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  1. yep! i have the same trouble! I think that with these filters i would be able to do an application for converting OMA to WAV. If only i'd have time... Tomorrow i'll try to check if this can be done in .NET
  2. xispe

    HD Digital Amp

    I think that amp only works for the headphone output. When you upload the audio goes digital throgh the USB cable, so, no amp in here. Since i have a NH700, my uploads will sound just like yours with an NH900, regardless of it's HD amp. BTW, the analogue amp in NH700 sounds very good
  3. damn it! this thing about trackmarks is pissing me off. :wacky: I've downloaded a mix from the internet of about 1 hour, i converted it to lp2 and transfered to my nh700 in a hi-md disc. Now i can't add my trackmarks with the player... it says : TRKFROMPC NO EDIT these guys are nuts! Now i have to use that sonic stage program to split the file... and better... i tried to split the lp2 file and sonic stage gave me the message "can't divide, this track has been transfered" BUT WHAT'S THE PROBLEM ON DIVIDING AN ALREADY TRANSFERED TRACK!?!?!? so many restrictions... Then i deleted the file in the hi-md... and started dividing the track... the dividing process is way too stupid to be useful... the interface is complicated... i divided tracks very nicely with my mz-r70 with no trouble, now i have all these limitations... after dividing the first three segments, i got so angry that i combined them all again, and to the hell with this, i'm not going even to transfer this track to the md
  4. Hey! I'm now doing a nice conversion from hi-sp to sp! My car unit only supports SP, and at work i ripped a cd to my MZ-NH700 recorder in HI-SP... I was thinking on arriving home connect the hi-md to my computer, download back the Hi-SP tracks to the computer and upload them in "fake SP" to the recorder, but i received that very cool message... "Could not transfer, these files originated from other computer" ... The solution: Using sonicstage to play the files in the Hi-MD player the sound goes digiatally to the computer. Since i have a soundblaster live with an optical output, what i did was connecting my old MZ-R70 to the computer using this optical connection. Conclusion -> i have a digital connection from the MZ-NH700 player to the MZ-R70 :grin: :grin: :cool: Pressing rec in the MZ-R70 and play on sonic stage, the digital transfer begins. The only problem are track marks... for the first track the recorder put a mark, but for the second it didn't... I'll just add them later :sleep: . :rasp: By the way... i had on that Hi-MD other tracks encoded in LP2, that originated from MP3s and i had no troubles bringing them back from the disc to the library. This might be because these tracks originated from MP3s... The tracks that i'm transfering now using this alternative method, originated from wav files of a ripped cd... these guys protect everything
  5. i have the MZ-NH700 europe version, and the volume is nice to me. My MZ-R70 gives more volume, but i preferr the quality of the MZ-NH700 sound
  6. i found that LP2 is a very nice format for MP3's.. i didn't noticed much difference of it over the new Hi-SP mode. (okay.. this for mp3s, with a cd sure it's different!) All the mp3s tested were at 192 kbps. After my first contact with sonic stage... i have to say: YES, IT'S ANNOYING! :wacky: :laugh: but i'll only use it for transfering things to the MD. Thanks! :cool:
