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  1. Dan, the custom is to give a price. Thanks.
  2. I just find out that the same bookshelf is right now on eBay UK : Panasonic-SA-PM37MD
  3. I would use another Net-MD portable unit for recording and the bookshelf unit only for listening.
  4. The WAV format does not suport metadatas. WMA lossless does and is recognized by SonicStage. As an alternative, dBpoweramp Music Converter can be use for the convertion FLAC to WMA even after the 30 days period (10 files by 10 files) as you will not need to convert dozens of dozens of Flac files just to record or transfert music to one MD disc.
  5. Before I cannot wait to eat the cheese The cheese, is it an european or an african one ?
  6. My Yamaha DSP AZ1 new remote : The Philips SRU-6061 (original cost 3x)
  7. PDF manual for Sony Remote Control, RMVL600_Remote_Codes Could be usefull to keep this topic warm for all universal remotes fiited for MD remotes replacement.
  8. I am in the same process for my Yamaha DSP AZ1 home theather amplificator. The hard thing is to find a reseller who have the original remote but in Vietnam it seem you can get such thing more easily. I just found the good reseller yesterday in Hanoi (2.000km from me). He will send me an universal remote (Philips 6061) already set "face-to-face" with Yamaha full functionnalities, no need of IR codes. For IR codes, I found this web site : . Maybe the Philips 6061 owner's manual* will be with some help (when I get it) because it has pages with IR codes (see picture). D22M : philippeb has a MDS-W1. D49M remote : fourbanks, freddyjolloa and bluecrab have a JB940. Myself, I can be with some help just for the MDS-JB980° and its remote. (*) none of the owner's manuals found on the web have these IR codes pages.
  9. I miss myself one "F" player but I have no use of it in Vietnam, only in France.
  10. Aliexpress : pretty sure that the cable will not be sent from Vietnam but from China more links : and for MZ-RH serie
  11. Even our good old SP mode is perfect for listening. For me the most important is to touch MDs and units, they gave you the same feeling than I got 30 years ago (LPs ans K7s).
  12. Run to eBay, Xmas arrive fast !
  13. Blog of our famous member, MDietrich