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  1. Blank Disc Catalog

    With sescoscuba's site, those sites are like coming back religiously to the MD museum. Amen.
  2. Blank Disc Catalog
  3. MDS-JA22ES C13 Error

    Please contact jonathanpotato, he can help you I think
  4. Getting rid of my Minidisc Gear :(

    So sorry you want to sell everything and get out the minidisc format, this is a beautifull collection of units and MD dics that could have enjoy your whole life.
  5. Getting rid of my Minidisc Gear :(

    Pictures please (units)
  6. The new blank disc from Sony. Is it the last? £35 for one Hi-MD disc...
  7. FREE minidisc recorders and lots of discs

    I am also the right person and I even live right now much closer than NGY from you : Vietnam
  8. Minidisc Decks Ejecting Disk On Powerup?

    Send me your e-mail in a PM and then I will send you back their direct contact (with Jonathan's authorization first). Can you make a little note about what you need from them also.
  9. Minidisc Decks Ejecting Disk On Powerup?

    You can write directly to him in french or in english : lubano at , mobile France 06 82 01 26 40 (Pierre's contact has been given with his authorization to be available on this forum on a web page)
  10. Minidisc Decks Ejecting Disk On Powerup?

    Pïerre Nogez did.
  11. Interest Check: MZ-RH1 for sale

    Good luck with your sale.
  12. PhillipC and Pierre

    W1 of race... tou youse correct inglish. Did you contact with lubano at + 06 82 01 26 40 ?
  13. MDS JE500 Erase problems

    Cannot be sure about Pham Cu (say Cu or Pham Cu) as he is very busy during the week. If you cannot reach Jonathan with his PM here, just tell me, I will send him a note directly.
  14. iTunes to MD?

    Have you try to convert your iTunes audio files in the audio formats that are accepted by SonicStage ? The trick of just rename the files from .m4a ( MPEG-4 ) to . mp3 (MPEG-3) is not working very well. I would advise you to use dBpoweramp Music Converter, even if that mean to convert files by number of 10 only each times with the free edition. Oher sofwares : Total Video Converter, Easy CD-DA Extractor, etc. More details about SonicStage 4.x here