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  1. Nope. Don't do it. That's how my CMT-PX3 (DHC595MD) got toasted before I ever received it. When I got the drive back from Jim, I found that same power->100V converter. Magically everything stopped overheating. Our voltage here is closer to 120 than 110, routinely. Not sure about Nova Scotia.
  2. My first reaction would be to say that the power adapter is an excellent device and works perfectly. I have one. My second reaction would be to look at the schematic and see if you can figure out how to modify what's there, rather than putting in a whole new supply. Sony is very very careful about their components, and unless the one you got was from Sony, I would be rather sceptical of its ability to provide noise-free operation. Sadly, this is the most recent deck from Sony (another reason not to mess with it), and I cannot find a service manual. I have a vague recollection from someone describing to me how Sony has (in the past) used strappings of the same power transformer (including a weird loopback backstrap which is the difference between 110 and 100 volts). But as this appears to be a domestic only model (correct me if I am wrong) I doubt if there are any such provisions. I would NOT butcher this beautiful deck.
  3. Sorry theres some "smarts" built into the way tracks are imported. I don't think you can get around it except by changing the track titles. If you are importing CDs, you must be toast. By all means poke around inside the configuration menus, but I have never noticed anything.
  4. You will need our one-size-fits-all download (32- or 64- bits) driver for NetMD. You will need to disable driver signing for one reboot cycle. Google it and look on the site, there are endless descriptions of what to do. Good luck!
  5. This is emphatically not a PC forum, and those of us who do know about PCs (myself included) know next to nothing about VAIO PCs and have never had one in their hands. Having said that, I am aware of similar issues in the land of Lenovo/W10. Initially I had the same problem but one day it started working just fine. You MIGHT try installing W7 bluetooth support over top of whatever you have, assuming their bitness is the same (32- or 64-) between the two setups. Certainly a number of other drivers (not BT) have worked for me "upgrading" to W10 from W7. Your alternative is to try and get a patched version of W7. It ***is*** possible. Let your fingers do the walking, no point in posting links here.
  6. Most W10 are upgrades. Not sure how you force W10 to go into 32-bits though. The ones I have dealt with mainly got there because someone had 32-bit Win7 before that, and upgraded it.
  7. Thanks for this - very useful at some future juncture (for me) and for OP if/when he gets a deck.
  8. I'd forgotten all about this and moved on. It's still sitting in the heap of unfinished projects on my messy den floor. Happy New Year!
  9. You've been watching Die Hard 3, I can tell. (calls in a loud voice "J - E - R - E - M - Y"). That woke me up anyway. Stepsimhon
  10. Thank you Kevin This is terrific for those whose machines have parts which simply fail. As i figured out when upgrading the D40 and D5C, the 5V part is actually easier to work with since 5V is already on the main inter-board connector. Check?
  11. Thank you for the much more precise answer Gyula. Hope you had a good Christmas - we are all very quiet and rather lonely here, as despite no lockdown everyone has abandoned social relationships after listening to the prognostications of our top doctors. I was painting a broad picture, and it turns out that the USB devices were all CXD-2664 whereas the PS/2 devices were CXD-2662. I've no idea if the actual BOARD can be swapped though - seems much easier (!) to swap the OWH. Regardless there is likely to be at least an alignment cycle (correct me if I am wrong on this point or any other), so for those without LPM it isn't easy "just" swapping things. My own experiences of OWH repair are in two parts: portables and decks. The portable (MZ-N505) I and a friend managed to repair, it was a nightmare of not being able to see, trying to heat solder without melting plastic, and pure fiddliness. The only deck that I got fixed (my MDM7 in the PX-3) went off to Jim Hoggarth back in the day. I vividly recall my efforts to fix a stuck MDS-JE510 which ended with it going to the dump. There is a bright side to machines (decks or portables) with broken OWHs - they can be used to erase disks (particularly when you have a disk that won't respond to treatment due to copy-protection after transfer by NetMD).
  12. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    Me three (King's?)
  13. No chance. The 980 needs the USB means of control, the 940 needs the PS/2 style. Not compatible.
  14. sfbp

    Old Vaio VGN-B1VP

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely! I couldn't resist getting that one in in response to your moniker. 1GB of RAM won't buy you the software equivalent of the marmite in a cress sandwich in today's modern operating system. Give up and get busy with Linux if you want to make use of that machine. This is absolutely NOT the place to ask about Vaios but my advice is pretty general - FUHGEDDABOUDID (with apologies to Hugh Grant).
  15. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    Jim's erstwhile competition! Thanks.
