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  1. I love music. I couldn't exist without music.
  2. I'm hoping for a sturdier optical block. The death of all my MD units was that damn lens screwing up. I doubt that there are many audiophile parts being used, it's not their primary concern. I do hope they're building things better than a circuit board screwed into a metal bit. I read that you can now search by artist, album, etc. That's on the Sony Europe PDF. I'd consider buying one now, provided it's in the NZ$350 range. I mean, I have 50 discs already. The next addition should be smart playlists. Why buy a 1GB flash player when you can get 10 of them for around the same price? What I want is a database. Say, you download your music collection onto ~10 1GB discs. First one has a database of all 1283 tracks. You wanna listen to YUKI. It says "Please insert <previously titled disc number>". Of course you can just have a playlist disc. But that would sorta solve the problem of not knowing what's on the disc, if you can have a disc telling you where it is. Hairbrained scheme no doubt.
  3. I gave up on outdoor listening. I listen indoors with my META42 and MDR-SA1000s out of my PC. My CD player is dead. Somebody give me a new one I miss spinning my discs.
  4. This is definately what I would call a Photo unit. Walkman Photo. It's just so cool.
  5. me

    Funny Picture.

    An iraqi stands captivated by the capture of an American soldier's Metallica MD.
  6. Maybe it's a damaged player? Try another. Surely you could convince them if it's skipping on two discs then it's the fault of the player not hte media?
  7. me


    Get up at 7 and attend physics and maths lectures that start at 9, finish at 11. Wait for a while and attend Japanese lectures because I'm stupid enough, and I want to become a pretentious idiot that knows anything and everything about japan despite not living there or being part of a japanese family. Damn. I suck. Oh yeah, various tutorials, 3 hour labs (ok one a week) and a plenary lecture. I don't even know what plenary means. I don't have a job. Buy my friggen Kenwood. I get home depending on the day from about 2 to 8 I study I argue wtih my girlfriend I listen to music I become depressed and angsty Or maybe today just sucks? OH yeah, weekends suck too. I'm too poor to get pissed enough to pass out, I don't like alcohol anyway.
  8. Apparently NW-HD3 works with VAIO Music Transfer software. Makes it more tempting to buy somethin' like that. I like it how you can now record yourself playing "good-bye" really badly and upload it onto the computer for editing. I wish there was a way to two track on these machines. I see the 1GB discs as fixed size playlists. The major flaw is the software. If it was possible to have itunes smart playlists in sonic stage then the MD would work just lovely. It's like owning maybe 20 ipod randoms for like $600. 20 iPod randoms would cost me $3000. $2400 to wear it around my neck? And the iPod random is cheap, too. I might as well note I'm only using the iPod brand as an example because it's the most well known mp3 player. That's why everyone else uses it as an example too, I imagine.
  9. If I was going for these, RH10. Lol. I'm waiting for two things: First is another generation of ipods. just to see what's happening over that side. Second is another generation of Sony NW-HD. I'm not too keen on discs. Still, this is the best generation of MD yet. I think and am hoping that the interface is copied from their HD players. Making the MD act like any mp3 player is a good idea.
  10. me


    Where would MD get without any criticism? I still feel that the convenience of the write speeds and capacity put the HDD ahead of the MD. However HiMD is gradually turning the MD into a flash player with cheap media. Since you can put so much music on a HiMD, and now it seems the interface of the HD3 has been copied (search button on RH10, plus the screen icons imply), it's really become a good player. I just hope sonicstage 3.0 is a good improvement in regards to music sorting. The transferring is alright now, I think. The major issues now are just write speed and capacity (although I just said you can put a lot of music in a gigabyte, if you could use 2-4GB discs then it's major competition for flash based and micro hard drive based walkmen such as ipod minis and zen micros. Now get the hell off this board, ipod zealot. (we still love you)
  11. me

    Mini-disc Or Ipod?

    Yeah, I know that but it's got the recording qualities of ATRAC 4.5, which would have been the highest ATRAC version I ever used. I still think it's nuts to rule out all HDD players. Of course the HD3 etc sound exactly the same as MD.
  12. me

    Mini-disc Or Ipod?

