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  1. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    You didn't see a pulse but you see the light ? Maybe this a question of frequency. MD accept 24bit-48kHz max. What are the sources before the MD ?
  2. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Coax-toslink adaptators could be not reliable. Sorry that it did not work for you. Once the Net-MD arised, the MD has been forboded as the next floppy drive before Zip drive arrived with his big-in-hand 256Mb/1Gb disks. Sonny missed something there.
  3. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Do you listen your music with a good headphone ? http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-quality-headphones-cost-50/
  4. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Hi mimarsinan, I don't know about the sound quality of this "Turner - DJ Fuzuli" set but when I listen to it on my own system with my PC as source, it sound good enough to me. But electronic music can be good even as 192kbps. The easiest test you can do is to record an original CD from your CD player : source with CD quality, and MD set to SP mode or, if your disc has been formatted in Hi-MD mode, MD set to Hi-SP). If you listen only music from your PC or your Mac, the test recording has to be done with a lossless quality file as the source (using a good player like jRiver Media Center - there is a free version -or foobar2000 or any player reading lossless audio files). Even the PC player can be set with different listening parameters meaning that the CD player test is more reliable. Hi-REs audio files can be record using an analog connection or an downsample to 24bit-48kHz DAC setting.
  5. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Use this : toslink to digital, toslink, mini-jack, 3.5" etc https://www.amazon.com/KabelDirekt-TOSLINK-Optical-Digital-Audio/dp/B00GZQWLF0/ref=pd_sim_23_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00GZQWLF0&pd_rd_r=6CA6V2SWV353H9PPVJR6&pd_rd_w=OhcRl&pd_rd_wg=AXldx&psc=1&refRID=6CA6V2SWV353H9PPVJR6
  6. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    https://cdn.head-fi.org/a/2905221.jpg https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61M7agKgoxL._SL1500_.jpg The cable inside the MD is called a SPDI/F Toslink mini-jack.or a Mini Digital Optical SPDIF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcQEd7ss6lQ Note that you can use such cables also to connect the MD to a PC or a Mac with an optical out for your recordings. The settings of the sound card must be set at 24bit-48kHz maximum. A player like Foobar200 with the plugin Post-track Silence, plus Sonic Stage for the editing (needing Net-MD connection) can be used for a real time recording (real SP mode). Stereo Flac files or even Hi-Res audio files are the best for the best audio recording quality.
  7. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    And I have it...
  8. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    use the browser to search "AA" http://minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html
  9. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    No Hi-MD with radio recording capatibility, only one with radio on the remote.
  10. Choice of MD microphones

    Radio or any other technical info : the browser will answer you ! I don't use a mike (no field recording). Maybe somebody else ?
  11. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    http://minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-S1.html and I think some (or all) bookshelves & boomboxes. Check the browser.
  12. Sony Cmt J3 MD

    user's manual https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/res/manuals/3868/38680331M.pdf
  13. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Try 02 to 99 ;>)
  14. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    If you listened to Hard Core music or Ted Nugent Live this also could be another cause...
  15. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    I don't know a lot about copyright and limitations when you transfer music to the disc or upload files with the help of the RH1. There are some topics about this in the forum.