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  1. the worst thing i did was just forgetting a battery at home when i took my minidisc player to school with me lol, i found one on the floor and it worked, so i didnt lose an entire day
  2. that is a nice player, apart from the battery it uses, i like it (i prefer regular batteries like a AA or a AAA rather than an OEM rechargeable.)
  3. i made one of them. except mine uses 4 AA's, but mines not in an altoids tin, its actually in a box made out of cue cards ill post pics later if wanted.
  4. iv been using itunes more so lately because i have an ipod. thats really the only reason i have been using it more so. the one other reason i keep using it, is because AAC sounds better than MP3 at the same bitrates, so most (if not all) of my cd's have been ripped to that format. so now, im stuck with 50 cd's converted to AAC rather than MP3. which is a problem for me, because my mp3 player doesnt play AAC nor does sonicstage. so i would have to rip my cd's to different formats for all 3 of my DAPS. iv been using itunes for at least a year now, and i havent had any problems with it. other than it being a bit slow on startup, its fine for me. i dont do things with it that i know it can't do, so i dont have too much trouble. same goes for sonicstage. iv had trouble with neither, but i have had a lot of problems with other media players, like winamp, windows media player and foobar, mainly just when testing new things. but wmp is about the worst media player iv used, it works alright, but its lacking in a lot of areas. sonicstage could benefit from a lot of new features, but beggers cant be choosers i guess i have had nothing but good luck with my MD player. it wasn't an expensive one, but its certainly not a cheap one. iv converted a lot of cd's to it (SP and LP2, not LP4) and i love the quality. especially the gapless playback i had the rockbox firmware on my ipod for a while, but i didnt like it enough to stick with it. all in all, i like both itunes and sonicstage, but i feel they both can benefit greatly from a lot of features. but then again, everything can. i mean, look at windows, its already on the verge of a major revamp and w/e. im back to the MD format now
  5. yah, its identical to minidisc and mp3 players. although, minidisc has been around for quite a while and you can still buy all kinds of gear for em at bestbuy here in brampton. hopefully minidisc will stay alive, its a good format imo. you can get better quality than that of mp3 or aac imo as well. heh yah, thats what im gonna do. i think the battery does last more than 12 hours though. i had it going for a lot longer than 10 at one point. i went about a full month without ever even pluggin it in and i used it about a half hour everyday.
  6. iv never actually seen a beta player. my dad had a beta player, but he got rid of it because it never took off. he even said that beta was better in ways. like the picture and sound quality were beta. i have a feeling he was right too. right now im trying to kill the battery in my ipod so i can give it a good charge, anyone know a good way to do so? lol right now i got it playing as loud as it can through my fm transmitter to my stereo.
  7. may i introduce you to the... 6D CELL! that thing aparently can hit the clouds on a cloudy night lol kool, hey i just noticed you have the same VCR as mine, i think
  8. lol nah birthday gifts i think i have about 400 cd's, those arent all that i have
  9. thats awsome i want that! i was laughing as i read this post today anyhoo heres my setup, not much, but meh. oh btw, i hope im back for now
  10. awsome! iv never seen a rollercoaster movie like that all the way through with out some weird cuttin in and out. stuff like that on tv. iv always wanted to record something like that, but my camera bites. lol
  11. hey everyone. iv kinda returned to the forums. at least to browse them and check stuff out. im now running my own forums actually, with a website too. its not much of a site. right now its just a chat site, but later on, id like it to become a support site. just to help people with stuff. im still working on it. and i was going to put minidisc.org into the links section of the site. id like it to become pretty decent, but i dont know if that'll happen. time will tell anyway, just wanted to say hello to everyone! heres the site -brian
  12. just finished fixing my friends latitude CPi. the thing wouldn't power up. so i just took it all apart and cleaned everything, then put it back together. now its working. woo! lol its a fairly nice computer too, a PII 366 with 128mb of ram and a 12gb hdd. loading XP on it now, and i like this cuz i got a windows xp home edition cd and code free. woo! go me! -brian
  13. just got back from installing some stuff into our 96 astro van. my dad wanted to setup the alarm to automatically lock when you arm the alarm. now it does, plus when you start the van now it locks too, and when you shut it off it unlocks. so its all good now. heres a pic of the van. good shape for a 1996 eh? -brian
  14. i just woke up, its 8 am here and im just playing on my laptop in the kitchen. soon (aroun 10 or so) im going to best buy with my dad, he wants to buy a new digital camera, so we're going to take a look at what they got. he found one he likes, but i cant remember which it is, i think it was a canon 6mp. i cant wait till tommorrow though, i get to drive -brian ps : my bird is going crazy!
  15. right now im eating a bowl of shreddies at my kitchen table. then im gonna go upstairs and listen to my stereo.
  16. im just chilling out with auzzie. isnt she cool?
  17. wow i havent made a post in a long time, but right now im listening to Iron Maiden and playing with this minu VU meter i made in computer tech class. very messy work, but im planning on making it into a little colgate gum metal tin (like an altoids tin) then itll be a self contained unit that i can carry with me and just mess with. idky im doing it, but its fun. heres a movie of it in action playing along to Iron Maiden - Dance of Death. great song might i add. my camera isnt the best, and for some reason when i turn on the lights it gets even worse, but meh. guess thats what happens when you find your webcam at school lol. Iron Maiden - VU Meter 1.04mb -brian
  18. i should post a pic of my astro van im gonna be getting very soon. a 96 Chevy Astro Passenger van, Fully Loaded. Its a nice van, i should get a pic sometime. -brian
  19. hmm... what about trying a different website?
  20. try making the error page a redirecting html file. maybe that will work?
  21. im speeking from experience with multiple computers and iv never had any major problems that are described on this site. i have had "problems" but theyre something i have done like for instance doing something stupid like cancelling a recording or something along the lines of that. but you are right, there is software out there written way better than this software, but this runs good if you take care to not doing anything to dumb. so i think the best thing to do, is just use the software for its intended purpose. but other than that, you can expect problems. but im just giving my opinion here. so dont take any offense from what i say -brian
  22. if you just want an mp3 player for use in a car with an FM transmitter, why not get a generic mp3 player with a AAA battery and it shows up as a removeable disk in windows explorer? that would be the best of both worlds. but i dont see what the problem is with sonic stage, a lot of people say they have problems with it, when its usually just a software conflict on their computer. i have used sonicstage for a long time, and the only problem i had was when i installed windows media player 10 after installin ss 2.1 and ss2.1 wouldnt launch, so i reinstalled ss and it worked. i later upgraded to 3.3 and what a difference, i could transfer my mp3s but anyway, if you want to get a minidisc player, theres no problem with sonic stage. so i dont see what your worried about. my creative labs zen nano plus came with software but i dont use it because the mp3 player shows up as a removeable disc in Explorer. so theres no need for software. -brian
  23. i love apple pie.... *drools* but right now im eating chocolate. mmmm chocolate lol.
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