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  1. Andreas, if you find an interesting information on, please share the link with us. At least the Goggle translator will be good enough.
  2. Hallo , .. PhilippeC , ..

    Thank you for Visit to my topic !

    Windows  8.0 / 8.1 habe ich Nie benutzt ! Habe nur Erfahrung mit Win 7 64x + Win 10 64x ....

    Have A Good Time !

    Andreas & Oktave

  3. user manual : page 12 <<Marking track numbers manually (Manual Track Marking) You can mark track numbers at any time while recording on an MD. Press r REC at the place you want to add a track mark while recording >> NGY give you the way to create a mark on a track already recorded, by dividing it.
  4. WHAT MACHINE ? All MD units can create a mark (called a blank) inside a track to make two tracks IF you use a recordable MD. The software Sonic Stage can do that also if the unit is a Net-MD or a Hi-MD one. Maybe you are a musician, in that case Minidisc is a good enough recorder (up to 24bit-48kHz) to record yourself with a microphone and create a mark after each set.
  5. A new habit for our new members, posting how to set up the driver of Net-MD units on Windows 8/10.
  6. At least the previous Hi-MD generation has an AA pin power supply.
  7. Nice pictures. Tell everybody where do you live ggabriele3. Thanks
  8. Check the browser of and use key words with Ctrl-F The best choice are MDLP, type-S & Net-MD units with optical out (why not).
  9. Coaxial has a stereo signal, if you plug on a RCA, I suppose it will become mono
  10. In France there was also doubt with FNAC 1rst generation MD blank. I have got problems from time to time with some of my MD recordings with one unit but there was always another unit which could read it. Like I said, format can solve most of the time. I got only three MD blanks definitively out from different brand names.
  11. Very few of my hundreds MDs has showed problems. But it is still possible that some MD cannot be use with some units and once formatted with another unit the problem is solved. jonathanpotato has done a video on the subject... in french ! maybe you can read the topic in french about it (Google Translator) :
  12. Yes NGY this agony of MD is a subject of his own. Myself I have been a bad boy and downloaded hundreds of SACD albums and now I listen to them with foobar2000 + SACD decoder or better, Jriver Media JukeBox. Good news, since then I use rather the PCM mode rather than the SP classic (I have a lot of blanks). The trend is HI-Res nowadays !
  13. I suppose you need just come back to the statting tools if you need to reset manually your initial settings