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  1. I don't get it, why can't you open your source code ? (It almost seems that you are working for Sony (kidding))
  2. in fact the equalizer of my nh700 does the same. It only happens at higher volumes and if i have some frequencies over boosted than others. If you listen things at lower levels, you won't be earing any of those compression effects. Only have the EQ on when listening in the phones. If you connect the player to a stereo or some computer speakers, just raise the volume till 25 or so and turn off the EQ. The EQ is nice... but the old school mega bass of my R70 rules better at higher volumes
  3. nice work! very nice! We're close to something more decent than SonicStage!
  4. ohhhh.... ... this remembers me the old days when I converted lower density 3"1/2 floopy disks (720kb) into high density ones (1.44mb) using a driller!
  5. people are getting desperate! they are so nuts with hi-mds that they are giving them away! And the are lowering the prices even more! EXPECT THE PRICES TO GO EVEN LOWER! Go Sony Go!
  6. xispe

    Fs: 600d

    know what!? you're right Some of these days i'll also give up of this hi-md stuff, and give away my nh700!
  7. In fact you are very lucky that your filter didn't come fitted to the remote cable. In my nh700 it was fitted... one day, i tried to remove it. After doing that the first thing that i've noticed was that the filter was forcing the cable so much, that the remote cable was kind of ... "compressed" in many parts. After not being to much happy with this, i become even more happier when i noticed that infact the cable was cut INSIDE. With the unit playing i could hear the custs in the sound of my right headphone as i moved the cable in the area where the filter was... So, the best solution was to force the cable again. I've managed to put the clamp filter in the same position, and didn't had any troubles so far... So, i was kind of pissed of with this thing. But hey! this is great! i like being like this!
  8. Hacker community! UNITE! Nice work... some key combination should save the value... later today i'm going to give a try!
  9. hey guys... check this one. I have a nh700. In any of the items if you press the group key, a couple of times, more info is displayed about that item... for instance: 131 SetTmp 19 132 DspTmp 13 -> NICE ONE This one is the actual temperature of the DSP. I've put the unit over my leg, and a minute or so later it was displaying 15 133 DspOfs D7 and so on... Now at that misterious 220 AdjUID item, heres what you would get 221 YrMnDy CC -> Year, Month, Day ?? My value for this one is 040405 Manufacture day ?? 222 Serl H CC -> (H = High ?) -> all zeros... 223 Serv L CC -> (L = Low ?) -> this one is nice it changes from model to model. I've tried to change 223, but with no success, i don't know how to save the value. EDIT: Don't worry, after messing around lots of time in the service mode my unit is still rocking
  10. Allright! I CAN FEEL THE MODS COMING UP I'm going to star comparing nh700 with nh900
  11. First in the winter i had troubles like that, specially when it was wet and cold... and solve them using a cleaning disc! Then these problems started to intensify... till i had to move the cleaning disc to the car! So, i dismantled my head-unit, and cleaned all the dirt inside, and passed a cotton over the optical block. Since then, i had absolutely no problems
  12. in fact i like the ideia of iPod Shuffle. It should be much more easy to fill it up, comparing to an Hi-MD. In fact, i am not using my Hi-MD much, just because of the time that i have to spent, in those conversions to atrac3/atrac3plus and the pain that is using SonicStage... I want a simple kind of life
  13. well that really looks like a mockup unit... but... they are still using that "5-way control"
  14. Hi-MD camcorders, digital cameras, so on and so on... nice
  15. let's just wait for the service mode hack to add VPT engine to the NH700 I beleive that the units are exactly the same... and i am not seeing those sony guys creating a circuit for the NH700 and a different for the NH800 just to add that VPT thing.
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