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  1. Bunch of new lables I've rencently printed ... .
  2. Would be probably interested in the MZ-NH1. How much for that player only ? Which condition ? Thx.
  3. Guess that several layers will do the job. That's a good idea, I never think of it. But it must be pretty hard to make if you ask me as the label has to be cut with the good dimensions. Rare or not, label can be removed so it won't be much problematic
  4. I never make a label thinking about the disc it will match with. First, I'm getting my kick out of photoshop and then, try to find the best discs to use. I try to not use the original front cover of an album, just for the pleasure of challenging myself. Sure there are some exceptions, like those M83 labels I made. But I did change the colors of them to make it more personal. Right : all the labels will be rotate by 90 degrees to the left. I displayed them vertically for convenience purposes. I've the complete serie of Victor fruity colors thanks to fella SI member The blueraja. We get involved in few trades some years ago when minidisc.org was still online. The thing is that the latters are not so easy to use as their surfaces are not entirely flat. Maxwell Iro would be perfect indeed I'll make some tests on them.
  5. Labels, ready to be printed ... . It's a pitty to see this thread almost deserted by SI fella ... .
  6. It would be cool to have some pictures of your unit. For my concern, I bought some stuff from Japan : blanks, two silver RH1, a silver Onkyo MD-133 Hi-MD deck and a silver Onkyo ND-S1000 Ipod dock. Fortunatly, I never paid any boarder taxes I posted a pictorial review of the MD-133 several years ago A pictorial revew of the Onkyo ND-S1000 is also available the unit 3 weeks ago). Regards.
  7. The Onkyo ND-S1000 is a digital audio / video output dock for Apple's players and mobile phones. Made in aluminium bodycase, it bypass Apple's digital audio signal and increase sound quality. It offers a direct access to the audio and video data stored one the device. This pictorial review has to be linked with the Onkyo Intec 275 review I made some years ago : units shared the same design and thus, match pretty well when associated together. Hope you'll enjoy this review as I appreciate the sound of this Idevice dock. Unit's specifications can be found here. Only available in Japan and now discontinued. Not compliant with ipod 5g and further.
  8. I received my dock one week ago now. Nice device, very happy with it
  9. Hope that you'll succeed in selling them quickly !
  10. Not recently printed but sill kicking !
  11. One can wondering how you can do that to a RH1's surface. Guess that you get it used.
  12. Labels come from Avery. I Bought them on Ebay but guess they are now discontinued. Covers are printed with a laser printer. Artworks are made with Photoshop CS 5 using google images database to get inspiration and then, tweak the whole thing. Projects are finally exported on a Microsoft word template of my own and converted into .pdf before being printed.
  13. Some labels recently printed :
  14. Those are great. Show us what your discs look like now you've labeled them !
  15. Hi all, After a long use, i'm still in love with my equipment. I moved to a new place some times ago and installed the Intec in a larger room. Despite those new conditions, the amp was powerfull enough to make the whole thing sound good. I learn that the MD-133 has been recently discontinued by Onkyo which is a pitty. Fortunatly, mine is still in great shape and is playing discs every week.
  16. I thought you were leaving MD stuff TBR ? I hope you'll find this unit quic.kly
  17. Isn't that fellow member Bland1000's webpages ?
  18. Got my Axia Imc pack from josiane1979 Nice person to deal with, excellent communication : very smooth transaction. Thanks a million.
  19. Bought a EH70 from Jernikfra. He is the perfect seller to deal with. Excellent communication and nice person to talk with. I received my player in a very well packed parcel. The unit was as described, i.e in prestine condition. Many thanks !
  20. Muji is selling clear storage boxes here I've 9 of them and I must admit that I'm pretty happy with them.
  21. Jernikfra is the perfect seller to deal with. Excellent communication and nice person to talk with. I've received my player in a very well packed parcel. The unit was as described, i.e in prestine condition. Many thanks !
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