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  1. I bought mine new and never (well, hardly ever) looked at the manual which I am sure is sitting upstairs on top of the device. Thanks.
  2. What about that first picture? See the 5 pins that have had resoldering done on them - is it possible there's a short there (I see some what-looks-like-guck between the 1st and 2nd and also 2nd and 3rd). I've no idea which pin does what (I leave that to the expert detectives) but my assumptions are: 1. they are something important 2. someone worked on them before. Was that you, Petter?
  3. Hmmm, I see in the picture that the NetMD light is on. This is rather odd, is it not?
  4. Just to be clear, $40 for 1 disk or $40 for 5 disks?
  5. sfbp

    Favorite discs?

    I concur about the transparent TDK-RXG disks. Something funny about them, caused them to misbehave in a way that no other MD ever seems to have done. The vast majority of TDK's disks are flawless (and wonderful, especially some of the cutesy patterns they came out with).
  6. Welcome! I am afraid the only 510 I had (my first deck) died this way. I never did fix it so am not a great person to ask. I vaguely recall all sorts of "recipe" solutions. But just remember that when it doesn't spin there are a gazillion reasons contributing. MD is a servo-based system, relying on feedback from the disk as it spins up. Gyula (NGY) probably your best bet. He's in Hungary, not that it makes a difference........
  7. A new one would be a good start. However AFAIK these parts sre simply unavailable.
  8. Great, another of life's mysteries explained (that is, the disappearing post) I would really hope to make it to Europe again next year. Cross fingers. Honest, I cannot remember the contorted chain of reasoning which led me to expect 1000 or 1001. Never seen this before. Stephen
  9. That's weird, my post about the 1000 or 1001 error disappeared. I can't even remember what I was expecting you to find, that conclusion was so many problems ago - I had a rather difficult afternoon yesterday. Well done indeed to figure out what was missing - very strange that there was no other error. Anyhow you can buy me a beer the next time I visit my favourite tourist destination.
  10. Hmmm.. look in your event logs. Are there any 1000 or 1001 errors, corresponding to the times you tried to run SonicStage?
  11. Yes, that is why I commented given your profile says Schaffhausen Have you tried any other applications that depend on the OMG libraries (eg playing OMA files with Windows Media Player)? I have a similar situation with Simple Burner running in Windows 7 (main windows disappears with no error message). I could only get SB to work in XP virtual PC. Sadly I think VMs come with their own complications. Sonic Stage works perfectly on all versions of Windows, just the NetMD support needs the right driver for 64 bits.
  12. Actually I get the impression that the E model is what is sold in Japan. Take a look on buyee/yahoo and see if you can figure by looking at the pictures. The one I looked at had english on the backplane, not Japanese.
  13. Interesting question: why are you named ZueriHB (sounds like a famous railway station in your native tongue - just guessing)? I ask because I once stayed in the delightful village of Uhwiesen and we *walked* on foot to the Rheinfall mostly on ZH land (they even had little brush-clearers being operated by workmen, clearly labelled and belonging to the Kanton). I would get rid of ALL NetMD drivers. The complicated procedure is laid out somewhere but you are knowledgeable, patient and persistent, so I will give a quick sketch. 1. Enable hidden devices (2 System Environment settings from "Advanced" under System properties of the computer, devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices, and devmgr_show_details, both set to 1) 1a. make sure ALL NetMD drivers are uninstalled, even the hidden ones. 2. Look in C:\windows\inf (hidden directory) for all oem<nn>.inf (nn usually somewhere between 50 and 100 sometimes on very complicated systems can be over 100 so then <nnn>). Delete anything where the first line or two has the text "NetMD" (maybe "Net MD" I'm too lazy to look at this moment, same as one of the drivers you've installed). Usually it is one of the last few to be added. 3. Reboot 4. When NetMD driver (if it does) comes up remember to install the driver package I put together in the downloads section here (it's unsigned so you will have to put W10 in a special mode in order to allow you to install unsigned driver - I'm sure you are capable of that!) for NETMD760 But hopefully at least SS won't crash. If that doesn't work, my personal preference (anyway) is to move the SS library to somewhere else (make a junction link, copy the files there) other than the default which is subject to all sorts of permission and ownership problems; and make the "somewhere else" (eg C:\sonicstagelib) have permissions readable by all. It may be as simple as the crash is from accessing the library in your default location (aha! did you start using a different login recently?). Good luck
