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  1. here is an interesting podcast on louspeakers and rooms that may interest some here. "Paul Hales, founder of Pro Audio Technology, talks about room correction—or as he prefers to call it, room compensation. Topics include some of his fundamental principles of room EQ, sound directivity from various objects such as violins and speakers, how microphones do not capture sound in the same way that human ears do, how sound interacts with small to medium-sized rooms, target response curves (including the X-curve), how conforming to the X-curve causes the sound to be louder and more harsh than it should be, his suggested modification to the X-curve, answers to chat-room questions, and more." interesting podcast - Pauls Hales take is that we live and move in rooms where we hear live music and sounds so rooms are not a hindrance to hifi ( get the earphones out? no ) but part of the experience as they would be in a live concert. He cites the example of how terrible a violin can sound close to without the support of the room where it is being played.
  2. rather interesting look back at our much loved system from HiFi World from 2016 "Today, Minidisc can still hold its own. I’m impressed at how much of a digital CD transfer’s space, rhythm and detail emerges intact - despite ATRAC’s data reduction ratio of 5:1 (or higher!). Even symphonic and chamber works fare better than one would expect, the depth and soundstaging of a good recording being largely retained. The caveat is that a decent external converter is used for playback; enormous strides in DAC technology have taken place over the past fifteen years or so. " The conclusion he comes to is that pump the data out thru a modern DAC and the system is still good see later post for pdf files
  3. added both parts in pdf format
  4. here are the parts part 1 Hi-Fi World 95 June 2016 Minidisc nostalgia.pdf part 2 ( updated ) Hi-Fi World 96 July 2016 Minidisc nostalgia.pdf
  5. well one question since Atrac is a discarding codec rather than an zip/unzip one are the resultant files actually decoded on playback unless they are encrypted?
  6. I dont know why you are taking issue with what I say as I am not saying any of the above which u are taking out of context and misreading
  7. yes was talking about normal Atrac - I know there are other more modern systems that remove redundant data that can easily be replaced on listening - similar ideas no doubt to how hard discs can be compressed. the op seemed puzzled at why atrac dont need uncompressing and presumably "superior" to eg Flac
  8. the compression only applies to reducing the size of the resulting file, where datas is THROWN AWAY - its not a zip/unzip idea. Atrac codecs used various psycho-acoustic facts like if 2 sounds are of the same frequency with one quieter than the other , you wont hear the quiet one so can be discarded without impairing the sound you hear- maybe a Martian could hear the difference but Humans cant
  9. another one at a low price in whats looks like to be good condition on UK Ebay - also this one
  10. a new low start price MZ-B10 on UK ebay worth keeping an eye on over xmas ( when people are away ? )
  11. if you can find any......
  12. it aint as simple as you think to replace the belt. is very easy to damage the mechanism. some one here already has...... there is a thread here on it if you search
  13. The sony MZ-B10 doesnt have tone controls unlike other of their models but does have 2 sound settings that emphasise voice - I think they added this to make the little speakers they have include half useable - and it works quite well even for simple vocal music ( it aint hifi more like a tranny ) - the speakers is the reason I like the portable as some times cant be bothered to get out the headphones.- that and the battery life ( the 2 panasonic AA i am using must have run atleast 10 hrs now and still the battery level says full )
  14. no never seen one of those - but seems to be an earlier version ( 2001 ) of the B10 ( 2003 ) - same sort of thing "business recorder" from the page seems to have stereo mic than the mono of the B10. also only uses 1 AA battery so wont last as long. No indication of the atrac type so presumably not R/S as the B10 has. UK Ebay has in the last few months had quite a few of the B10 at good prices - one a few days ago went for I think £51 - mine were no more than £60 each. so they can be got at a sensible price. matter of waiting and telling ebay to email when a new offer comes up
  15. have you looked at the manual troubler shooter? while waiting for some one to reply? or even contact sony? I see there is a reset command on page 50 cant post it here as goes all messy
  16. since you had a deck get another one now? the Sony JB940's can be cheap. if you dont want a deck then maybe the easiest "portable" to record on for MDLP is the sony MZ-B10 - it is Type R/S atrac has built in speakers ( tinny yes ) and is easy to record with as it was intended as a dictophone, It has one button recording ( a very large button). and doesnt use some complicated menu system - it has separate buttons for selecting record mode and disc erase. it rests on the table nicely, I use this for recording from my PC's optical out - the screen is quite large. You could regard it as a mini-deck, has optical in and built in mic. Not sure about editing. They come up on Ebay quite often( in UK) some times at good prices ( UK approx £60 ) but there are some chancers trying to get £100+ ( hehehhe). I bought 2 recently in fine condtion for £50-60, takes 2 AA batteries that last for ages, or a 3V adapter. One of the few Sony MD I really love. If you do go for one look for one that dont have the silver paint worn off the record button, as that means been used a lot for recording?
