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  1. "fake SP" : an old thread talking about it https://lists.fu-berlin.de/pipermail/linux-minidisc/2013-June/thread.html Seem we have to accept the non acceptable
  2. Hi everybody, This is well accepted by (almost) all of us, that Sonicstage does not allow the transfer of the truth SP quality but a fake one close to LP2 quality. But, after making some search here and widerly, I did not find the technical informations that had demonstrated long time ago that fact clearly. Does someone has kept a trace of it ? Thanks Philippe
  3. frisby, if you care about your unit try to solve your problem but you just can buy another unit for a few bucks.
  4. Best sounding Minidisc portable?

    I have one grey NH700 and would be happy if I can find a blue one.
  5. Best sounding Minidisc portable?

    It is currently admitted that the MZ-RH1 has the best DAC, ergo the best sound. I would prefer from far sound form a QS and ES Sony decks.
  6. Minidisc -An appreciation (Teckmoan"s video)

    Yes, a good video for anybody who want to know a lot in a few time about Minidisc
  7. (WTB) MC40ELK remote for mZ-NH1

    Mission impossible
  8. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    Pham Cu got one too.
  9. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    Or even a Hi-MD bookshelf with Net-MD connection, which is very sad. Always nedd a portable Hi-MD to do the work the bookshelf can't do. Without talking about the quality of the amplification section. What a pity...
  10. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    That is a compressed-like ;>) bookshelf...However, the unit is deeper that the higher model. No idea of the marketing beeing back to this. No, I don't bought one. I'd rather search for the model with an optical out (FR-N9TX). http://www.jp.onkyo.com/search_result/?q=Hi-MD
  11. How To Create Your Own Custom Minidisc Labels

    MiniDisc Labels - PART 1: Video Game Music Making Minidisc labels
  12. How To Create Your Own Custom Minidisc Labels

    Same idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0gB5Nqk0M0&feature=youtu.be
  13. Laurel/Yanny

    Yes, the devil ;>)