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  1. Support usb md

    Welcome Stephanie, There is no MD 910 Sony as you can check here http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html but you certainly have a http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-M10+RH910.html or a http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N910.html . . Both have a Net-MD USB port with a mini-USB to USB cable but the Net-MD connection is only supported between a Net-MD unit like yours and a computer (PC & Mac) which have Net-MD drivers and softwares (like Sonic Stage) all set up : http://forums.sonyinsider.com/files/ . Eventually your USB port could be used as a charging source for a Net-MD unit but as you try yourself, that does not work for sure. If your car audio system has a Line-In, that will be all you can do to listen your music. Maybe your Sony system can also read Atrac CDs (usdefull for people who have a huge library of Atrac audio files stored on their computer).

    Good luck.
  3. Our DIY job, recording then creating beautiful labels. What creativity or personnality is there in a MP3 player ?

    Ok, but you don't offer a price.
  5. MZ-NH1 USB adapter cable

    surtout qu'on ne cause qu'entre une douzaine de personnes...
  6. MZ-NH1 USB adapter cable

    Hi DeltaVega, il y a aussi un forum français MD ici : http://www.laserdiscplaza.fr/forumld/viewforum.php?f=73&sid=7366375439475170c2a3f86e4c925f2b
  7. Drivers needed for the minidisc netMD

  8. MiniDisc Addiction. Do you have one?

    I am an addict too (I just order 1500 MD blanks...). BUT computers (or expansive portable units) are the only ones which can read Hi-Res music. So I am in both world. portable units Sony 2 MZ-RH1, 1 MZ-NH900, 1 MZ-NH700, 1 MZ-N710, 1 MZ-N510 , 1 MZ-R55, 1 MZ-R30, decks Sony 1 MDS-B5, 1 MDS-JB980, 1 MDS-JB930 bookshelves Onkyo FR-SX7, Panasonic SC-HD615MD On my PC, I store > 10 To of music (only Hi-Res music downloaded from rutracker.org). I can do that because I live in Asia (no copyright control). I read and classified the 4500+ albums with jRiver Media Center.
  9. MZ-RH1 (MZ-M200) Amazon MP3 256 quality

    Damned! All I have succeed is to block the opening system of my TWO RH1... Is there a video somewhere how to fix such problem ?
  10. MZ-RH1 (MZ-M200) Amazon MP3 256 quality

    Yes. If it is said in the manual that the Rh1 can read MP3, I hope that we get the choice of not to CONVERT the MP3 files.
  11. MZ-RH1 (MZ-M200) Amazon MP3 256 quality

    MP3 : just transfer them as datas (copy/past)
  12. MZ-RH1 (MZ-M200) Amazon MP3 256 quality

    I am in a process to try what the easiest way - if this possible (never tried before, but close to) - to record in PCM quality (lossless) Hi-Res music already on my PC. Hi-MD mode and PCM real time recording seem the only way as SonicStage does not offer PCM as a transfer choice. In the Net-MD mode, Atrac Advanced Lossless as another lossless alternative offer to transfer LP2 , LP4 and (fake) SP modes. In Hi-MD disc format modes, all transfers are possible (except PCM and SP fake or not fake). SP fake or not fake is reserved to standard format mode.
  13. MZ-RH1 (MZ-M200) Amazon MP3 256 quality

    Nope, just a higher Hi-MD bitrate, PCM is 1411 kbps (you can record in PCM mode on a Hi-MD formatted disc using an external source like a microphone). For most people, like Stephen (sfbp), 256 kbps is his some kind of an overall choice.
  14. Which external DAC/Amp for my NH700?

    Have fun with it anyway (I will not buy this model).