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  1. It's on every deck in the Setup menu under "Auto Off". The portables do NOT have it. But the B10 has a footswitch which comes with it. Some of the higher end portables (but see the article on minidisc.org) have the ability to mark at a predetermined spacing "TIME MARK" every 15 minutes.
  2. There's a genuine bug in most versions of any minidisc firmware relating to deletion of files with the same name. The solution is to be quite sure to name every track differently BEFORE you try to delete them. Sorry about that, but I recall this from a very long time ago.
  3. The sad thing is that I recall trying to do just that. I may well be mistaken but I think that there was some other piece missing under Windows 7. The Swiss guy seemed to nail the fact that px.dll was missing for SimpleBurner. Maybe it's that which we have to find?
  4. The PCLKUSB driver is the problem. Like I say, someone needs to figure out how to make it work with 64-bits via a stub or something. This can be done in a virtual pc window but not directly.
  5. 1. You will NOT get M-Crew working in Windows 64-bits. That problem is unsolved unless someone can do magic with Zadig that so far I haven't figured out. 2. If you are running 32-bits Windows 10 you need to do a couple of things: a. Get rid of ALL the old NetMD drivers""""(the previous one definitely had an error in it) before installing the latest .inf file along with NetMD760 b. Enable unsigned driver installation. The only way I know to do this reliably is to hold down shift while clicking on the restart icon in Windows 10. If you are running Windows 64-bits then you WILL need to do these two steps in #2. This should enable SonicStage but not M-Crew. Hope this helps! ****: instructions for this are posted elsewhere and involve inspecting and removing a bunch of files from C:\WINDOWS\INF
  6. Not going to happen, per se.We do not have Vaio software resources here, at all. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/S1F0507 You should be able to get a license for 7 Pro somewhere, do him a favour rather than hamstringing him with Home Premium. The above article suggests how to add in the specific Sony drivers after a generic Microsoft install. Good luck! (7 is no longer supported by anybody since January 14th 2020.)
  7. of course there was also Rolly Or was that simply the later name for it?
  8. MDS-B5 is pretty close http://minidisc.org/manuals/sony/service/sony_MDS-B5_service_manual.pdf MDS-B4P is almost the same as B3. Sounds like they all very similar. And they use the same MD mechanism which is what is important most likely.
  9. All sounds complicated. I do recall setting up X-Appli the last time round and then giving up when we found the 64-bit driver for NetMD.
  10. sfbp


    Version 1.0.0


    Use this with all known versions of the all-in-one USB connected MD's such as: CMT-SE9 CMT-M333NT and CMT-M373NT It also supports the CAV10 and CAV20 (PCLK-MN10 and -MN20)
  11. sfbp


    PclkUSB.zip View File Use this with all known versions of the all-in-one USB connected MD's such as: CMT-SE9 CMT-M333NT and CMT-M373NT It also supports the CAV10 and CAV20 (PCLK-MN10 and -MN20) Submitter sfbp Submitted 08/19/2020 Category Drivers  
  12. OK, dude. We're going to need detailed instructions........ Finally we all get to make the transition to the 22nd Century.
  13. It's done, I just don't have the energy left tonight. Also an outstanding request for NW-E7/E10 which has been on my Q for a while. My M333NT now speaks NetMD properly. The design by Sony is interesting - using the one cable for 3 different USB functions: 1. Audio USB (no extra driver required) 2. PCLK or 3. NetMD All at the same time, essentially. You have to pick 2 or 3, the PID changes when you do.
  14. Ha! I have some news. Checking back, it seems I messed up all those years ago when I added all those devices into NETMD052 and NETMD760. The PIDs presented by my CMT-M333NT for NetMD are quite different from the ones you get when it's doing M-Crew/PCLK. So I will be posting revised files for both our driver package downloads later..... Should now properly support SE9 and M333/373 just fine. In addition, I may well modify the PCLKUSB.inf file so that it catches all of these guys too. The erroneous entries in NETMDxxx.inf for the PCLK-compatible devices are gone.
  15. On further reflection, I think we can add the SE9 into the versions of NETMD052 and NETMD760, as it sounds like it is the same generation as the CMT-M333/373NT model. That would at least make SonicStage work - of course we know now that the music recognition function is dead but that's life. While we're on that topic, I'm going down to check my CMT-M333NT 's M-Crew still fails with Gracenote. Last time I tried I am certain I couldn't get it to work. (added:) Right "CDDB setting is not supported on this model".
  16. I'm not so sure there was such a big change. I was able to edit the inf file of the MZ-RH1 driver (NETMD052) and it's still working today. It was written before Vista, I think. (it's just possible from the timelines that Sony targetted the RH1 at Vista, but in 2005 when they would have been working on it, everyone was still on XP). What I had not realised, in my haste, was the the SE9 that I posted was not a complete install. Mea culpa. There ought to be a real install disk in English around, as I found the user's manual in English; so it does seem likely that this was not a Japan-only product. Can you send me the M-Crew Japanese install somehow? The other thing I know I have is the same version of M-Crew (at least nominally) modified for the M-Crew Server, which I have (had) running. That's probably when I found the SE9 install. Without anything to try it out on, I wrongly assumed that this was an installer.
  17. Well done, G. Where did you find that driver, or does it come because you ran SE9 install? It's possible that 32-bit Win 7 or even 10 will work properly.
  18. Ohhhhh you have a deck that DOESN'T play anything except audio CDs. That's over 80% of all the CD players in the world. The mp3 play function is either in the specs or it isn't. On top of that there are a zillion different variations on MP3 and some of them simply won't play. The biggest problem is likely to be failure to play variable bitrate MP3s.
  19. This is a simple search. There were a bunch of answers. One of the sites will have what you want. Really not in my job description, sorry.
  20. Let your fingers do the walking..... try google https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1012722/Sony-Ta-Ax350.html
  21. There's a version for the SE9. I just posted it here. I hope it works, please let us know. Kind regards PS note you are stuck with XP pretty much although there was a hint the other day from a Swiss user that px.dll might be the only thing missing when you install some of these earlier software in Windows 7. Better have a 32-bit version of the operating system though.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Posted in a great hurry in response to member request. Hope it's the right thing. sfbp
  23. M_crew.zip for CMT-SE9 View File Posted in a great hurry in response to member request. Hope it's the right thing. sfbp Submitter sfbp Submitted 08/04/2020 Category Programs  
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