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  1. ...I'm very confused...we paid for a player that can play video, but in the we must upgrade the software with additional charges to convert the videos we want to put inside. Is that any other alternative way to this problem? Like some other converter that can do the video format conversion for you instead of Walkman Media Manager? Thanks.
  2. I want no video! It also has to have a larger storage size...
  3. I'm just curious about the type of the battery the HD series player use. Is the Li-ion type. If so, dose it mean that we should charge it more often than completely draining it power everytime?
  4. How about the Japanese edition white PSP? Does it have sharp screen?
  5. Hello, has anyone here tried the Downgrader for firmware version 2.5/2.6 to 1.5?
  6. Hmm...if it comes out as a video player, then it should be of higher capacity.
  7. 30GB, 40GB, and 60GB will do, there isn't much to improve on besides the capacity to me. Of course, a large capacity without foregoing high portability! Video function will be great, and it's the trend now. However, to some it may not be very useful, but it's fun, unless there's a battery as good as the one in the PSP.
  8. OMG! I'll check it out! But still one need a 1.5 user and GTA...
  9. lol, it doesn't really matter. As long as the songs can make u rattle!!!
  10. Wow! I have never seen this, but it looks cool. Is this a new or old product?
  11. Ya, I saw the comment below it...lol.
  12. Ya, I know that...not sure what they did. Btw, I just saw this 2.5/6 firmware downgrader, untested though. http://www.pspbrew.com/.
  13. Better to be safe than never...though. However it would really help to clarify what the PSP does to interupt or anything to the whatever system in the plane; this would make both the passenger understood and the airline understanding...
  14. Hello, I'm wondering if the PSP can be reflashed to the original firmware version or something that would allow more 'compatibility'? Has anyone tried it yet? I heard a friend that his some of his friends had done it before, and the PSP worked fine. But I did not get further details. Thanks.
  15. lol, finally. It looks promising. But what if something goes wrong, and where to send for repairs?
  16. ...OMFG! I'm a man...to me a bird would mean a male private part. However it's not what the name suggests. I's just a cheatcode of a game.
  17. Judging from a logical perspective...Sony wouldn't make such embarassment... Which company as large as Sony which make such joke on one of its flagship products? before the PS3 design is set...it must have already been tested before, during, or after the process. It must be some XBOX 360 fan who wants to turn the table around 360 degrees...hardware-wise.
  18. lol...I agree. But it's more like some room reserved for PSP 2???
  19. It would be a problem only for the under 18 little boys...otherwise it's legal.
  20. Sad. It makes the graphic so cheap-looking.
  21. I have screenshots where everything look so smooth like in the consoles, and anti-aliased PC game graphics. But in reality my PSP doesn't have anti-aliasing at all, or is it very little? How can the smoothed screenies be made when the PSP can't do that? Or, it the anti-aliasing function available in PSP? Thanks.
  22. Is that so. I do see some similar effects while games. I guess so then.
  23. The dock is like some of our body hair and wisdom teeth left over by evolution...in the dock case the MD style dock. Consider the fist HDD from Sony, HD1 had the dock. On the other side, the 'mini-dock' of HD3 maybe included due to the design of it, to save some space for the usb socket? But, anyway, any accessories would cost unreasonablly, to the consumers. You want a cable, just like mentioned just use any USB cable will do.
  24. I think there's mistake, firstly, the 512mb MS, isn't the right one is the genuine, and the left is fake, as we can see the back print of right one doesn't look like printed, but sculpted. (refer to the first sets of the pics). I maybe wrong. The circuit board reveals everything! In fact the best way is to open 'em up before purchase, but you know....
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