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  1. Does anyone have a dedicated stand alone DAC attached to an MD Deck? I have one I use with a iMac, and have been thinking of also using it with a MD Deck.
  2. That's a lot of MD's. The TDK Colour series I have came in a different packaging. It was still 10 MD's, but in a paper box, , and each pack was a different colour, as opposed to mixed colours within. I may order a pack of these and see what they look like.
  3. Looks like a great buy, and collectors item...
  4. "anyone who doesn't like doing this is lazy..." Bit of a statement there...
  5. Chaps, Who's up for a trade? Im interested in stuff you can't buy in a store or download. Things like a live recording you made, or a real 'mix tape' from years ago, something genuine and real, typically on a classic MD in SP. Pretty cool to have someone post you a MD. Pretty good to do the same.
  6. I agree CashConverters are worth a look, this week I picked up a MZ-R55, for $40. Plays well and another one for the collection. I also agree a lot of the audio/visual stuff can be beat up in cash converters. The one near me has bikes, endless kitchenware, CDs and Dvd's, cell phones and the like. The audio stuff is mainly low end and knocked about, but now and again you spot a good buy. 15 quid for that deck is a total steal. Well done.
  7. Sounds good. I've been working my way up through the deck models also. I started out with a MDS-S38 and the best model I have so far is the MDS-JE640 (modified in a studio). I'll keep going til I have top of the range MD decks, I'll keep them all as backups though.
  8. Yes, it's harder to find the range today. You mainly see the 80 min Prism Gold here, I think this is the final Sony MD case style? Other than that eBay sellers have various styles still. I started a "blank" collection a few years ago, have not added many to it in recent years. The main discs I have are the Sony Colour series and a huge number of the TDK colour range.
  9. Could be that it's not much different then. Good to have one though.
  10. Very good. I like having my MD's all neatly stored and labelled too. I think they look exceptionally interesting as a collection sitting with my hi fi, much better than my CD or LP collection. I have quite a few HiMD discs but normally I prefer just the original MD's, I like I album = 1 MD. It's great if you purchase someones old Player with discs, great to go through them and see what's there also. Don't you also just love the range of colors and brands of MD discs that were produced over the years too.
  11. Could the only difference be the badge and copper screws? Is it possible to compare the user guides or the device service guides for different specs?
  12. Hi PhillipeC, I agree that VHS is still in use, though well on the way out you would have to say. I had 2 Beta recorders and was a fan on that format til it became hard to get commercial releases of movies in the format. I have a VHS/DVD recorder here, and have been transferring video recordings to DVD, started a few years ago, tend to get sidetracked. I think I'll always have a range of formats/media here though. It sounds interesting to hear about what is going on with technology change in Vietnam. I think VCD was a big format in Asia? Is there a lot of that about also? CV
  13. That sounds like a good approach Soundbox.
  14. I wonder if there was a petition to "save" VHS video?
  15. I have that model MD unit. I have not had that error message, this would be with a HiMD disc I assume? I suspect the disc has become corrupted.
  16. I'd say he is copying from LP to MD without the use of a computer, for portable use. I've done a couple of vinyl to ALAC at home, main thing is the time involved in splitting, de clicking and tagging the resulting files for use, puts me off the whole thing. This thread was "should I ditch MD, my answer is no. I'd use this time to buy up second hand equipment, and stay loyal to the format, it's going to be around for years, even if it is only as a cult following.
  17. Sad to see you are moving away from the coolest format ever.
  18. Yes, we might as well sign it, as you should stick up for the things you like. Super Audio MD, or SAHiMD, good idea MDMad. ;-) I'm all for posting MD topics in various AV forums. Drop me a line.
  19. I have a PS2, often not using it for months, it still runs well when I need it.
  20. I use a Sony CE595, this plays CD and SACD. It has digital out for the CD layer, and takes 5 discs. I prefer to keep sound and vision separate, and in different rooms. It won't play DVD-A though. I play these via an iMac, that is plugged into my music system. Good if you are into surround sound, like I am. There are loads of great CD players out there though.
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