    Pick your colour. I find that an ipod sounds as good as an MD deck. Although my MD deck probably wasn't the best soundwise (kinda old, MDS-PC1). At the time I owned DT880 by Beyerdynamic. Now i've got MDR-SA1000.
  13. Absolutley nothing. If you've got a voltage potential in your pocket, then maybe something. Ipod minis are not heavy. 100g at most. HiMD is heavier than that, but at 100 grams, who cares? I thought I did, but I got an E10 and I didn't care at all, so I sold it for an iPod. Then I sold the ipod and bought a guitar but that's another story. I've had MD discs go bad on me, MD units go bad on me, my flash memory sometimes corrups itself, the drive uninstalls itself, and I've made a bunch of coasters with my CD drive. Some of my CD ROM drives die as well and the burner is on it's way out. Even my hard drive failed once. Leads to a very "who gives a shit" attitude. I don't see durability as a concern. These new HiMD machines, if they could write maybe 2-4MB a second would really make a dent on the flash based thing market. The media per gigabyte is incredibly cheap.
  14. Because believe it or not most people don't care about it. :| I thought that my Kenwood sounded very nice for a "Crappy 5mW headphone output" Unless you have $$$$ earbuds with isolating capacity, there's little point worrying about it. Just my view. sorry, don't beat me!
  15. me

    Ipod Bashing

    Cause and effect. ipod promoting promotes ipod demoting. There are some ifs that need to be sorted, then HiMD is flying. If iTunes supported HiMD we wouldn't have this argument, although I still don't trust their reliability. I'm looking at the NW-HD3. It's not quite there yet. Oh yeah, Ipod Sucks. (just teasing you)
  16. Sounds much quick. 2000GB a month. How much do you use of that? :\
  17. me

    Mini-disc Or Ipod?

    Ripping a CD with iTune couldn't be simpler. You only need to click a single button. Plug in the iPod and it even copies the music automatically if you want it to. That's like plugging in the lead from your optical out to your MD's optical in and not doing anything else. If you're a perfectionist, you can use something like www.exactaudiocopy.de and have it rip a CD. This requires maybe 3 clicks. Once on FreeDB to get the CD information. Twice to rip it to compressed audio, and thrice to tell EAC where to save the file. Also Aeriyn the strength of the high capacity HDD player is both quality and quantity. You can have a choice of 5000 high quality songs. Since you can either have "all my songs" or "a select portion that i'm likely to listen to", having them all there is the easiest. The second option requires organisation skills that sonicstage didn't have. Itunes is better. This makes me wonder if second generation HiMD might do something like iTunes. Insert HiMD disc A, sonic stage recognises as "playlist A" and auto syncs from "playlist A" songs which could be the top 250 most listened to songs. Insert another disc for the songs you imported in the last 3 days. A third disc for essentials, which have more than X number of plays on them. If HiMD could do that.. Oh, and you need to know that this elusive sound quality business has more than one aim. The Kenwood MD i'm trying to sell makes me smile when I listen. Fun sound. My ipod required isolating earbuds to hear properly. What's the point of that? I got a nicer sound from b00sted bass than from something audiophile. Audiophile is for home.
  18. I'd pick the NHF800 if the main purpose is recording. An iPod is a music playback device with a mic adapter as an afterthought. HiMD is designed with recording in mind. Although, maybe an iRiver H340 or H320 might do the job as well. It's worse than an iPod in regards to being user friendly but it's better as a recording device although not perfect. There is no best hard drive player. An iPod certainly isn't perfect. But whatever, I'll buy one so Aeriyn don't call me an anti trend whore for buying something else so my slashdot friends don't call me a trendwhore.
  19. what if the company would go out of business if it didn't outsource jobs?
  20. That's because they have the loudest voice. I questioned my friend on that and apparently it's only the government. These chinese are mainlanders. It was actually pretty scary because all of them felt the same way. Hate taiwan, hate america. I felt quite disturbed.
  21. no wonder my chinese friends gave me an hour long rant about how much america sucks. In other news, NZ is pushing for a free trade agreement with China. NZ has the lowest unemployment rate in the world. 3.6%.
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