the only unit allowing this, others HiMDs can only upload HiMd modes.
  7. Thanks for the tests, pictures and link. Actually, according to the manual, the RH1 is only 80% charged after one hour, and you should allow a couple extra hours to have it fullly charged.
  8. Taking the MZ-RH1 as the basis for a new model: - Record from mic @Atrac/352k. It should be easy to implement, so just do it. - Return of the external AA case. - 2 Gb HiMD. More tricky to do, and as probably some backward compatibility implications, so I'm less optimistic about this request.
  9. Install either 3.4 (offline version available here in the dowload section) or 4.0 CP (From Sony Connect Store). If you haven't used v2.x yet, just skip it, you'll be glad saving some frustation with all the DRM stuff. Plus, converting to wav has been integrated with Sonic Stage.
  10. Because of the DRMs that are PC dependent, even if you managed to install it on the external drive, I really doubt it would work with the second PC.
  11. Doubtfull. This battery has existed for several years and different units without any changes. But it's possible to use an external power supply.
  12. Yes, only the MZ-RH1 can upload NetMD recordings. Best way is either the RH1 or a deck with optical ouput. Alternatively, there is always the analog option.
  13. Assuming you're using a legacy MD (which seems to be the case from your timing), there's a small chance that 'TOC cleaning' technique could recover the recording. Do a search on the forum.
  14. Best place to go is probably still Ebay and buy from one of the asian retailer (And the best remote is the RM-MC40ELK if you can afford it).
  15. The MZ-RH1 as finally hit Paris this week (Concurrence, Alifax, FNAC ...) after Sony France was announcing it for November. Prices range from 280 Euros to 349 Euros. I just got mine yesterday.
  16. If the level is too low, it will detect a silence and put a new trackmark. This could be what happened. Where you using manual settings ?
  17. For live recording , I use HiSP or PCM. For albums listening, I use regular MDs in LP2 so I can put them in my Sharp MDLP unit, and LP2 is good enough in the train.
  18. 1)Sound Forge is a sound editor made by Sony with Atrac support (and Google is your friend). http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16069 2)For encoding purpose, likely. For transfer purpose, no.
  19. He said he had 300 of SP recorded music. And due to backward compatibility, I suppose they are on several regular MDs. And you can hardly fit more than full album on a regular MDs recorded in SP (or 2 if this is the fake SP from SB / SonicStage).
  20. HiMD car units don't exist, so there is no other choices than using regular MDs. @RobA : Why can't you understand that some people don't fit hundreds of tracks on a single media, making the RH1 a good choice for them ?
  21. Try the manual setting and adjust the level.
  22. No, you can't do the same with SonicStage (you need to import first with SonicStage). Personnally, I use SonicStage almost only for uploading live recordings and SB for downloading from CD. Only grief is that SB is missing Atrac3+ @352k .
  23. Nice piece of history ! Internal sampling frequency is 44,1 Khz (same as CD), so there is an issue if you can't record at that frequency. By the way, the manual can be downloaded in the equipement section.
  24. Almost all MDs (and all HiMDs) don't have a built-in microphone, except some pro-units like the B series ... So you'll need an external mic.
  25. This as little to do with Live Recording and duplicates this topic : http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16451 Please post once at the right place.
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