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  1. I don't imagine it would hurt the battery charging it like that, its basically how the unit itself charges the battery. The only thing to keep in mind is not to do it too long. Could over heat the battery and cause it to burst. Do it in small shots, 5 - 10 minutes, then try running the unit.
  2. As BIGHMW said, Minidisc always has been perfect. No need for anyone (especially Apple) to try and make it better. They will simply fail.
  3. I have 510 as well. Bought used on Amazon.com with 6 blank discs and the majority of the car kit stuff. Got it pretty cheap, and considering the condition I got a damn good deal. Just some minor wear on the player around the edges (To be expected, the paint wears off of the plastic after a while, my 520 did it as well). I love this little player, excellent controls, handles my remote that I bought for my NH600, plus it has the little signal meter on it. I like the idea of being able to record directly to these discs, thats why I bought the 510. Great entry level recording player. Hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it mate -Brian
  4. Music all the way, just make the RH1 able to display the song names and albums on the OLED display, and maybe add GP skip Forward/Back buttons to the unit and I'd be happy. Minor tweaks here and there are always welcome. Also, if Sony introduced another low cost HiMD unit, and maybe an HD Amp in it, but along the lines of the NH600. The only problem is, we can wish all we want, Sony won't do a thing. MD and HiMD are just not in use as much as they need to be to facilitate the production of such units. I really hope MD makes a come back, but I'm probably just dreaming
  5. I got my RH1 from MDC. Excellent website mate. I can offer this bit of advice. Don't buy a bunch of different players, get the RH1. I did that, I purchased a few older units, used, but NetMD/MDLP all of em. I finally worked out a deal with my parents for my birthday present and I got the RH1 from MDC. I haven't used my NetMD players since. Your better off just biting the bullet and getting the good one and be happy. Get an extra battery from them too if you can, $35 CAD. I have bought a lot of discs and stuff from MDC as of late, so I wouldn't worry about them being a bad company. They're great.
  6. I just got an RH1, and on top of my NH600, and my 3 NetMD units now, I'm pretty well stocked. I do plan to keep using the format as long as I possibly can. I love the sound quality out of the RH1, so I don't plan on going back to an iPod or anything else anytime soon. I used an iPod at school, but that was before I had a job and could afford to buy the discs online. Around town, the best you can do is get a 5 pack of the color collection Sony's. And those are pretty expensive considering what you get. A 30 pack of Maxell 74s for $50 (shipping included I think), or a 5 pack of 80 minute Sony's for 25? Doesn't make sense to me. But overall I'm pretty well stocked, I'm over 100 discs, so I should be alright for a while. Plus I order a few here and there, so I'll probably be close to double that by next year (If discs are still produced new).
  7. Ah, okay. That makes sense. As long as there is a reasonable explanation for why hardware does certain things I am happy with it. Thanks for the information sfpb.
  8. Yeah, pretty much. I know the disc at least shouldn't be fragmented as I record a brand new disk with tracks in order and it only makes the noise when it gets around half way through the full disk and then it will continue on through to the end. It's weird, it writes one track, then it moves the head, then it starts the next track. But it sounds like it's going from the end right to the beginning, then back to the end to write the next track. Just seems like a lot of unnecessary moving really. I can understand it moving the head around on a fragmented disk, files all over, but on a brand new recording where I select all the files that I want, then push the right red arrow button and copy over all the tracks in one list in the same order it will still do this. Anyway, I'll try to get a recording of my 600 making this noise. No garauntee, but I can try. The mode of recording I'm using is LP2, HiMD 1gb media.
  9. I have 4 units, and my 600 is the loudest. I was just wondering if the RH1 is any quieter than the 600. I don't think it's a defective MD, it's not the disk making the noise. It's just when the head moves from one end of the disk to the other, can test it when playing the first track, then skipping to the last. Anyway, I do expect noise, just not this much. Thanks for the replies.
  10. brian10161

    Head Noise

    When the head is reading or recording, is there much audible noise coming from the unit? My NH600 sounds as though it has asthma and needs and inhaler soon. Just wondering because I scored an RH1 somewhat free through my parents. Just kind of hoping it's at least as quiet as my N510, if not no big deal. Small price to pay while having one of the best formats. Thanks
  11. I never bought from you, but I've read through this thread a lot checking out the nice players you have up for sale. It just seems like it's a lot of work, I can't imagine what it is like go through that many units. It's unfortunate that it had to come to this and your leaving the forum mate. Life comes before material items though, so good luck on everything in yours mate. All the best, -Brian
  12. I can't believe 2008 is already over. Man, feels like just yesterday I started grade 12, now I'm working full time. Happy new year to you Bob and all others here at MDCF!
  13. Have you let it sit with the battery out of it for a while? Might be worth a try if you haven't tried that.
  14. Move the slider on the bottom of the disc cartridge. Sounds like its just locked.
  15. Nice devices mate, been thinking of trying to get a NH900 or NHF800. Just haven't had the time to search lately. I really like my NH600, so I can imagine that those little units must be great. The recording inputs would be nice to have, but I haven't used the optical/analogue in on my N510 much. I just recorded a couple CDs to see if it worked or not. That's a nice remote too, I ordered one of them. Great remote in my opinion. Best of luck with your purchases! -Brian
  16. Just completed a trade with Kain_ for 2 Music Jack discs. Everything went excellent, I got the discs from him with no problems at all, and incredibly fast shipping considering the distance. Discs were in excellent shape and sealed still as described. Highly recommended to do business with Kain_ Thanks mate!
  17. Hmm, I thought I sent you a PM mate, sorry. I'll check to see where it went. -Brian Edit: I know what happened now, I forgot to enter a title, and clicked send and just closed the page after the next one loaded. Me and my bad habits hehe, anyway, PM sent.
  18. Alright, if possible can I purchase the bit club discs (12) and the 5 maxell couler?
  19. Awesome mate, sounds great. Good luck on the bids!
  20. What you have left is in the first post? I might be interested in a couple blanks. Maybe 1 of each or more I'm thinking. -Brian
  21. Item was delivered today and it's working perfectly. Backlight and all. It even works on my MZ-NF520D. No FM radio obviously, but it works fine otherwise. Remote purchased: RM-MC38EL
  22. Yah I know what ya mean, the new still tends to be quite high. I stuck with the used/low end models. They probably don't care if the stuff gets sold or not because they may have just attained it for little to nothing. My next MD play will be a new MZ-RH1. If they're still available in the new year.
  23. @Xeys_00 Check out Amazon.com, they have a lot of MD units to choose from. Even the older units you can still buy brand new in package. I got an MZ-NE410 for 35 bucks shipped brand new in the package. My N510 was 50 bucks Shipped, and the NH600D was 85, both these were used however. The 510 looks like it was well taken care of, and the 600D is basically brand new. Purchased as a gift, but the person didn't want it. If you stalk items on Amazon, I think you can find a good deal hehe Good luck mate.
  24. ahah thats not what I meant mate, just when on the go, gotta care em. But now that I have my HiMD, I don't need to do that. I love my Minidisc collection
  25. Bah, not crazy mate. Minidisc is still as young as the day it was first available. Much better quality than standard MP3 players and the iPods. The only downside to having a minidisc player vs an ipod, is having numerous discs. Unless you go HiMD of course. But seriously, thats the only downside, and it's not even that bad. I got my first player on 2004, then I used a lot until around 2006 when I got my iPod nano. I really didn't use my MD that much afterward. Now, 2008 and I'm picking up where I left off. I have ordered many blanks, and 3 other players. Lots of help and support to be found here! -Brian
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