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The Official Happy Birthday Thread..

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thanks guys... I'll be having a pretty quiet day today (slight hangover) as I already 'used up' all of my presents this week:

- Monday: good Brussels' fast food (Stoemp saucisse at '9&voisins') accompanied by some trappist and a NIN-concert at the AB - recorded of course ;)

- Tuesday: tried to get my hearing back :P so a quiet evening at home with my girlfriend (I cooked some nice pasta)

- Wednesday: Comedy and Impro-night (I organized it myself but enjoyed it just as much as our 250 attendees)

- Thursday: a night in Antwerp with good food ('haute quisine' Fish & Chips at the 'Zuiderterras'), an intellectually pleasing part (lecture by the very interesting Cultural Sociologist Rudy Laermans) and a bit of popular fun as well (jenevercafé 'De Vagant')

- Friday: Youp Van't Hek (Dutch cabaretier) in 'Het Capitool' in Ghent and afterwards a couple of drinks with my old buddies there

so today is just for resting, editing the EITS and NIN shows and tonight... well, great food and drinks again (what can I say, Belgians do like their bourgondic lifestyle :D ) at my parents' place

sorry for bragging like this... but this really was one of my most fun weeks since ages! Seen lots of old and not-so-old friends, seen nice things, eaten a lot of great food and enjoyed every minute of it.

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well,, i thought they were doing what they did on my 60th BD;; book me at a "Fake Party" and it ended up with over 200 ppo at MY BD bash;; and i Dj'd..

i was supposed to DJ tonight for my Daughter's teachers (they are fweakin WILD;; my daughter the WILDEST);; but it's been changed to next week so i can enjoy my birthday.. mmmm ;; what do youzz think!!

my wife went to work and left me alone;; one of my students is taking me out to lunch with her fience;; i guess i can "let it out there";; then take a "Nap" then;; hit "The Strip";; ((the MONEY is already flying in)).. i'm up to $350.00..

wtf;; i already got my bling bling from my wife;;

i still have my family (rayzray) BD party on Father's day;; that should bring in another $200...

what do youzz think;; a Playstation 3;; an X-Box;; or Wii (sp);; i really need a small lap top for my song index;;

well,, i was really thinking of the Pioneer A/V DJ DVD scratch drck;; but,, that about $3000.00;; i COULD pull it off;; IF we don't re-do the bathroom floor;; mmmm??!!

just to start the party today;; i got the "My Live With The Thrill Kill Kults" DVD :: The Kult Kollection;; and have been up all fweakin night watching it render (7 hours!!!!) in my PC#1;; as i watch the original on TV #5;; with my headphones..

the PARTY IS STARTED with TKK!! i fweakin LOVE them (if you ignore their lyrics;; and concentrate on their music and synths and just watch da show;; i say again,, they are fweakin awesone!!

yeah;; i re-did the DVD;; re-mixed;; no;; re-did;; just for fun;; just for my BD..

they remind me of the old days in da 60's and 70's with my band and the lead sax playa coming out of "Da Casket";; we were sooooo fweakin awesome..

it was hard playing with the candle pins banging behind da wall!!

maybe i'll have ONE beer;; two;; i'm introuble;; three;; call da cops;; i'll get into trouble..

hey;; i wonder if my "X,s" will call;; they usually do;; like "everyone loves Raymond"..

I don't get "Blue Buddah" ;; what's da point;; oh well;; it's my party ;; and i guess it will have to fit in..

no one there really knows me (except Tullfan met me);; and i am un-predictable;; but safe;; and today i am NOT safe;; i am out to Party..

Tonight maybe Newport;; i wonder if da "Pirate" is still there with his panty hose wedggy..

As TKK says;; "Glamour is a Rocky Road";; i made it this far (64 years);; i figure it's downhill from now on;; full speed downhill'' like F**k da rules as i always do;; and maybe i'll read my first book;; well;; maybe an "audio Book" to start..

i really can relate to TKK more than Oscar Peterson;; i wonder if TKK would have made it this far if Oscar was in da band..

well,, i have more to say;; but i'll save youzz the grief;; today i am "Hard Fast & Beautiful";; tomorrow back to being "just and assh**e"..!!

Edited by rayzray
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Have a great one Ray, I enjoy your escapades, what I like about you is you live life to the fullest, do what you want, and hope theres at least another 64. You could always play a certain Beatles song, rayzified of course.

Take care my friend


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Have a great one Ray, I enjoy your escapades, what I like about you is you live life to the fullest, do what you want, and hope theres at least another 64. You could always play a certain Beatles song, rayzified of course.

Take care my friend


OH!!!!;; how could i eva miss that;; yeah;; i am gonna DIG IT OUT and put it into my Hi-MD to paly it all day;; THANKS bobt;;

and i will play it all week till i DJ next week;; mabe for the absolute last time??!!??!! and play it for all da Teachers to sing to me (rayzray);; i'm such a ham;; and yes;; like Jack Benny STAYED 39 for most of his life;; i think i will stay 64 for the rest of my life;; or as my 9 year old student told me yesterday;; "Mr L*******;; please don;t grow OLD on me;; i love you this way".. *as a tear rolls down my cheek*;; Everyone loves Raymond..

thanks again bobt.. weren't there some re-makes of that song too;; can't remember..

"Will you still need me,, will you still feed me;; when i'm Sixty-Four" (Bealtes)..

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