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  1. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Cross your fingers.
  2. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Cable can be the cause of the problem. The driver must be install during a Windows session during which the Driver Signature Enforcement has been Disabled (Windows settings ----> advanced startup). Download again the right driver 64bit for your Windows version. If your cable is the problem, keep the wrong cable for charging sessions (PC or Power Bank) for which it will be good enough.
  3. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Restart the procedure from the beginning. Uninstall NetMD (W7 64bit) drivers & software, reinstall. What else you could do, reset the laptop ?
  4. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Test another MD. Test another headphone, another cable.. Any source of problem.
  5. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Could be that simple. Hi Jimma...
  6. Sony MZ-RH1

    Hi, excuse me I have been busy. About the honest price (here) , it is under 200CH . Even if you see much better prices on eBay. Have been in touch with some people in your country or around ? In France, the last active MD forum is laserdiscplaza.fr which have is own MD section. I am a member (same avatar). In Germany, minidiscforum.de Shiping price also must be correct (it is not so heavy).
  7. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Salut Philippe, And the W...1 ?
  8. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    phamcu consider the QS to be better built thant the ES and told me to keep my JB980 (I did not think of selling mine) when I asked about his 780ES for sale. Here in Vietnam, JE and JA are easier to find than JB (I did not find any).
  9. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    in 2017, in 2017... This is not that far ;>)
  10. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Sed vitae, Dura vitae https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54e652f6e4b021b682b6d4d1/t/54fa2ba7e4b060b95662d8a0/1425681320349/
  11. Sony MZ-RH1

    Hi Lord Daz, Where are you from ? Do you accept to send your unit to another country ? Do you accept a money transfer or a Paypal payment ? How much your MZ-RH1 box & accessories are completed ? Do you have the original box with the user manuals ? Do you have a pack of Hi-MD discs to sell with it ? RH1 status : is the LIP-4WM still able to get the charge ? Is the OLED screen still bright ? Is there some scratches or a has the unit been hurted ? Pictures are often the answer to these questions.. Please note that you are a newbie with no reference from now here, meaning that any seller will be suspicious if there are few informations, specialy on the unit condition. Here we cannot get any money protection during the deal, so trust between us is very important. The good section is "classifieds" and your topic will be move by Stephen (sfbp) is you are not in there.
  12. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Check also - eBay Germany : germans like the Sony ES - minidiscforum.de
  13. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    No, except hack another deck. Where are you from ?
  14. FOR SALE: PCS-MD3 and MXD-D40

    The place you are living, look like a nice place where to fish. Good luck with you sale Mick.