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Ages of minidisc users

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First MD unit was the MDS-JE510/MZ-E40 bundle back around 1999, I think. I spent months trying to decide whether to go with CD-R, DAT, or MD. Finally, pretty much by just getting tired of trying to decide, I landed on MD and have been happy with it since, many decks and portables later. I did wind up with a couple of CD-Rs, too, but never got a DAT.

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I'm 36. Bought my first MD unit (a silver Sharp MD-MT80 I still own) when I was 29 back in June 2001. I first encountered MD in early 1998 when I started as a volunteer reporter at a local community radio station. Nowadays, over five years after having omitted my active radio career due to limited spare time and changing interests, I use my MD and Hi-MD equipment mainly for recording shows off the radio.

When it became obvious that MD was in danger of being phased out, I startedt collecting portable MD recorders.

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I'm 36 and have used MDs since the very first MDS-101 came out in 1991. I was immediately sold on the format and was able to convince my dad to buy me the MDS-101 home deck as a high-school graduation gift.

Alas, I have a large MD collection, but have since moved on to other electronics/formats. I love my MDs however and will never parts with my MD toys.


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I am 52. I bought my son an MZ-R70 around 2000 or so. He never really used it much and I have it now. I bought my self an MZ-R700 in 2002, in advance of a week in the hospital (hip surgery). I just bought an MZ-NF610 on ebay and am looking forward to having the radio available when I go for a walk. I have around 1800 records and maybe 1000 cd's, I have maybe 30-40 minidiscs but I generally record 5-6 minidiscs with new stuff in advance of trips when I want to bring music with me. I listen mostly to jazz, blues, bluegrass and newgrass.

For the past 5-6 years I have been downloading bit torrents (first from Sharingthegroove, now from Dimeadozen, TheTradersDen and Zomb) which has, in effect, replaced radio for me. Now I am swimming in cdr's. Would consider storing them on hard drives but I don't see hard drives as a good long term storage medium.

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