  16. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    Mine says Gundelsheim on the packet but the guy seems to have run out, if you google him (omit "MD" from your search) and you will find him on at least 3 European Ebays. Your Gersbach listing DOES show option on 17mm ?diameter belt. Maybe this listing is helpful (I don't know about the MDM-X4 but it looks right) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233834674447 The part number (Sony) is 4-967-656-01 but I have no clue if that matches (they frequently have multiple numbers for the same item). If you have one of the captioned models you can check since this belt appears to be widely available.
  17. It's like most shared open-source projects, you have to go off to github (if not there, somewhere else, you will find it real quick) and scratch your head over that. IIRC dates were not used, period.
  18. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    So happens I was talking to brother-in-law who is interested in getting rid of a couple of MD units, specifically a CMT-PX3 (aka HCD-MD595) which I got for my Pa a few years back. And I fired up my own only to discover that the belt had gone slack (no eject). Luckily I had one stashed from the legendary Jim some 6 or 7 years ago, and it took me all of an hour to have the thing apart and fixed. Nearly had a fit when it came up with C13 but seems likely this mostly a matter of sled position. Now working perfickly. Kevin were your belts ordered from Gundelsheim? So if you or anyone else would give him something for them there is (AFAIK): 1 CMT-PX3 (with the precious MDM-7A), 1 MZ-NH700. Possibly another portable of sorts, I don't remember. Possibly an MDS-S38. Dad can't work them any more, too small and fiddly. He's hanging on to his Quad and turntable though. Private message please.
  19. Nope, only if you are using HiMD and using it for file storage. The file system of legacy MD isn't ever visible to you. Not certain if there is even date information stored. You might poke around in the source of #linux-minidisc......
  20. Generally speaking there is no knowledge here about VAIO, despite the existence of this section. We do not speak for Sony. There are folks here who know a bit about PCs. My advice is to back everything up and try it. Windows 10 certainly uses UEFI but there is no requirement to do so. You can buy adapters that plug into USB that you could attach your HD to, whilst putting in a new one. You sound as if you would be competent at that. Another approach is to look for ways to get Windows 7 updates. Another is to try and find earlier versions of W10, if the current ones don't work. I would be inclined to look for a copy of 1903 right now; it is pretty stable. Microsoft must have addressed the problem of machines that didn't work with some of their upgrades; for a long time some machines couldn't get past 1803, especially VMs, although it's not 100% clear how much of this was built in obsolescence.
  21. Finally got my NH1 out. Sorry, I've been busy. Seems, in the words of Pooh, "Crustimony Proseedcake" (customary procedure). You only get actual editing when you use the remote. The on-unit (Edit) menu only has Format.
  22. If that disc was NOT created by you but by someone who transferred stuff from PC --> MD then it will all be locked. If you recorded it yourself from analog or digital input (mind you there's an issue of SCMS I suppose) then I am mystified. Wait a sec - this thing is smart. You cannot expect to see an edit if the disk is write protected. That's why I asked about the WP switch.
  23. I think the problem is this: there is something called "disc mode" which determines: a. what format you will be offered when you try to initialize the disk (Hi-MD or NetMD/MD) b. what a blank disk comes up as The reason for all this is that all Hi-MD units have to present themselves differently on the USB bus because NetMD uses a different, older, proprietary protocol from HiMD. The latter, whether 1GB disk or "legacy" disk reformatted to Hi-MD, is your basic SCSI device protocol. Being Sony, they absolutely had to tweak it so that the format is secure (fear of computers and all things related?), and to get stuff off a disk which is corrupted by a single bit error requires low-level access they never gave out to mere mortals. Disc mode can only be set by pushing buttons on the drive itself. Oh, by the way, the device presents a different USB device identifier to the bus in the two modes, so it really is like having two different machines which never quite meet. For playback, though, the switch is automatic: insert a disk and it will "switch machines". This may possibly be affecting your operations. Sadly all sorts of weird things happen when you write protect a Hi-MD disk. Bad design!
  24. Sorry, no. Once there is a single error on a disk it is generally corrupted. I would investigate the GPL software being developed at #linux-minidisc and also the WebMiniDisc project. On HiMD they are basically just files. So you would be well advised to use one of these or SonicStage for backup in future. Maybe if you had a friend with a PC. I have relatives with an iMac which ran Windows (parallels) that seemed to run SS quite fine.
  25. A resounding NO to your last suggestion. I'm wondering if the write protect switch is stuck? What happens if you actually DO format one of your disks (assuming you can afford to do that)?
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