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  1. Petter156 hope audiograbber works out for you. the website is www.audiograbber.com-us.net if you dont have it. theres many internal and external excoders you can use too. mp3 wma and ogg are included, but mp3 is only up to 56kbps. lame is better if you download it.
  2. oh, i think im going to have to download ss3.4 then. ill try it on mine and see if it works later on, im on my laptop right now and its slow, so ill try it on my desktop when i get a chance (just feeling lazy right now) -brian
  3. my understanding is normalizing will only raise the quiet parts of the song, and that amplify will make everything louder. so what i would suggest doing is if your going to try audacity, try running a coupla songs through it and get a feeling for it. then when ur satisfied with it, run some more songs through it. but i like to use audiograbber for normalizing. you have to convert all the music to wav first, then run it through that, then away you go converting back to w/e you want. but if your going to normalize a lot of your own music, its trial and error. your going to have to play with it and see what you like. also, many songs can be different volumes, so youll have to do them individually. i hope that helped and answered your questions properly. -brian
  4. oh kool... i didnt know you could change that lol. i think ill stay with 3.3 till someone tells you how to change it in 3.4. i hope you can get that changed. -brian
  5. i love this forum i always will be here. until something happens and i cant ah well, i plan on being here for a long time -brian
  6. DaikenTana, lol nice pic. i can think of only one reason sony wants you to use atrac if all this is true. one acronym for ya, DRM ... .digital rights management as far as im concerned, as long as you arent sharing the music illegally, you should be able to use what ever format you want. i use to download music, but even when i did, id download the entire album then if i liked it , id buy it. thats how i built my collection up i now have spent over $500 on cds, and much more online for buying my music. so, it was a way for the artists to get their music on the net, and people will buy the music if theyve heard the songs. kinda like fm radio use to be, or still is. anyway, i guess your going to have to use atrac or just live with the mp3's degraded quality (it sucks i know) but, what can you do that wont void your warrenty? -brian
  7. yay! for my birthday i got the creative labs zen nano plus 512mb. i didnt want to risk losing my minidisc player or ipod nano at school . this mp3 player may have been a bit more than i planned on getting, but at least its not too popular at school so most of the people have no idea what it is or capable of. and the other thing i spent my money on was that driving book thingy. im 16 lol anyhoo, im not looking forward to owning my own vehicle and making repairs on it ah well, thats what i did. lol -brian
  8. wow. good thing i upgraded when it came out. and spysherrif is fake... hmmm my dumb friend dont know what hes talking about lol good thing for the warning, too bad that this happened though, winamp's a great multimedia program (better than ahem media player ) thanks again -brian
  9. 128kbps in any encoding format will be the same size. maybe different by like 5 kb or so, but thats only for the tag information and the kind of tag used. are you sure your encoding to 128kbps? maybe the way you have it set up your converting to a lower bitrate, perhaps 48kbps. like zerodb said, are you encoding the same audio file? mp3 @ 128kbps will create a smaller file than wma @ 128kbps because of the tagging information. so at the most, your going to see + or - 10kb. -brian
  10. mine makes a sound like this when i open the door to take the disc out, press play or anything to power it up. im assuming this sound is the laser moving, because like you said it only happens for about a second or so. i opened it onc and watched inside to see the thing moving and i did see something, but im still not 100% sure thats it. so it might be normal, because mine did it as soon as i got it. hope that sheds some light into this. -brian
  11. sorry, minidisc forums didnt send me an email letting me know you responded anyway, it now has offline messaging, thats the only one iv noticed so far. but i like the new look, it takes a little bit of getting use to but its pretty useful in how it runs. windows live messenger screenshots so there ya go
  12. yah, its real. im using it right now. its in the beta stages of development, and only a select few of people are in so far. i signed up not to long ago and got an invite just the other day. i still have 3 invites left, so if anyone else wants one, just lemme know. http://ideas.live.com/ windows live messenger is part of the new line of online stuff MS has put out called Windows Live. i like the look of the new msn, so if you got an email from ms, then give it a shot. look around on the net before installing the new version just to see what you think of the new look because it does install it self over the old msn.
