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  1. Is this a Kenwood ... or two? (Heeheeheehee)
  2. Thanks for the link Richard - didn't realise the dock only came in brown. @ punk - I've just picked up a third one. PM me with your thoughts/budget/other unit wishlist etc :-)
  3. I do have two of the stands - both brown. But I have waaay more than two units, so it would be really hard to get one off me, sorry.
  4. Yes ... (smiles and nods head)
  5. The question is better rephrased: what would it take to get...? The answer: an Act of God!
  6. Orange is definitely one of my faves. Bronze EH930 is very much to my liking, as well!
  7. Apologies for the bad photography :-P Most, if not all, of these are on the trade/sale block. I have a few more as well - will eventually track em down for any interested. In general, my likes are (mostly) rock, classical and movie scores. Specifically - iron maiden, Joe satriani, Steve vai, midnight oil, Toto, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, deep purple, journey, Boston, to name a few. I am located in Australia. Danny
  8. Do you mean prerecorded discs? I have about 60 or so that could be. Will provide a list (or photos) soon, if interested.
  9. Your location? My guess is 'not Australia' - postage overseas starts at 15 bucks:'( - so I'll probably have to keep mine for myself ;-) Unless you really, really need to grab one from me. I'm a notoriously slow (and occasionally noncommunicative) bugger though - so I'll apologise in advance! :-) Danny
  10. Yeah, sorry - combination of holiday period and bad health. Haven't been able to find the time to go through all my stuff and figure out things for you. I absolutely have what you need, I just need probably a week or so to pin things down. Really sorry to take so long. Danny
  11. I have some spare - but I'm in Australia. Postage overseas starts at 15 bucks. Let me know if you're interested. :-) Danny
  12. I want the Daiso circle disc(s)!! ;-) :-D
  13. slugbahr

    My new MD

    Try the seller 'kenable_ltd' on ebay. Based in the UK and very cheap prices and postage (to Australia, anyway, hehe).
  14. Japan, of course! Try your preferred service that allows you access to 'rakuten'.
  15. I wonder if the winner is a member of this forum Perhaps they will post a pic or two once they have received the discs - and maybe some of their others too.
  16. Ignore my previous post - COMPLETELY wrong, sorry. The 'hi-md' additions are the two icons between the folder (group) and pen (bookmark). The first is to denote artist play, the second is album play. Two (additional) playing methods only available for discs recorded in hi-md modes, and given these extra bits of information. Sorry for the confusion. The remote will scroll the recorded mode if you press the display button a few times, or select the option via the unit menu.
  17. When playing a disc/track in a hi-md format (in a hi-md unit, of course), the remote will show 'hi-sp', or 'hi-lp' (maybe 'pcm' as well), where it currently shows sp, lp2 or lp4.
  18. Sony HCD-F3MD. I THINK it is non-MDLP. Hope this helps Danny
  19. TDK Ho, I reckon. Nice pickup!! You should - better they go to a good home
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