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  1. so it is only SOME of the himd discs not all? very many or just a few you didnt say.
  2. several? so some will. what proportion? normal md converted to hiMD? any particular make. maybe the RH910 is on the way out or needs adjusting. I threw out some normal md that my Sony MZ-B10 was having trouble with, laser was clicking away having trouble with them, the were old.
  3. next question does any one have one of those Okyno HiMd decks I see they can get got from Ireland EU but the ones there dont seem to have a digital out which seems to defeat the point of HiMD?
  4. out of interest does any one use hi md discs. I was looking at Ebay UK and the silly prices - £19 a disc or this advert for a new 3 pack http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Pack-Sony-Hi-MD-1GB-Media-MiniDisc-3HMD1GA-/222135987913?hash=item33b8562ec9:g:VTUAAOSw3ihXTYNq for £130. Seems like a lot of chancers?
  5. I thinlk one result of limiting the recovery saving, if you have lots of tabs open is that browsing might be a more zippy due to less disc activity
  6. Windows 7 update not working fiasco was solved by manually installing the July Rollup. I had tried a number of solns advertised on the web but none worked until this one. I had been unable to since May now fine https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/3172605
  7. only when you rip to atrac format - mp3 no problem. But yes every time you rip some thing new to atrac format file you should run the file conVersion util and DESELECT ADD COPY PROTECTION, then the drm issue wont happen again hmm well it can when you save a file to a disc and you decide to change format eg from LP2 to LP4 to convert format, the converted file I think is normally drmed, but that dont matter as I think you can also decide to delete these after use seems to me if you have a choice of pcs use one just for that. But you should try and find a disc imageing util, not sure if there are any free ones ( for XP ) - Windows 7 and above have that built in, and make a image of the os when it worksso you can always restore that in a few minutes. I had to do that quite a few times with XP for other reason. it does seem the Sony authentication service is very patchy - I just tried it again and not working lol
  8. As I have tried to get across to you I dont think the backup tool and restore is at all necessary any more and also the internet access with it. I am not sure if a clean XP install is possible any more due to the activation servers now gone, but thats what I would have tried in this situation. I used to use Acronis backup tool to make images of XP to use in this type of situation to restore a virgin system or atleast one that wouldnt have the suspect prgram on, SS inthis case Some times thats the only way to correct faultswith XP, not just with SS. I used to have this type of problem with MS Office, it would mysteriously stop worrking so had to go back to an image of XP that I knew was ok. You could try a system clean tool like ccleaner , remove SS and clean using the registry part of ccleaner then reinstall after deleting any SS folders remaining. I think you mustnt then use this to clean the registry again after installing SS as I get the impression it damaged the SS system in my case., probably the dtm. The " The selected music file cannot be played back because the system information has been changed. " probably refers to the fact you didnt in the first place use the File Conversion tool as explained to strip off drm on your music and when you re installed SS it found music files at the original place, that were drm-ed so wouldnt play them, even though you hadnt told SS where they were? Use of the File Conversion tool is mandatory thiese days to avoid this type of situation.If you start off right with no drmed music files SS behaves quite well and the only prblem I have ever has was some times saving to a disc some times seizes. re SPI dont think it is worth the bother as SS dont really use that ? and perfoms some kind of kludge. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
  9. well cant say I have ever had any problems with Sonic stage and blue screens. But I have sometimes had it "stop" . You do have the last version installed ( available here) as for copy protection it really is a non issue now if you run the FILE CONVERSION utility on any cds you put into Sonic stage as that would automatically add copy protection I think? Since you have netmd the last version of Sonic stage here removed the 5 is it limit transfers before you have to book them in again I think.I also have a Sony 980 as for netmd it aint very good being very slow compared to a cheap portable like the NH600 I have ( that is also HiMd ). I cant remember if I ever used it on Socket 7/AMD Duron pc/windows 98?, memory getting a bit vague that far back. I think itsome times help to remove the netmd entry in device manager and let the system re find it - esp if you use 2 differnt netmd devices which can cause seizures or slowups?
  10. well the Fileconversion utility is separate from Sonicstage and allows you to eg strip the copy protection drm from some of the files on your hd ( files you have made and transferred by copying cds? ). Then you can copy them to a new hd or pc even, other wise you risk finding they wont play on the new pc? The backup utility seems to be just that make a copy of your Sonic Stage music files and allow u to transfer to another pc, without tampering with the drm?; I think that was needed when Sony had a music store where you could buy music that couldnt have its drm removed using file conversion just mentioned? BUT how many now have any such sony derived music files so is the backup really needed now once the drm has been stripped away by the file conversion utility? I must say I rather like Sonicstage - it was once pilloried wasnt it? but it is a great little music player where the database it has is an automatic play list ( start at the first and it will play the whole lot ) - and you can reduce its screen foot print ( mini player ) to some thing tiny. MS media player in a way not much different but dont seem so nice to use use and wont inegrate with your minidisc Once you have stripped the drm away of your own imported files Sonic stage is like any other player like MS media player and the drm dont rear its head any more - you just have to remember to run the file conversion utility every time you import new files to remove theor drm?
