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Merry Christmas and hopes for a better 2021


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We seem to have had some outage on SIF recently, so as it appears back up I though I'd take the opportunity to say "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (2021)" to everyone here and especially those on the Minidisc Forum. It's been a fun year there with lots of great threads and lots of machines brought back from the scrap.

At risk of forgetting one of my close collaborators I forward special wishes to @sfbp, @NGY, @BearBoy, @M1JWR, @freddyjollo, @bluecrab, @jonathanpotato, @PhilippeC and hope 2021 is as minidisc-fulfilling as 2020!

With the UK pretty much going into Covid-19 lockdown yet again and probably similar happening across the world, I hope you all manage to have a peaceful and safe holiday.


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