  17. cant remember which thread discussed the loader/Eject mechanism using a tiny rubber belt that will inevitably stretch over the years and the disc wont eject as a result. QUestion was you cannt depend on the replacement belts being available on Ebay for ever so a substitute would be nice. A guy on another forum suggest LOOM BANDS ( what ever they are for? ) he said they are typically not good quality but they work ( but for how long he mused ) Certainly they are very cheap and plntiful on Ebay
  18. I know as I have got some but will they be available in 5 years time? any way so much money for so little is quite offensive? pure exploitation - should be 10 for £7 or so. And I bet they charge P&P on top? Any way nice to have an alternative to Ebay
  19. A question for those with Sony? minidisc decks. I have never really bothered with playing around with filters until just a few hurs ago, listening to a recording if a life performance from radio I made a long time ago, comparing my ( superior ) Audiolab 8200cdq dac with the Sony built in one, trying to get them sound the best and the same. Seems to me that filter 1 ( on JB940 ) comes closest. So what do other people here use, if any choice at all?
  20. well I have both and just got round to intalling 10 on my Windows 8.1 pc. Seems like there is a bug in the default save mechanism as it dont save to the same bit rate as the source file eg LP4 66 kps 13 mb file is turned into a 39 mb 192 kbs file. Sound Forge AUdio Studio 9 works as it should LP4 to LP4. Not sure what advantage 10 has over 9 but version 9 is the one to get I think if at this late date you want to edit on your pc atrac files ( is the only editor that will?) I am a bit surprised at this fault in 10 - there dont seem to be any way to change this faulty behavior so it isnt a matter of a setting. You can of course use the "save as" but then you get a new file and it dont have thte OMA extension
  21. well i have both SF v 9 & 10 installed on my Windows 8.1 pc so dont know what " the way file types are installed" here means and I get the behaviour as described - the save button preserves the type of source file when an edit is saved eg Lp2 or Lp4 ( Atrac3) in v 9 but not v 10 which are changed to an atrac3plus codec at 192kbs, typically 3 times the size in bytes. I noted other issues with the saveas button that when you make custom templates I cant change the format/codec information.description field for it in 10 where it says 192kbs even if it aint, but can in 9. I conclude some bugs have crept in, in v10
  22. I assume you also cant use the "save" button (rather than saveas,) which dont have any template options and saves to the source without changeing format in any way in v9 but not 10? dont know why haveing so much trouble getting this across here.
  23. well under windows 8.1 the save button functions. I assume u mean Windows 10 in your case.
  24. You seem to talking exclusively about the saveas button, whereas I am concerned with the "save" button seems like you never use the "save" button - I would assume it selects format and bit rate automatically to be the same as the original as it overwrites the original so that the "saveas" button is only needed if you want to do format conversion eg mp3 to atrac and output to a different file, This assumption is true for v9 but not v10 where the "save" button does a format conversion and there seems to be no way to stop it other than not use the button - this seems to be a bug or alternatively v10 has been written as if minidisc doesnt exist and the format upgrade that the "save" button seems to do a good thing ( as you wont be saving it to a minidisc disc ever ) v9 will save to an oma file extension IF I USE THE "SAVE" button ( the very same file as the original). The "saveas" wont it changes to a "aa3" You still dont seem have answered my question it seems about what the "SAVE" button in the task bar does on your installation? Unlike you I do just simple edits and saves, want to strip out material not part of a file, press a button and save without further a do and the deletion is all thats happened - thats what the "save" button is supposed to do and does so under v9 but not v10 it seems The build of v10 ( build 152 ) I have seems have issues - not only the dubious "save" behaviour but also the handling of new templates in the "saveas" function where you dont seem to be able to change the format description as mentioned in my previous post
  25. what about the "save" button? thats my issue not "saveas" ( I can see now it is possible to use that to saveas Lp2/Lp4) No templates are visible for "save" it seems to be fixed at atrac3plus/192 what build is yours mine is 152 RE v10 I have noticed dont seem to be able to change the "format " description field when you set up a custom format - stays at "Audio: 192 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, ATRAC3plus" wont allow me to delete that or change that but can with v9