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  1. If there's no European N510 output hack available, how about getting a portable headphone amp?
  2. x 2. And, a side note. If you want to get radio function on your MD unit later on, you can always buy the 37LT or 39LT radio remote (that comes with the NHF800) separately from eBay, new and usually under US$30. The radio remote will work with both the NH700 and NHF800. Edit: Although I'm not for sure if some areas outside of Canada/USA will get reception. Good luck.
  3. Sweet. Sony should've hired you to do all of their advertisement shots. I'm wondering why they didn't make a red cradle though.
  4. jaylen


    Would the 38EL even display Japanese characters? It lacks the "K" that the 40ELK has. K for Kanji. EL for electroluminescent.
  5. I don't believe the EH50/70 are limited edition. I think it's just that they're like the NH3D, EH1, black/red DH10P, etc. -- available only in Japan so you won't see them as much as the NH1, RH(9)10, etc, which were available in more countries. Edit: Richy's katamari is strong. He beat me by a minute.
  6. mozfan: No one has mentioned it, but the DH710 can't use the tuner remotes (the remotes with the AM/FM radio). Be careful that you don't get a remote with "LT" in its name. The tuner remote's prongs won't fit into your unit's remote port. Good luck.
  7. Sound quality will depend on your ears, your headphones/earphones, your taste, etc, but if it makes any difference to you, the EH70 has the HD (high definition) digital amp while the NH700 does not. PS 2 years with your NH700 ... don't jinx it.
  8. The original poster said: "of the 3 i want to record in SP format and listen to prerecorded MD. which is the best SQ ?" (See Post #3.) I understood that as "what unit can record in SP AND sounds good" = a recorder + good sound quality for playback because the original poster wants to listen to pre-recorded MDs. So, sure, I get your point and your comment makes sense, but your question is not really what they're asking. If you want to ask about which unit has the best recording quality specifically, then perhaps you should start a new thread so as not to confuse the issue further. Edit: By the way, I wasn't making fun of your English/typo. Please note that I put a "?" because I wasn't completely sure what you were saying. So, take a few deep breaths and take it easy.
  9. jaylen

    Silver Remote

    Sparda: Why don't you ask her? You might make a cute couple. *nudge nudge*
  10. If you don't get a quick reply here, try this place: http://www.atraclife.com/forums/. They have a forum specific for Sony HDD Walkmans. Good luck.
  11. Umm, no, you can't "through" (throw?) in your DS77. If you look at the title of the thread, the original poster is requesting recommendations for "Best MD, NETMD, MDLP SQ Recorder." Player-only units, Auvi or not, are out of the question for this particular request.
  12. I think he's/she's talking about the cases that come with pre-recorded discs and not the jewel cases that are like CD cases. They are different. For pre-recorded discs: Jewel cases (CD-style) at MinidiscAccess: Here is one place I've found that has the pre-recorded disc cases: http://www.expressspares.co.uk/product.asp...;id=191083&. They are located in the UK. I'm not sure if they ship international. Good luck.
  13. That shouldn't be a big problem for you since you do have THREE NH1s, Mister - lol! Haha, I was kidding about replacing your ear/headphones. I won't recommend the EX90s, especially since you've been on a MD/CD shopping spree and I can't justify spending that much on earbuds myself. If your EX70s are working well for you, I'd leave it alone. Your wallet will appreciate the break and may reward you with a silver NH1 down the road...
  14. Not sure where or if you can still buy those pre-recorded disc cases, but here's an alternative idea for you: http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/showpos...p;postcount=491 Get a hold of the older 1GB discs and use their cases. Good luck.
  15. How much was it in China? There's an outlet selling it for about US$50. Its separate optical out would be the reason I'd get it - cheaper than the top-of-the-line Sonys, but has a line-out just like them. The iMP-350 is also a good buy. (Warning: subjective) I've read that turning off the skip protection will better the sound quality. And, the current firmware is v1.10, just in case yours came with something older. Congrats that you finally found a nice CD player! Thoughts? Hmm, if your sig is up to date, then maybe get some different earbuds or headphones - lol.
  16. I like the dark colors. But, I'm not liking that big "SA COATING ADVANCE" on the disc. Cool pics as usual, Ishii.
  17. If no one here helps you out with your headphone amplifier, you can always try www.head-fi.org and check out their forums. They do have a thread dedicated to portable amps. Edit: Also, in the 'phones section of this forum, there is a 2-part pictorial and review on the LDM+ amp. Good luck.
  18. 360: In addition to what A440 said, this thread might also help you out (http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?s=&am...st&p=108073) - lol I just don't want to type it all over again. Good luck. The RH1 is the latest Hi-MD model out. The NH700 was part of the 1st generation of Hi-MD units; the RH910 was part of the 2nd gen; the NH1 was part of the 1st gen. This link (http://www.minidisc.org/part_Hi-MD_Sony.html) will tell you how old each one is.
  19. Someone gave me the Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy Soundtrack (see richyhu's avatar). I'm not a gamer and never played the game, but the songs are cute.
  20. Welcome to MDCF. Check out this thread for ideas on labels. The names of the different paper/sticker brands are in the thread somewhere. http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/showthr...1824#post371824
  21. Did you mean N710? I couldn't find "R710" anywhere. It's probably not worth getting the remote fixed. eBay has a lot of new remotes for sale. RM-MC33EL, -38EL, -11EL are just a few Sony remotes that would work with your N710 and can be found for around US$20. The 40ELK is the daddy of remotes, but it's more expensive. Good luck!
  22. You're like the King of MD. And, the King of Boy Dolls (aka "figurines" ). Cool pouch. Much better looking than the grey, potato sack-looking ones.
  23. If you're getting it because it's available for purchase, I would pass. Haha, I'm strictly also the type that won't buy units for over US$200. I'd rather get the RH1 over the NH1, if I had no other MD units in my possession. If you're getting it because it's an NH1, go for it. You can always get rid of it easily since, as MDX said, the NH1 has decent resale value. It's a big reason why I baby my jeNH1 more than others. The NH1 isn't one of my favorites, but it is one of my most valuable. The NH900 and NH1 should sound the same since they both have the HD digital amp. But, the psychosomatics behind listening from an all-magnesium, sleek body versus a somewhat chunky, half metal-half plastic body can be powerful.
  24. A person's post count isn't a reflection of how much more their opinions are valued over others'. If you want to participate more and bump up your post numbers, then go for it. But don't do it thinking that it will make people listen to you more because it certainly will not. Using this forum to sell used electronics is a serious matter to me, especially if it involves transactions of hundreds of dollars. I don't want to see any members being misled or cheated. I'm surprised that you didn't bring up this thread as it is much newer than the other thread that you linked: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16937. Not exactly friendly either, huh? Now go tell King Ghidora about how there's nothing serious enough on this forum. You've had some complaint about this MDCF-needs-to-be-friendlier topic since last year. Different (and sometimes conflicting) personalities will make it difficult for this forum to be 100% friendly all the time and no one, not even the Mods, can control for that. It's just like how "real life" is. You simply have to learn to deal with it.
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