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Rich's MZ-EH1 Pictorial

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Sony MZ-EH1 | HI-MD Walkman (2004)


I know there have been a few pictorials of this model already, but personally I can't get enough of this gorgeous Hi-MD player and I get the impression it's always a popular model amongst the members here, so here are some shots of one of my black MZ-EH1's.

All images © Copyright 2006 - Richard H.

DSC02127m.JPG  DSC02130m.JPG  DSC02131m.JPG  DSC02132m.JPG


DSC02136m.JPG  DSC02143m.JPG  DSC02144m.JPG  DSC02145m.JPG  


DSC02146m.JPG  DSC02147m.JPG  DSC02148m.JPG  DSC02149m.JPG


DSC02150m.JPG  DSC02151m.JPG  DSC02153m.JPG  DSC02154l.JPG


DSC02156m.JPG  DSC02159m.JPG  DSC02160m.JPG  DSC02167m.JPG  DSC02168m.JPG

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Nice pics Richyhu. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I bet tbr is sorry he sold his.

The cradle looks like a printer when photographed by itself.

I take it that the EH1 has to be charged via the cradle and doesn't have a DC socket on it ?

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Warning: Don't look at Rich's pictorial for too long. You'll suddenly find $300 missing from your bank account and an EH1 on your doorstep.

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Tiesto said:

has someone tried to charge the EH1 with the DH10P's (US model) power adaptor?

You should be able to as the NH1,EH1,NH3D & DH10P all use the same battery & require a 6V 800mAmp power adaptor.

The RH1 uses the same battery but a different power adaptor- same as the NWA1000/3000.

My DH10P came from the US with the AC-ES608K3 power adaptor @ 120volts.

I tried to get the Australian 240volt version but was told it was now discontinued.

But was advised to use AC-ES608K (which comes with MZ-NH1)as a replacement which worked fine.

Both adaptors have the same connector and should plug into either cradle without any problem.

Over here the ES608K (with the black label) is a little bigger and nearly twice the price of the ES608K3 (with the silver label)


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