  7. upside down ... ok i'll try it
  8. Thanks! i am downloading SS 2.1.. i'm gonna try to encode some files in the various modes to check the sound quality.
  9. Hey! :cool: Ok i am Portuguese, and i was walking in the mall and saw a sony store with this very nice mz-nh700 for around 270 euro. :love: Since December 2000 have a mz-r70 that is working nice (sometimes not as nicely, as i'll explain) and since 2001 i have a car head unit (mdx-c6500r). Both of them work in just plain SP mode. The transfers that i done to the recorder are done digitally in realtime (using a sound blaster live with an home brew optical output :laugh: ). I've also created an interface similiar to the micronics one for titling and controlling my mz-r70. Almost all my minidiscs are filled with "mp3s" and some other with cds that i own, and some that i don't The headunit in my car is nice, it has a wide bit stream processing and gives a very nice sound (somethimes i think better than the mz-r70 in playback). I am very happy with it! :laugh: The only problem with my MZ-R70 is that sometimes when it is powered up to the adaptor, it records badly (the sound skips on playback and sometimes it even gives DISC ERR)... but when that happens i just pass to battery mode, and everything works fine! Now to the Hi-MD dilema, and questions: 1. These new units feature atrac type-S, which includes atrac type-R. Would i notice the difference in playback in the portable of SP recordings and even in my car head-unit ? How different it is ? The sound is more dynamic and wide or what ? 2. Do these new Hi-MDs support the transfer of SP encoded audio ? I am kind of getting tired of recording in realtime... I knew that NetMDs did not support transfer of SP data.. it was that fake SP, which was LP2 sampled to SP . 3. If in Hi-MD is this is possible, can someone tell me if this LP2 sounds good I would use this higher speed transfers of MP3s at 192 kbps.. will i get better or worst sound than i did when i encoded these mp3s digitally in SP with my MZ-R70. I don't want to loose quality! otherwise i'll just stick with my MZ-R70! 4. Do check-in and check-out sh*t still exists for MD mode in Hi-MDs !? The idea of checking out tracks from the md for deleting them bugs me off! If i don't want a track any more, i prefer going into the menu and erase it, instead of connecting the MD the computer just for doing that. 5. Is it possible to title tracks in any MD using the software, or would it be necessary to continue using my funky interface :laugh: (the problem is that the interface also have some glitches sometimes eheheh). 6. Is sonicstage anoying ? :wacky: i didn't had any contact with that software yet! 7. I want more Hi-MD hardware! I want a car head unit! It would be very nice to carry 8 hours of music in a 1 gb MD that fits in my pocket! :cool: Thank you! :grin:
  10. wowow, did i read that the SonicStage leaves crap all over the HDD ??
  11. so many restrictions... they are not making our lives easier bah! i'm not going to spend money to upgrade my mz-r70 to these new "uploading" models and "high-quality" hi-md
  12. eh! damn, i'm not going to upgrade so soon to himd my real time recordings never fail! :laugh:
  13. hummm, i would rather not dropping any of those
  14. ok! it's done! I've tried to put all the 4 diodes inside the connector, but it was wayyy too tight! So i decided to put the 4 diodes in a straight line... I had to cut a bit of the usb cable... put everything inside, close bla bla bla and insulate the best i could with the black tape. And the result is: It looks worst than the first one, because i had to cut the cable, but now its just outputing 3.2 volts to the MD (not so dangerous!). :rasp:
  15. ok, with 4 diodes in series i was able to get 3.2 volts in the output :smile: here's the picture of my outstanding soldering skills (not) :wink: :happy: now i'm going to try put this inside the connector :laugh: (lets hope it fits...)
  16. opps... ok thanks for warning me. I'm going to apply a voltage drop of 0.6 * 3 ~= 2 volts before the main plug using 3 diodes. Like this i'll send around 3 volts to the unit. i'll post more pictures later, and if i have time a full guide BTW: i took this risk because i've seen in the service manual that the unit has a 2.5 volt regulator inside :smile:
  17. hi people! I've got tired of recharging my battery of my MZ-R70 every day that i went to work! So i've decided to build my own USB powered interface for my md! allright! :grin: The MD should receive 3 Volt DC, but after measuring the output of the original sony adapter, it was around 5 Volt DC. The USB delivers exactly 5 volts, so there shouldn't be any problem! So here it is, i've only bought the input jack. The USB cable (white) i had at home... it was a USB to PS/2 converter from my keyboard that i wasn't using... I've connected the red USB wire (+5V) to the middle of the connector, and the black USB wire (GND) to the border of the connector. And i've only spent 0,45 € bahahhah. :laugh: :laugh: And it works! :happy: funky! :rasp:
  18. For writing the titles and controling the md, i have an electrical interface connected to LPT1. something very similar to this: http://www.mironics.com/default.asp?get_Cl...p&get_Pointer=9 Portuguese ? Eu também sou! eheheh Bye!
  19. Hi people! I've been developing this software for my MZ-R70. I have a electrical interface (like micronics, and many others), with all the controls for the minidisc. I have this software that controls all the stuff. For perfect audio transmission i have a spdif output connected to a soundblaster live value... Here are a few screenshots: interface, buttons for controlling the md, etc... as you can see i have winamp opened with 20 tracks. I'm going to copy those 20 tracks to my md right now... Just click "Rec MP3!" and... we are ready to go! It will start recording, sincronized with winamp, marking all tracks automatically (no white spaces needed!) when the track changes in winamp mdcontrol will send a trackmark to the MD! During recording the titles of the tracks are transfered... a few seconds after setting the mark... yeah!! 8) When the title finishes, we'll have to wait... (1x recording rulez!) as you can see the mdcontrol is sincronized with winamp! when the track finishes a track mark command is sent to the md and the process repeats... (send title, wait...) So, this is the most important part of my software! nice ? what do you think ? I've not released this, should i release it ? anyone interested ? Sorry about the big images
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