  14. In any event it doesn't show them being treated differently. Just a little bit of arcanery for the record. Thanks.
  15. What (where) are GC and UC? These are apparently new designations of market destinations I have never seen before. Used to E, AEP, US etc.... Looks like your theory about some markets allowing it might just be accurate. BTW with "permit" sounds like SCMS bits (original, copy) are BOTH cleared, like on my Boehringer. Can you confirm this in some way by looking at bit patterns in waveform? (sorry I don't mean to make work just for the sake of it).
  16. Ouch! If it was working before, it sounds like Windows update did this. Very sorry and if it turns out to be so, thanks for the warning. I would a. remove any NetMD completely from the system (unplug) b. remove all NetMD drivers (the procedure is complex but it doesn't matter if your device is not plugged in) c. run the restore program (SS install just put it on your menu) and see if that does anything. I really really hope you listened to all of us here and ran the File Conversion Tool every time you send any music to the PC. But with NT1 maybe not an issue.
  17. Brilliant. I think. I need time to digest but have house duties (set table) right now. BTW I think SC is Serial Control, ie the DB9 socket. There's one setting in there that we haven't seen, which is both bits cleared, I think. So you have a three-state machine. We just acquired a new handyman who, on the recommendation of a friend fixed our tumble-drier. He being of Russian-Ukrainian parentage and growing up in Moldova highlighted for me the fact that there is the Western way (on or off), and the Russian way (on, off, or maybe). I remember learning briefly about the Russian Ternary computer, too. Base 3.
  18. OK, so now i've raised the doubt in your mind..... Raining in July? Reminds me of my teenage years and summers on the farm. There are two bits in SCMS, you can see them on the Boehringer. One is called "original", the other "copy". There are thusly FOUR states: Both set - this is after a new recording Copy set and original cleared - from a copy Original cleared and copy set - don't remember what this means... oh I know "CANNOT COPY" BOTH CLEARED - this means there's no protection on the data at all. This is how I think data comes out of my sound card. The Ultramatch Pro allows you to set or clear either bit.
  19. Surely you want "inhibit"? That's effectively the setting on my Boehringer (the only device I have apart from PC Sound Card(s) which gives me that choice). I think if there is no copy bit and no original bit then copying is free and untrammeled. Setting permit means you get a standard 1-gen copy.
  20. That is so weird. All this time I've had it in my head that the E10/11/12 series are truly "Pro" that is, do not enforce SCMS. Yet the manual proclaims the reverse. And now I remember scratching my head in puzzlement as if to say "why charge all that money if it doesn't actually do second gen copies?". Now the MDS-B5 *definitely* always allowed copying (of course no MDLP). Sounds like they changed their minds, or something, after the model(s) was(were) released.
  21. Now I am completely confused. Can someone remind me what Upper and Lower Filters are for in the context of CD or DVD drive? Maybe it's as simple as reinstallation, then?
  22. You're saying DO NOT use "DVD Drive" but install "CD-Drive"? That makes perfect sense from the ages of the various products involved.
  23. Tried Windows 10 1. Have to run install program in XP-mode (usually a bad sign). Otherwise complains "not for this operating system" during install (InstallShield). 2. It now installs, and is forced to run under Administrator mode. 3. The NETMDSB service is running, but the main window of the program never shows up I looked in the registry and everything looks normal, scratching my head as to what's going on. There are NO errors in the logs. Very strange.
  24. Not quite. It's virtual XP and MCrew runs but cannot rip (at least with a "normal" deck like the 770) from CD. In any event, Gracenote which used to run has been cut off by Nielsen, its new (and greedy?) owners, for Sonic Stage only. Sonic Stage runs fine on the host Windows 7. It also is NEEDED to run Simple Burner (though I haven't checked out why, yet) on the virtual XP. I mean virtual SS, not the one on the host machine. I will shortly check out Windows 32 on Windows 7 and Windows 10. My expectation is that SS will run, SB will not.
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