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  1. Yeah, you can even record off a mates CD, record your homework, lectures, record away from your computer, play for weeks at a time without a charge, not have to deal with computers AT ALL... wait a sec, maybe not. Silly me
  2. Hmmm... Assuming the disc itself is good, the laser block may have become jammed on something (it tracks along a screw like device, hair, dirt etc may cause jamming). So probably take it to a repair centre.
  3. me

    Problems with my MZ-r500

    Can you verify this repair FAQ? http://www.repairfaq.org/REPAIR/F_cdfaq.html
  4. Sharp MD-DR7 - Bought for sound and build quality. It honestly sounds really nice, although I can't nail what makes it sound nice. I reviewed it on the t-station, look for the review database in comparisons and reviews, if you want.
  5. me

    Problems with my MZ-r500

    obtain some isopropyl alcohol - 91% or higher in concentration. Take a q-tip (that's a cotton bud, right?), dip it in the alcohol, apply it to the lens (clear thing in the middle of the MD, to the right of the motor spindle). Only put a very small drop on (like... moisten the q-tip, don't get a giant visible drop on it). If that doesn't help, send it to sony for repair.
  6. me


    1.2 is no way good enough. Get either the N707 or a higher up sony with 5mW per channel..
  7. Yes, the R50 is one of the best, others to look out for are the Sharp MT831, Sony R37.
  8. before NetMD, sony would boast about 'Can be re-recorded over 1,000,000 times without loss of quality' now it's just 'can record at up to 32x' bs. Gimme real MD ads!!
  9. I think the included buds are better than the MDR-EX70 :twisted:
  10. me

    MD on Airplanes

    They say no electronics on takeoff or landing, it's a good idea to turn them off, even if it doesn't do anything
  11. radio shack = US electronics shop. So go to an electronics shop, they should sell 'em.
  12. me

    MD on Airplanes

    I had no problems with my blanks, only the security ladies laughed at me cuz I kept pulling all these gadges out of my pockets (4 pockets..) meanies
  13. I'm pretty certain any remote can title in Japanese. Not every unit though.
  14. That ringing noise is the most annoying thing in the world. I think I got it from ear infections when I was little. My sharp has never been above half volume while on headphones, usually about 10-14 of 30. I always found AVLS pointless as where do you measure it from? a recording at 0dB or one at something like -8? Anyway, I found 24/30 [AVLS mark] on a sony [E900] about 10 too high.
  15. me

    Headphones for 707

    Have you considered etymotic earbuds? ER4P @ US$269, ER6 @ US$129. The 4P blocks about 25dB or more, the ER6 15-20dB IIRC. As far as sound goes, they are apparently fantastic. Superbaldguy on the T-station has a pair, uses them with an R910, E707, or R909. Many head-fier's (www.head-fi.org) have them, too.
  16. No. US can't have shown much interest in players.. The E909, 900, 90.. all released in the states, but no E10? Odd. Well, as a consolation prize there's about six new US models.
  17. You like NetMD? If you don't need that, the DR7 can give you lovely clean sound all the way up, except for the bass boost which is faded in the high 20's (of 30) to stop it distorting. So far the highest i've taken my lovely is 15.
  18. I know you were using net md :roll: i'm saying in a sort of indirect way, that it not-updating the TOC after each transfer will NOT damage the unit in any way due to the fact that real MD has been doing it since 1992
  19. Oh - it won't damage your unit, every recorder on the planet doing a non-netMD transfer updates exactly once. At the end of the transfer.
  20. You mean it won't trackmark? If it's analogue - too much hiss is the problem generally if you are leaving 2 second gaps in between the song, solution? a quieter source is required. Digital? From a computer, often the track marks aren't written. Try a new driver. Although I think computers optical out only transfers audio data, not SCMS or trackmarks, etc. I can't help you if you're recording digital sync from a CD player. Never had any problems with it.
  21. me

    md dr7

    Odd. Used simpleburner? Won't work with OpenMG I imagine..
  22. me

    PLS HELP ME N00B !!!!!!

    1. read manual 2. if you haven't got one - http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_...0+91_manual.pdf 3. still confused? plug 3.5mm cable into computers lineout, recorders line in. Press record on MD and play on computer.
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