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What have you just bought?

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A few days ago I bought a "new" md player. I already own 7 hi-md units but I could not resist a mdlp walkman MZ-E900 (15 Euro on a car boot sale). After some cleaning the player works perfect. What a nice little player that is, my favorite player at the moment, very good sq and the battery seems to last forever.

I also have a lot of mp3 players (11) but I prefer my md-player/recorders and especially this new oldy.

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I just bought my first used MD player/recorder on eBay in about two years! What model you may ask? You'll have to wait to see a few pictures after it arrives, but I will give a few hints. It is blue, all metal, uses common prism style NiMH as well as an AA sidecar and has a special DSP to enhance long play playback!


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so who else on this forum from AustraliA??? brought meself a good working 2nd net md walkman mz-n510 typ-s models what ever that "S" means??? with 6 discs to use.

There's about 3 of us (that are active right now). Myself, Slugbahr and a newbie from Brissie. We're mainly active in the minidisc section.

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I got the W1 via www.leboncoin.fr, a vibrant French classified ads site. Delivered at my home by the seller, who happens to live a few blocks away !!

BTW, Stephen, good guess of yours: I noticed yesterday that, with both inputs permanently set to ANALOG (my default setting), the deck switches temporarily to OPT1 when it copies a track from one disc to another.

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A minty black MDS-JB980 from Dutch ebay seller specialproductsholland (recommended).


A red MZ-E75 from Yahoo auctions (seller sent a bonus silver E75 but didn't include the pictured black remote which I wanted, sent a skeleton remote instead : (


8 x Sony ES blanks from Yahoo auctions to add to the stash.


2 x Sony MZP-1 MD label printers from Yahoo auctions - both appear mint condition but DOA, no power up : (


Neotech Origin connects


Now the DAC on the 980 is damn great, it's improved the sound from my entry level SCD-XE800 SACD player a lot, got coax into the 980 for redbook and analogue in for SACD. 


I've been making some recordings from laserdisc over optical, namely Eric Clapton in Hyde Park and a Mariah Carey disk. I'd previously recorded these in PCM on to my Hi MD unit that I sold when I was out of work. Now I wish I'd never heard my MZ-RH1 because it makes standard MD recordings of the same source so disappointing!


I might just have to save up for another RH1 but at least the 980 gives me a kick ass DAC and who knows I might be able to tweak it for some kick ass redbook recordings in the future..I'd prefer to stick to standard MD from now on because of the nostalgia but also because of the amount of peripherals and replacement units still available..

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Grundig MD50,




TOSHIBA 55" UHD Tee.Vee,

XBOX 1S & Games






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