  11. so next question is there really any need for this backup facility now? when can remove the drm and just copy the folders?
  12. oh well I will have another look. not as if the backup program is really needed now? just copy the original folders? The only thing that has changed is my isp over the last year Ah just tried again from 8.1 and worked.. server must have been down as you said sfbp
  13. this is where I heard it https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/580?autostart=false . I personally dont need sessin backups as I have all my tabs set at deaults in the browser any way so easy to restore on a crash
  14. I didnt stop any thing on Windows 8.1. I went overto my copy of XP that has been bullet proof in that regard - turned off the fire wall there and in the router. Thats where I got the message " cannot connect to the internet" which is rubbish. assumed it means cant connect to the Sony site
  15. I heard this today on Security Now - nothing about minidiscs but of sufficient importance to tell every one here browser.sessionstore.interval Those who use Firefox know that it has a recovery function eg if the os crashes and needs to restart manually Firefox will offer to restore your tabs. It seems like this funtion can trash ssds by writing its recovery data too frequently to the ssd. ie save the browsers state every 15 seconds. This might happen if you have lots of tabs open all the time. You all probably know that ssds only have a limited life, the cells can only be written a number of times. Those Firefox users who keep lots of tabs open can easily have it write to the ssd mb or gb a day. The default setting is 15000 milleseconds ie every 15 seconds. Users are advised to increase this. Me. I have about 20+ tabs open all the time :oops: and this desk top is on all the day :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: I had been wondering why a new ssd had gone down to 99% life left so quickly How to do this in the url bar type about:config search for browser.sessionstore.interval increase the interval to atleast 150000. ( add a 0 ) The researcher who found this out changed his to 30 minutes. ( add 00) then close the tab. probably a good idea to restart the browser Seems like it is not just Firefox that does this but also Googles Chrome ( so dont get smug Google the reserachers found a particular case was writing 24gb aday :shock: ) No soln for Google is known as of this post
  16. well a few years ago sony JB940 decks could be bought for very little on Ebay - I got 2 a black and a silver one for about £70-80 each both in very nice condiion. It was only the JB980 that was ( and is expensive)? I suppose the first rash of sale was those moving over to solid state of some kind ( eg in their phone ) the latest spate those who think time that minidisc should be buried atlast ( these were the die hards ) What we have left is the few who would still use wax cyclinders if that was possible
  17. I assumed Sony had just terminated the service as they have done with minidisc now. why would they continue? now? I did try with Windows 8.1. I ll try again with XP on the same machine to see if tis the default 8.1 firewall I have just tried with Windows XP on same pc and get "no internet connection" which is not true. I turned off router and xp firewalls and still no good. router is one I have been using for donkey years and is sound. so I think Sony have turned off the authentication service. any one else tried the backup?
  18. Well the backup function doesnt work - or rather the authentication doesnt seem to when you restore. so thats one aspect thats junk 0X307 ERROR CODE
  19. well I have the Sharp MD-MT88/99H Metal bodies ones - I bought 3 from Agos a very long time ago thinking that if htey last me 3 years each then that would be 10 years or so. I am still on the first one - looks VERY tattly, the metal has worn off the controls but still works fine. Great clear display and built in charge circuit and microphone circuit. If only it had some way to the increase the treble rather than just boost the bass I would be entirely happy. Puts the plastic Sony portables to shame - as they say , dont make them like that any more
  20. no problems at all. just that since I had already had to turn off driver sigining to install a scsi scanner driver I assumed it was always off as there is no way to turn it back on again, and when I saw the hash error first of all wondered what futher problem i had as had forgotten it was about driver signing
  21. well it seems you cant disable ot forever any way? or alteast the start up trouble shooter screen dont. Presumaley it does it until the next boot?
  22. I havent used this for ages ( havent use SS either ) SInce I installed it all on Windows 8.1 been playing about with it again. So dose the backup funnction still work and for how long as I remember it had to go on line to verify the database or some thing? Just tried it and still seems ok. Has any one an y idea what the going on line was all about?
  23. ah solved that had to Disable driver signature enforcement BUT I had already done that for a scsi scanner driver - it seems that the setting isnt permanent? so had to do that again? any way works ok in netmd for windows 8.1
  24. well that istalled ok but the 64 bit driver for netmd wont install says hash is missing from the catalog I assume this wasnt so for Windows 7 Any way aroud this issue?
  25. unhackable. well he didnt get that right? would like to edit it and put words into his mouth.
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