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  1. I'm up for a trade with the PsychoPimpKiller. The thing is the mystery of what you will be sent, the fun of getting a physical disc in the mail, a neat little MD package. Downloading is a different experience, typically impersonal. CV
  2. I signed it, but I don't think it's going to changethe Sony decision to ditch MD. I'd be interested though in getting a bunch of folk together to target existing AV forums that don't give MD a mention...
  3. No good my friend. I think the lowest quality I have seen/used, though they have not failed me would be the "Lazer" brand. Anyone else used these?
  4. Very cool ideas. How about sharing the final product via hi res picture files? CV
  5. Don't you just love computers?
  6. Hi, I have hundreds of MD's, but not a single pre recorded one. I have never seen a need.
  7. Well, those are nice adverts. I'll take both, how much?
  8. I also voted yes, but realistically, I can't see Somy doing it, not now, not in 2011. If this was a few years ago I might have thought there was a chance. The format will at best stay on as a niche specialist one.
  9. An excellent budget 'music server' to use would be a second hand iMac from 2006 (plus) or so, you can get these pretty cheap now, they look good and you can control the music softwear via a remote control. Use digital out and link it to a AV Reciever that includes a reasonable DAC. Music can be stored onboard or externally via a (USB) external hard drive, to keep it simple. These are very quiet units to run and can easily handle very large collections.
  10. I have not found this issue with my MD equipment. Have you tried the process on another PC? Do the MD's play OK, that is no skipping? Are the toslink cables fully secure? I'd say to get past this crossroad you are going to have to eventually spend a little bit of money. Get the deck serviced and see if they can fix it (if it has sentimental value, you might like it working 100% correctly), or get another second hand deck (buy or borrow), or get a RH1 (new/second hand). I don't know of any disgnosis tool for an MD deck.
  11. Regarding a Music Server- I don't have any particular recommendations. As to me it's all about what your exact needs are, and then finding out what device(es) are able to do what you want, and what you can get within your budget I found just listing all the things I expect my sound system to be able to perform helped me to then find a suitable overall solution, and this included for me the continued use of MD, rather than just replacing it with a server
  12. I last checked a couple months ago, and the Sony Centres here in Australia were still stocking Hi MD.
  13. I use both. Each has strengths and weaknesses, plus I simply enjoy using MD's.
  14. I was told a couple of weeks ago at a 'Sony Centre' that Sony has this year ceased manufacture of the 80 minute MD's, but the Hi-MD's are still being made, and are available. Quite a lot of 80 minute blanks appear to be available via e-bay or still in stock at in various 'Sony Centres', is my observation.
  15. For Hi MD I go for lossless or sometimes LP2 For MD Decks, I record radio programes in LP2, and occasionally SP (Most of the shows I am interested in are typically 2 hours in duration). (For MP3 or other formats I tend to seek the highest bit rate, 320kbs, but increasingly I'm becoming interested in lossless compression formats (such as Flac) and finding better ways to use these now and in the future).
  16. I have a few portables and a few decks, with a still growing large pile of discs, I find that altough I have other newer equipment, mp3 players etc, I just really like the MD and continue to like it. The sound is good, it's good at recording and the little discs have a certain attraction of their own that I don't see in flash drives, CD's etc. I don't see myself as belonging to a cult, though when I meet someone who I discover also has a MD deck/portable, you often pick up a certain vibe and it's all good.
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