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SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition

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From valued forum member Avrin's topic, SonicStage 4.3 "Ultimate" Release 2:


Since the "Ultimate" 4.3 version seems to have gained quite a popularity, and appears to be less glitchy than any previous one, I decided to build a second release. This is purely a cosmetic update.


What's changed from the first release:


1. Updated Registry Information Setup is used now. This doesn't affect minidisc functionality in any way, but may add support for some newer ATRAC phones (you still need to provide the respective drivers).

2. The link to Minidisc Community Forums in the Help menu is replaced with a link to Sony Insider Forums.

3. Installation package extraction path is no longer saved to registry.

4. Windows Installer 2.0 distribution package is not included.


The complete list of changes from the official VAIO version (including changes introduced in the first release):


1. System prerequisites from Microsoft (Windows Installer 2.0, DirectX 9.0c, Windows Media Format 9, Windows Media Format 9.5, Data Access Components 2.5) are not included.

2. OpenMG Secure Module version 5.0 with the respective Registry Information is used instead of the original patched version 4.7.

3. Sony CONNECT Store support is no longer installed.

4. SonicStage Security Update is installed automatically.

5. Latest Personal Audio Drivers for SONY devices are installed automatically.

6. The VAIO support link in the Help menu is replaced with a link to Sony Insider Forums.


NOTE: If you have applied the experimental SonicStage patch 4.3.02 for Vista/Windows 7, you'll need to re-apply it after installation.

NOTE 2: If you need NetMD, you will probably have to install one of the drivers in the downloads section, as the older drivers have some different problems. In particular, if (as for many people) the system is Windows-64-bits, you will need the driver NETMD760, and you will need to undo some of the drivers installed by the SonicStage setup. If you have an MZ-RH1, you are especially warned to install that driver or its 32-bit cousin NETMD052.SYS (also under downloads) on every NetMD device.

What's New in Version 03/15/2019 03:55 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Why can I not drag and drop all my music folders to the library? This is a major flaw as it is going to take me hours to import them all via selecting the folders and selecting all of the tracks within. Folder by folder...not to; mention cataloging them all!!! am I doing something wrong?? I'm so frustrated that I am a hair away from abandoning the format for good. I love minidisc but this is such a headache all the problems I have encountered recently. I'm not stupid and pretty tech savvy so I think this is more than likely a programing error.  Where can I find the link to the first ultimate release? Please Help!!!!!

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Yes but when I used to be able to drag and drop, I could do so while retaining the file structure by importing one artists discography (all folders labeled as albums) at a time. Then make sure that the structure is sound, and get cd info if need be to move onto the next artists albums. I cant select via the import window to import folders, only individual files. The album info (mimicking the folder structure) is retained via artist to artist import on version 1 with drag and drop. With the software lacking this feature its "all or nothing." Every file on your pc being lumped into one "unknown tracks" container. And after that, you cant select more than 99 files in the unknown folder after import while trying  to get CD information at a time. Its either every single file on the pc, and lose all liner info, or one folder by one folder by selecting each track. This build also seems to discard windows structure mapping this way also so I'm afraid this version is not for me. Thanks for your help anyway.

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Hello folks. I am encouraged about the possibility of getting my MZ-N707 back on track. Since my wife changed from Vista to Windows 7, I have been without a method for going CD TO MD. Do I just download MIRACLE 4.3 onto my wife's Windows 7 Notebook? I don't understand what Windows 7 64 bit is, and if I crash her notebook I'm dead.

I am a pretty low-tech guy. Can someone point me to a post showing how to download 4.3 to her notebook with Windows 7, and will it work well with my low-time MZ-N707? The only thing that AI want to do is transfer CD>MD. So, if You would be so kind, a link to clear instructions for downloading 4.3 to Windows 7 so that I can transfer CD to MD. I have no use for a Kukebox function. I just want to listen to my CD's on MD. Thank You SO MUCH whoever is putting all of the time in to make my MZ-N707 useable again. I have been an MD guy since the early 90's, and I am a HUGE fan of MD  (and CD for that matter). I have never gotten into MP3 players at all. MD is IT for me. Thank You SO MUCH!    Wally Taylor

PS-it's been so long since I connected my MZ-N707 toms computer, is the cord just a USB to the smaller male trapezoid connector, or is there some kind of adapter on the cord? It used to be the only hardware I connected, but now I have Bluetooth stuff, GPS and all kinds of stuff that I hook up. Is it just a USB to a smaller connector, or is there some kind of adapter bundle on theh cord?  Thanks!

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First the system crashed and needed to be repaired. 

Win7 Home Premium SP1 32Bit (My very old test-computer)

I should not have opened the MD-Player while processing...

But now it seem to work!

Thank you very much. :-)

But one function is missing: Transmission of self-recorded sound to the computer is not allowed. Sad.

There for i´ve bought the MD-player. --> Back to the roots: Analoge transmission to the computer.

Nevertheless - first time connection between player and computer. Great!!!

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Thank you very much guys!

Excelent job! Now I can transfer music to my NW-HD5 in Windows 7 64 bits in the same manner than in Vista.

If appears a warning label during the music files import saying "cannot find music files that are not registered to SonicStage", don't worry: just choose in the View selector -> All Tracks. After this, all will work fine.

Thanks again!


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Happy new year! I am nervous that this is an older post, but encouraged that I see people commenting even just a couple months ago. I attempted to download on my ancient Vista OS lap top, but too many issues. So today I've installed SS4.3 on my Surface/Windows 10. Installation just fine. However, when I plug in my Sony NET MD MZ-N707 via USB, SS4.3 cannot find it; actually, my Surface doesn't even acknowledge anything is plugged in. The Walkman says "PC->->MD", so it clearly thinks there's a connection. I am so very eager to get my live recordings converted and shared, but am losing hope that they will ever be heard on anything but my headphones. Stinkin' Sony, you heartbreaker. Help me Christopher/Sony Forum, you're my only hope! (please be sure to read this text in Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia voice).

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You cannot transfer live recordings from N707 to computer using USB. For this you need the MZ-RH1 (also marketed as MZ-M200). So sorry.

To get recordings TO the N707 you will need the 64-bit Windows NetMD driver. But this will not allow you to go the other direction.

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Hi all,


Just to add to the list - I've now got my CMT-M333NT accessible through this version of SonicStage using:

  • Win 10
  • the original Sony USB cable
  • Net MD 64bit drivers found in the Downloads section


As I hadn't read things through thoroughly first, I installed SonicStage first with no luck.  I had to follow the steps spelled out in the other post (restarting with the ability to load Unsigned Drivers) to load the Drivers afterwards, but it all worked perfectly.


Now I just need to find someone with a MZ-RH1 so that I can Sync my old SP MD's back to PC so they're not lost!


Shame there's no Audio Out (other than using the headphone jack) on the CMT-M333NT (& such unusual speaker connections) - otherwise I could hook it into my Sonos Connect and blast old MD's through all the house.


Thanks to everyone involved in keeping this thread and the various pieces of software running!

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I'm sure this has been touched on already, but I just downloaded the file to my computer and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate this thing! I read the instructions, but they don't make a great deal of sense to me and I'd like to get started as soon as possible, can anyone here give me a hand?



                                                                                                                                                                                                   7th Peer

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Nabby, one of the best video about your problem (in german language, but surely you will understand what to do on your own computer) :  get ready first the local 64 bit Net driver (download here)


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