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  1. Hi Richard, Any chance you have some of the rarer Bit Clubs? Stuff like the Tartan, Book Club, maybe a Map or House Plan?
  2. Try this https://www.google.com/search?q=lip-4wm+charger&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjm89LvkoTvAhWf2HMBHQjtAM4Q2-cCegQIABAC&oq=lip-4wm+charger&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzoECCMQJzoECAAQGFCw_wFYj4kCYMuZAmgAcAB4AIAB1wKIAaAHkgEFMi0xLjKYAQCgAQHAAQE&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=piA3YOaIH5-xz7sPiNqD8Aw&bih=800&biw=1280&client=tablet-android-samsung-nf-rev1
  3. It should be fine. But I can't say for sure. It is very strange that your unit doesn't come with a remote in the box. The 38el remote might be good enough as well, and a lot cheaper and easier to find.
  4. I have one (or maybe three) of those. I wonder if I'll ever use them.
  5. His choice of auction lot was poor. Lots of basic units, but from non-Sony/Sharp manufacturers. No remotes or AA battery packs included, so very hard to properly check if units might work. You need those things BEFORE you get that sort of bulk lot. Not a lot of recorders, so less value overall. Yes, that's true. But they are two different ways. One is like buying a pack of lollies you can see inside. The other is a pack of different lollies you won't know until you open the packet. Also, a complete unit set still might not work. A bulk lot can have working units. Different sellers, different approach to testing. To each their own. Different sounds, looks, weight, remotes, etc
  6. I used to buy bulk lots of units, remotes and discs through the Japanese auctions. He is only beginning
  7. Looks nice! It's actually a friend of mine who is looking for a boombox - MD, of course I will pass on the info so far to him. I'll need more though - price + shipping, MD working, etc Cheers!
  8. G'day from Down Under is this still available? Would you consider shipping it to Australia - without the speakers maybe?? What sort of price are you looking for? Cheers!
  9. I might also be interested in the Victor Popbeat 5-pack.
  10. Did you need the machine to be powered on when you got the disc out?
  11. That's basically how my addiction started ... gotta have a spare portable unit if mine breaks down. Gotta have a backup unit that will be spare if the spare is needed. And on and on ... I regret nothing!
  12. A little late maybe ... Do you still have the boombox? Any idea what shipping it to Australia might cost? Cheers
  13. Neither of those two machines will be able to play MDLP content. You can at least confirm that the discs are LP2/4 by checking the display on the portable player they work in - which model is it? You should be able to see a little LP2 or LP4 icon somewhere on the unit or remote. Or press the display button to cycle through the main display until it gets to the recording type.
  14. The B series are a funny one, price-wise. Ignoring the ridiculous prices, they seem to generally go for around the $100 mark - on eBay. Yet in Japan yahoo auctions, you're looking at double that - consistently. And they're far more available in Japan. And as expensive as RH1's have become recently, the same kind of thing is the case again in Japan. I'm glad I've got enough - of each
  15. Welcome back!? If it's not to your liking, will you be offering it on this forum? Or only linking to an external site?
  16. Josie and the Pussycats (2001) about 5:30 into the movie. One of the 'boy band' members hands a Sony mz-r37 to his manager to listen to. The manager and the pilot then jump out of the plane - leaving it, the band and the MD unit to crash and burn. Was this the true beginning of the end for minidisc???
  17. I probably didn't word it very well, sorry Do you use rechargeable AA batteries (what power rating), or normal? How long before needing to recharge or replace (if normal)?
  18. Must. Get. This!!! How many hours of use do the batteries last for?
  19. 'To each their own' sums up many things in life.
  20. What do you mean, PhilippeC?
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