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  1. Did you take the time to properly charge the battery ? New batteries need a few cycles before getting their full charge.
  2. 'DVD' John had written something in the past about WMA files, but MS might have updated their DRMs since. http://nanocrew.net/
  3. Go with the NH-14WM , many people have done so (including me). Beware of fake cheap chinese imitation. Audiocubes is a well known supplier, so this should be safe.
  4. Good point, I should have read better.
  5. It could be interesting to test it against 1st gen. HiMD not listed in the description (out of curiosity, I don't own a Mac myself)
  6. Answered by Ishiyoshi on the last post of the same topic ...
  7. Did you look at the previous link posted by A440 (Greenmachine's mics) ?
  8. Then the sister forum AtracLife should be the place to go ...
  9. At the same time, you might also find a second hand NetMD for a decent price from Ebay or the classified ads ... EDIT : Sparky191 was quicker than me on this ...
  10. I think the pinned rules are also self-explanatory ... Have you (re-)installed as suggested by the FAQ ? What system are you using ? Have you used the online or offline installer ? ...
  11. Yes, you can write legacy audio MD via USB like with all others NetMDs and HiMDs. Only issue is that SonicStage doesn't not support real SP encoding (you only get similar quality to LP2 at best). You can also write all legacy modes from line-in or optical with the RH1.
  12. I think the compatibility with other Mac-compatible (MZ-10 & MZ-100) will need to be tested (there is still a chance for those units), but I'm pretty sure there will be almost no chance that the software works for any other units like the NH600.
  13. I'll had some more regarding the NH1 : cons: Need the stand to charge the unit. Proprietary USB connector. pro: slim metal body. The main complain I have regarding the RH1 is the lack of external battery attachement, but at least the standard USB connector can be hacked ... And I also have over 100 legacy MDs, so it's just a matter of time before I get one.
  14. RH1 should be a bit quicker, but not a lot. The drive mechanism is the main limitation, not the USB.
  15. Or you can get the same result by plugging in the line-in with a mic not designed for it. Bob Dylan was actually my first try at tapping, and I did set the levels far too high, ending up with a completely saturated/distorted recording. Never expect your first recording to be succesfull.
  16. The files are by default encrypted and can only be used on one PC (DRM). You should have done a backup of your library from your original PC/SonicStage (It's in the Tools menu) or removed the DRM from the files (assuming you don't have purchased tracks from Connect) : http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16088
  17. They probably shipped 3.4 because 4.0 CP was not yet ready for manufacturing. It might be interesting to see what the Mac software can achieve (even if I don't have one personnally)
  18. If the recordings was done without transferring from SonicStage, one option is to get the RH1. Otherwise, an other option is having a deck with optical out. Lastly, you could also record the analog way. Check the pinned threads.
  19. FLAC support from SonicStage would be a nice addition (that's how I archived all live recordings ...).
  20. Correct, but it's the same unit as the NH600, only more expensive ...
  21. If you want a nice screen, you could have a look at the RH10.
  22. Use FLAC or SHN and you could fit everything on 1 GB thumb drives.
  23. I guess you're talking about the RH1, as it use lithium, whereas the RH10 doesn't. It can upload legacy recording and is designed mainly for recording, but then you can also get a previous model for recording if you prefer to use non lithium batteries. You will need an external mic in any case.
  24. I did try the ECM-719 with line-in (and internal battery, at 30/30) in the past. I was recording heavy metal in a small club (UDO from Accept), close from the speakers and the recording was very low. IMHO, that mic is not designed to go line-in.
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