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  1. Wanted: MD Blanks and Basic Portable Player

    If you are in Europe, sescoscuba must have all you want.
  2. Sony MZ-M100 plus blank discs for sale SOLD!

    I think that some members could be interested with the Hi-MD blank discs. Around 13-15$ each. You could get more on eBay but here we deserve good prices. Hope you will find a MZ-M100 lover too. Tell us also where do you live.
  3. Sony MZ-M100 plus blank discs for sale SOLD!

    Hi. If you want to sell it here, you need to post pictures.
  4. Computer Won't See MZ-N505?

    After the Stephen's checking procedure, delete your driver then restart Windows 10 using the disable driver certification procedure. We have spoken of that many times on this forum. Re install the same driver for Windows 8 / 10 during the session, resart Windows normally. 
  5. Why only 74 min in SP mode?

    That will be 74mn if you record in real time in SP mode.  MP3 transfer is more like a data transfer. And yes I think you can transfer much more than 74mn. Only for an unit which can read MP3 like RH1.
  6. a power bank for a lot of devices & MD units >= DC in 5V

    I just plug my two power banks (USB 5V out) to my MZ-R35 and it works OK even if the unit has a 6V input. Hope it is not a problem ?
  7. recording MD from PC/MAC

    This a question I have in my head since a long time :  I still don't understand what is the utility of a PCLK-MN10 nowadays. with - a Net-MD recorder - a good internal or external 24bit / 96kbps or 192kbps in the PC (real time recordings) - and Sonic Stage What does it bring more ? 
  8. recording MD from PC/MAC

    PC / Windows (any version) + foobar2000 + good audio output DSP (KS, Wasapi, Asio) for foobar2000 + good internal or external sound card. Old version sofwares can be found here : I record my MDs in real time SP mode with FLAC lossless tracks - even 24 bit / 96 kbps ones* - using the optical PC out and I create marks between tracks (if needed) using the "Post-track silence" plugin (would be Wincue if you use Winamp) to create 2 seconds silence tracks between the long time tracks. I edit my recording using a Net-MD connection so I can edit and name the MD and each tracks with Sonic Stage (very useful to delete simply all silence tracks created with post-track silence if they have been created).  (*) Resampler (Sox) can be use to get 24bit / 48kHz, recording and listening mode accepted by modern MD recorders. I add also this text I former write in this topic : Let me explain how I proceed after a real time recording done from my PC using foobar2000 as a player and my JB980 as my recorder. I can be forced to use the Post-track Silence plugin the separate correctly the tracks (sometime it work perfectly). Album : Verve Jazz Club / Mods / Various Artists - Jazz For Lovers I can get this after the recording after connecting the deck to the PC with Net-MD and Sonic Stage : 01. [                    ] 2:43 02. [                    ] 0:02 03. [                    ] 3:12 04. [                    ] 0:02 05. [                    ] 3:01 06. [                    ] 0:02 07. [                    ] 3:37 08. [                    ] 0:02 09. [                    ] 2:24 10. [                    ] 0:02 .../... 36. [                    ]  Many additional silence tracks as being added. Number of tracks could be double. Sometimes you can get this : 01. [                    ] 2:4302. [                    ] 0:0203. [                    ] 3:0004. [                    ] 0:1205. [                    ] 0:0206. [                    ] 3:01 The second track has been divided by two tracks. That could happen for several tracks, creating a big mess. How to correct that ? By getting good tags to the good tracks first. I create a list of tracks (foobar2000 : album selection, right click, utilities, text tools, advanced...) : for example with the track pattern [%tracknumber%. ]%artist% - %title% %length%, I get this : 01. Dinah Washington - Unforgettable 2:43 02. John Coltrane - Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 3:12 03. George Shearing - The Nearness Of You 3:01 04. Laura Fygi - Dream A Little Dream Of Me 3:37 05. Stan Getz - Moonlight In Vermont 2:24 06. Sarah Vaughan - That's All 3:29 07. Shirley Horn - Do It Again 2:57 08. Ella Fitzgerald - My Melancholy Baby 2:57 09. Erroll Garner - Misty 2:46 10. Louis Armstrong - We'll Be Together Again 4:04 11. Clifford Brown - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 3:13 12. Monty Alexander - For Sentimental Reasons 4:01 13. Nina Simone - What More Can I Say 2:49 14. Chet Baker - The Touch Of Your Lips 2:40 15. Ben Webster - My Funny Valentine 3:23 16. Blossom Dearie - Lover Man 2:45 17. Billie Holliday - April In Paris 3:03 18. Oscar Peterson - Dreamsville 2:58 I just copy + past at least 18 times the "artist - tiltle" part of it. I MUST COMPARE VERY CAREFULLY THE LENGTH OF TRACKS. So I get this : 01. [Dinah Washington - Unforgettable] 2:4302. [                    ] 0:0203. [ John Coltrane - Nancy (With The Laughing Face)] 3:0004. [                    ] 0:1205. [                    ] 0:0206. [George Shearing - The Nearness Of You] 3:01 Stephen (sfbp) will add X in silence tracks and for example C (for combine) : 01. [Dinah Washington - Unforgettable] 2:4302. [X ] 0:0203. [ John Coltrane - Nancy (With The Laughing Face)] 3:0004. [C] 0:1205. [X] 0:0206. [George Shearing - The Nearness Of You] 3:01   This is a rather long job if your track list is a long one. After this first tagging, I can delete X files (funny Stephen) in Sonic Stage. I get this : 01. [Dinah Washington - Unforgettable] 2:4302. [ John Coltrane - Nancy (With The Laughing Face)] 3:0003. [C] 0:1205. [George Shearing - The Nearness Of You] 3:01 I prefer then to come back to my JB980 and combine the tracks 02 + 03. I get this after TOC writing : 01. [Dinah Washington - Unforgettable] 2:4302. [John Coltrane - Nancy (With The Laughing Face)] 3:0003. [George Shearing - The Nearness Of You] 3:01        
  9. CMT-C7NT and Sonic Stage or M-Crew

    The mess is - you know it today - where to find this disable @$%*µ$ certifcation menu in Windows 10. 
  10. CMT-C7NT and Sonic Stage or M-Crew

    That would have been better if you have created a new topic for your question. I can answer it because I have been notifed for a new answer for this one topic. I suppose you  tried Sonic Stage Ultimate version with the Net MD driver with Windows 8 or 10. 1st you need more recent driver, 2d you just need to disable Driver Certification for one session (you will need to restart with this choice disable and then connect your unit using the recent driver). I canot answer your question about a PC Link, I do not have one.  
  11. Sony MDS-JB930 for sale

    Good move philippeb. Bonne chance. 
  12. Error C13 on a MDS-JE640

    Closer to Canada, in France johnatanpotato could give you some help you also. Have a look to his web site.    
  13. DVD to MD sample rate question

    MD accept 32 / 44.1 / 48khz and up to 24bit  I would fix the computer digital output to 24 bit / 48 kHz.
  14. MZ-N420D

    You must have the dirver for Net-MD 32 bits or 64 bits Then use a similar procedure for Windows 10 (disabling Windows signature control)      
  15. User Manual F/ Denon DMD-1000

    You can easily zoom inside the pages.