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  1. One thing it has some real copper screws to hold the top on. I think some small internal changes half down here https://www.avforums.com/threads/sony-uk-sound-tuned-question.197020/ some thing about the the Brooklands Sound Project . Google that dont help
  2. The JB980 is a bit of disappointment. The NetMd feature is very slow and not worth the bother, It is much lighter than the JB940. I have the JB980 UK version in silver from new and has more or less remained in its box unused. hmm have to get around to sell it I think. I used to have a JB930, It was the first deck I bought but rarely used it as it only has SP and Mono modes, no long play. I sold it to some one on these forums long time ago. The good thing about any of these decks with digital out you can hook it up to a better DAC for improved sound
  3. I have a few of these ( NH600) in blue and very nice looking they are. The thing that isnt so good is the tiny display, too small for my eyes.
  4. I use an old copy of Sony Audio Studio ( v 9 ) to convert mp3 to atrac then can move to minidisc ( I think it can also do it direct ). Does a good job. I found the later v10 problematic ( but some here disagreed). I think its a very good uitily to have. was also bundled with a sony cinema studio
  5. read the threatening blub in red lower down in this Ebay Ad for a SONY MDS JB980 MD MINIDISC PLAYER RECORDER DECK NET MD.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-MDS-JB980-MD-MINIDISC-PLAYER-RECORDER-DECK-NET-MD/184080501710?hash=item2adc0d8bce:g:Y7EAAOSwFppdkSZY only £350 for an ancient deck that costs more than new ( I bought mine for £250 I think back when )
  6. not my first love but a MZ-B10 I bought off Ebay a couple of years ago. It is really meant as a dictophone type device I think. It has in built speakers that are fine for speech playback. Not Hi-MD ( a shame ) takes 2 AA batteries has a decent display unlike most Sony portables, has a built in mic. As close to a portable deck you can get. It has an optical-in also
  7. that may or not be true. The only thing I have noticed about properly called rubber bands from stationers is that they can go brittle. They would have ceased to function long before that happens. I just wont pay £4 or so for a tiny belt for this type of function. if mine last 2 years thats fine. As others have indicated you dont really know what you are buying when you pay out £4 or so from an oem type source. One related note if you have a few decks it is probably a good idea to remove the belt if the decks are spares as the one I had to replace had just been in storage & I took it out to test it - it was ok when I put into storage but the belt had stretched even though not used.
  8. hmm I live in a very dusty London flat and I dont get dust on the disc surface as the shutter to them is closed? It is a mistake to try and clean the ( top) surface of the disk as they have a lubricant on upper surface where the record head goes? You need to store your discs in the proper sleeves? and in a box of some kind? I once bought some discs from Richer sounds and saw what I thought was dust on the top surface of the discs and took them back for a refund. I now realise it was just lubricant spots. On another point, I would assume this lubricant will eventualy dry out and so wont do its job, what then?
  9. that maybe true but these "rubber bands" for alternative purposes dont have to be of the same quality used for eg a belt drive turntable or the cassette drive, where irrregulaties would have sonic issues?
  10. people might try some of belts meant for other purposes. I think the ones I bought 2 years or so ago now were ones used to tie hair up at the back into a pony tail. very cheap & about the right size One of my JB940 decks did the wont eject trick so I tried some belts I got for this alternative purpose and seem to work. Not the same size as the originals but they are so small anyway they will stretch? Will be interesting to see how long they last. But then I have a pack with must be 100+ belts and changing them is not hard. Changing the belt for the JB940 is not hard and best to disengage the swinging top bit by unslotting it at the rear and removing the very small spring on one side? The the top bit swing s up enough to insert a new belt. Unlike a previous contributor, I was unable to change it from the front.
  11. At the moment I dont use my md gear very much. I do have a number of decks 940's and a single 980. Out of interest I looked on Ebay what they go for and was flabbergasted prices ranging from £270 to £500. Are these "sellers" chancers or are the prices realistic. Any one here want to buy my low use 980 deck? Seems like the cost is prohibative now for any one wanting to return to lost love?
  12. if it is the belt then when you get it out and look at it you wonder why Sony chose just a small thin item. I have a 940 that had been in storage just as yours, when I took it out it wouldnt eject, the tiny belt had stretched in the mean time and eject stopped working.
  13. LP2 is fine. LP4 can sound dull and ok for speech
  14. no decks other than the HiMd one?. Otherwise enjoyable video, thanks
  15. i still hear Laurel in both cases. In future I think I will apply the yanny test to any hifi reviewer, if they hear Yanny then I will ignore their views
  16. and some one is trying to cash in by selling Sonic Stage 1.5 on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FREE-SHIPPING-SONY-SONICSTAGE-Ver-1-5-AE-Sonic-Stage-CD-ROM/292424173183?_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D50546%26meid%3D5c558c520dc2416aa2f8b8664ea602b9%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D292517478029%26itm%3D292424173183&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982
  17. wooooooooooooooooooooooow I am rich lol
  18. wow I didnt know I could double my money on the one I have that is barely used with box and all the accesories. First time I ever bought some thing that has gone up in value How much do the new blanks go for ? I have 2 x 3 packs of the later ones
  19. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Doosl-Transmitter-Wireless-Radio-Adapter/dp/B01M9G48WW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523565587&sr=8-3&keywords=Doosl+Universal+Wireless+FM+Transmitter+Audio+Adapter+Car+Kit $13 v £60+ horror expensive in the uk some one is trying to make a killing. just as well the US seller wil deliver to the UK and post is cheap
  20. I wonder how many original ipods with the mini hard discs in them are still working? I have too many portables about 3 sharps ones and quite a few Sony - I hunted around Argos when they were selling them cheap: I was thinking at the time maybe they last 3 years each so thats me set up for 9 years or so. Well I am still on the first Sharp - it looks very scrappy now with the metal finish rubbed off in places and the buttons once metalised now showing the plastic underneath, but it still works as well as it did goodness knows how many years ago. Any one want to buy a nos Sharp recorder? no only kidding.
  21. how do you transfer MP3 to the MZ-RH1? when I used Sonic Stage it converted them first.
  22. well the MZ-RH1 the last had an oled display that lit up but no back light. My other cheap Sharp/Sony dont just the original Kindle type display - transreflective display. I think the remote of the MZ-RH1 does have a back light.
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