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NetMD HiMD Streamer Format Compatibility

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Hi all, Recently I acquired a Sony MZ-NH3D a NetyMD HiMD portable for the purpose of streaming disc contents to computer, Can it stream every MD format and version ever existed from the very first MD format and its versions to the last format and its versions? If not, what it cannot stream? Note: We are talking about streaming to computer only using WebMD Pro via USB, not the other way around and not recording or playback.

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Doesn't look like it is compatible with MD Data discs so you wouldn't be able to transfer multi-track recordings made on something like the Sony MDM-X4 or Yamaha MD8. Suspect that's a pretty niche requirement though and possibly not something you had in mind?


I don't have any HiMD devices so not sure if there are any restrictions with what you can/cannot do with those and WebMD Pro but hopefully someone else will be able to confirm.

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When you say 'streaming', does this mean downloading files from the NH3D to the PC? The word 'streaming' is usually used in the context of real-time playback, whereas the downloading is often several times faster than that.


Although from WMDPro 1.4.0, where the support for HiMD units and downloading HiMD files in included, the use of all HiMD units with WebMD Pro is in its infancy. Some will only work when set to standard 'MD' mode for uploading and downloading the older format files SP, LP2, LP4 (eg for me the RH1 and NHF800 work) but for others such as the NH1, in my setup it doesn't even seem to be recognised. As the NH3D is approximately from the same time period as the NH1, you may find the same situation that it's not recognised.

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4 hours ago, Capturing Memories said:

Here is an answer to this from 2004: 



That is indeed "an answer".  😅 Unfortunately, the definitive answer is that MD-Data is not compatible with Hi-MD. Hi-MD formatted discs can store data in addition to music files and these can be written to / read from via the computer. 


MD Data was an earlier format, as @BearBoy mentioned used for multitrack recordings. Only MD Data devices can read MD Data discs. Perhaps this is where the confusion has arisen. As @imkidd57also mentioned, in relation to the NH3D specifically, it may be that at present it is not fully supported with WMD Pro. 


As for downloading / uploading / streaming - I would call copying back to the PC from MD "uploading" versus downloading from the PC to an MD device. But, maybe I'm just pedantic, I know some people like to use the inverse terminology. 


* Moving to minidisc sub-forum

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Again, no. There are a bunch of formats which exist that none of these software (except possibly SonicStage) will handle. In particular the entire AAL family, and also the format referred to as LP3 (I think that's right) which is ATRAC3 with a data rate of 105kbps, in between LP2 (132kbps) and LP4 (66kbps).


In addition, unlike the RH1 and at least some versions of the MZ-RH10 family (second gen), the NH3D does not handle MP3. I am not talking about the ability to transfer MP3 **TO** minidisk (which SS handles by converting to ATRAC for that and other early units), but the ability to render/play MP3 which is already on an MD (which was added in the second gen HiMD and perfected in the third-generation RH1).


The AAL format is handled by a whole bunch of non-MD devices collectively known as "ATRAC Devices". So maybe I'm being unfair since it doesn't ever exist on MD. But it's an important storage format (usually on PC) for users of the Minidisc technology.

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