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  1. Again. After that japanese who took pictures of his sexy figures with his MD players (I save all pictures), another usefull web site disappear. I hope finally this not the end.
  2. Never mind. Come back when your head will have cooled down with all those technical problems.
  3. I have it. I prefer the MZ-R30 just because it is bigger and heavier.
  4. Could be more simple than a direct recording with 1:1 speed if you import the MP3 tracks into SonicStage and use the Net-MD function. And instead of VLC you also could use foobar2000 + post-track-silence plugin or Winamp + wincue plugin to create a silence gap between tracks. But the SONY MDS-JE470 is not Net-MD... It could be boring to delete some silence-tracks between real tracks if you do not have the net-MD function.
  5. I have a very powerful computer with a rather good sound car "crystal clear" on my Asus Fata1ty motherboard. I will try soon both analog out with mini-jack to mini-jack cable and optical out, using a DSP converter DSD64 to 24bit-48kHz for MD compatibility I suppose (if it work).
  6. I have now many SACD on my computer that I would like to record on MDs from foobar200 + Super Audio CD Decoder. What could you suggest : - recording analog or with a resampler plugin to get the 24bit-48kHz quality ? - using a high-end optical cable (Toslink to S/PDIF) rather than the basic one ? - buying a high-end DAC... The questions are the same with 24bit-96kHz albums.
  7. In case you upgrade Windows (8 + 8.1 + 10)
  8. If Jim is "still there", it is safer to send him a PM because I doubt that Jim still read the forum as often as before.
  9. Precisely, the others Hi-MD recorders are only allowed to upload what THEY have recorded themselves on a MD or an Hi-MD ( audio recorded from microphone or line input ). I suppose they are able to make the difference between THEIR recordings and old ones. I have never tested this so maybe there are subtilities.
  10. The RH1 and his brother the M200 ARE the only way to transfer non Hi-MD files (SP, MDLP) back to your PC.
  11. What is this middle plate ?
  12. or a JA3ES-pro...