  13. definatley. open source is the best, like ogg vorbis and flac arent vorbis and flac made by the same group?
  14. i like FLAC, in my opinion, it compresses faster, has smaller files and just is better to work with. plus i like how winamp can play the files (i know winamp can play wma lossless, but i like flac better) also, i dont like storing my audio in a format that is microsoft based. i never really like wma (any versions of it) just because of the fact that it uses more power to decode on portable mp3 players. so thats a main thing for me. i use mp3 for my creative zen nano and flac on my desktop when ripping an audio cd. ill use md simple burner for copy cd's to my minidisc player. so that rules out having to use a lossless encoder for sonicstage. also, i dont record live sessions, but i do copy audio from vinyl to my computer. so theres where i use flac. i just like flac, mainly because of the name Free -brian WHOO 60 posts!
  15. im using an HP iPaq RX3115, its a great all around pocket pc, windows mobile 2003, wifi, bluetooth, infrared to be used as a remote and an mp3 player. i got a 512mb sd card for it, so i can get a lot of music onto it. i use to use a palm IIIc for a long time. then the battery started dieing so i planning on getting a new handheld anyway, my dad got me the iPaq. this things great, i can be on the net, on msn yahoo and aim as well, mind you, its not great for text input because of the lack of a keyboard right now but it does have the graffiti from the palm os which i love. but for just every day internet browsing, its great. and since the screen is a bright 16 bit color display, pictures look great. its only 240 X 320, so internet browsing can sometimes not be so great. but it works either way. i like both, palm os and pocket pc platforms. they work great, and they both have their advantages. the thing with pocket pc though, is its desktop software isnt so great, palm desktop is way better. just because of the fact that it does a full backup of the handheld. activesync is alright and everything, and you can doa full backup of the handheld, but meh. you gotta tell it to do one, it doesnt just do it. anyway, thats my 2 cents. -brian
  16. I have 3 invites for windows live messenger. Aka msn 8. If anyone wants one, please leave a message here and ill be happy to give you one. Remember, an administraitor gets first dibs, because, well they maintain this wonderful site . Anyway, this is my way of saying thanks to the community for helping me with problems and providing a great atmostphere for people. I love to come to this website and just look at all the posts and get answers to questions I would like to know the answers to, not neccessarily questions I would ask, but questions that interest me. I wish you luck on gettin the invites. If I get anymore later on I'll post back with them thanks again, and have a good day. -brian
  17. ok, i got it, lol my dad got home and helped me. anyway, here 5/12 = 0.41666666666666666666666666666667 inverse tan = 22.61986494804042617294901087668 so the answer is 22.6' thanks for the help guys. but a someone in person is a way better teacher sometimes.
  18. man i havent been here for a while, sorry, but i have a question sheet and no where on the net can i find out how to do this. heres my question. how can i find A? please someone help, lol this question sheet is a determination between whether i pass or fail grade 10 math, oh and did i mention im dumb ? lol anyhoo, please someone respond
  19. im not sure how it compares to peace sells i havent heard the full album just the song, but its as good if not better than the song. its awsome beleive me
  20. megadeth - youthanasia \m/O_O\m/ lol [attachmentid=1236]
  21. i dont like it when my battery dies in my minidisc player. then again i dont like it when any battery dies lol.
  22. heheh funny story, i dont need sonic stage anymore, my mom found the disc. my bro had it his room and my mom found it right away.
  23. heheh the alan parsons project is good. on vinyl i have ,eve, eye in the sky,turn of a friendly card, ammonia avenue, vulture culture and on tape iv got i robot and edgar alan poe
  24. i have a feeling im gonna get blasted here with this , but id like to know if anyone knows where i can get 2.1 i just want to try the version that originally came with my MD player cuz my bro lost the original disc. i have looked on the net everywhere and nothing. so if anyone could, please post a link or even email me the file. thanks a bunch ---edit--- so sorry, i posted in wrong subforum please fix or yell at me lol
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