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  1. I suppose you need just come back to the statting tools if you need to reset manually your initial settings
  2. Once the driver is install, everything work fine after rebooting. You got a problem with your setup after that ?
  3. No need to disable the thing forever...
  4. One of my favourite topic... Maybe you will not find in the topic the exact template you are looking for My alternative more recent in french, please use Google Translator also nostalgia...
  5. Maybe if you can find a electronic shop in Melbourne or an australian web electronics supplier. Old USB type cables are difficult to find nowadays. Try to find first the exact kind of USB it is :
  6. << I am already collecting broken Sony MD main boards for their TOSLINK receivers/transmitters (and other parts) on purpose. >> NGY, those Sony MD decks Toslink (or coaxial) spare parts, are not they limited to 24bit-48kHz (at the best) or this limit is just an internal chip limit ?
  7. You are right, before buying anything on the web second hand market, one must have a good idea of models charasteristics. And for that, the equipment browser of is still the greatest source of information. Maybe you can ask here in the classifieds section for a choice of units you want to buy (always at a fair price).
  8. Why do you need this auto space facility ? In case you want to record from a computer, players like Winamp or foobar2000 have plugins to create space between tracks too (Net-MD is a great to delete them afterwards). But this is thrue, it is different, auto space create a 3 seconds blank between tracks during play. Nevermind, if you have (or buy) a (cheap) Net-MD unit, you can had as many 3 seconds blank tracks as you want. for everybody :
  9. I was wondering, I have family (vietnamese side) in San Jose. Would you accept to be contact by one of them and give for free (except parcel shiping if needed) units and MDs ?
  10. And this is a type-R unit, as a read in recent posts. Do you have your other equipment with that same champagne color ?
  11. Depending also how much discs you have, the whole lot could be sold 50-60$. Or even given to a young or old MD frea... lover like us in Frisco.
  12. LT9575 (100 sheets) Planet Label, USA "US letter" format AGIPA 121049 : A5 x 10,format 38.5mm x 65mm some pictures here of what I got :
  13. Again. After that japanese who took pictures of his sexy figures with his MD players (I save all pictures), another usefull web site disappear. I hope finally this not the end.
  14. Never mind. Come back when your head will have cooled down with all those technical problems.