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  1. kirisu: i would like to buy one!
  2. yes... the first time i used sonicstage I also thoght: "well this isn't that bad". After using it a few times i have to say "it could be better"... after crashing a few times i have to say: "damn! this is the worst piece of software that i've ever seen". We'll have to live with it... so get used to it
  3. Very nice work aoix! I am hoping that with the service mode, i can tweak my NH700 to have 5mW output to the headphones! Nice!
  4. Shermy: you have a nh900 right? so... post your machine values
  5. i disagree, i think there's something wrong with higher frequency sounds at Hi-SP. In SP (Type-R) the highs are more smooth and much more natural.
  6. In portugal I haven't seen one! The only that i saw came with my nh700
  7. yes, for fast data transfers a flash disk or a hard-drive is much better.
  8. xispe

    Help about NH1

    i had an Access Error fault using a 74 minute minidisc in hi-md mode. Only happened with that particular disc, so i think it's a disc problem. Something interesting, i am actually using that disc in regular MD mode (with SP recording) and it record and plays fine... wierd! I think you have a problem with your discs.
  9. yes that's nice. But: 1. Sonic stage will be playing the sound coming from the files in the Hi-MD disk... we all know the difference that it makes in terms of quality when compared to the playback in the unit. 2. The resulting signal is reencoded again in ATRAC/ATRAC3 in your N10. I've made something similar passing an album from Hi-MD (Atrac3@256) to standard MD (SP - Real SP!!). I hooked up my mz-r70 to the optical out of my SB Live, and played back the source Hi-MD using SonicStage.
  10. This happened in a sony shop in Portugal: It's a really interesting dialog, take a look at this: - Hello, do you have 1gb minidiscs ? Answer: NO. - Do you know when you'll have them ? Answer: NO. - Thank you very much! :wacky: :wink:
  11. yep, that's the type of diodes to go with.
  12. wow! damn! I would be in heaven if i could upgrade my mz-nh700 to play mp3 files!
  13. campekenobi: the coolness of the discs isn't everything. Their availability in the stores is much more important to me! ahahah
  14. damn! that's what i call a drawer full of MDs ! very nice!
  15. I agree! More bitrates for Atrac3+ I think that Atrac3+ at 128 kbps would sound much better than Atrac3 at 132 kbps.
  16. visit this one: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Denon_DN-045R.html (without the "." at the end)
  17. I think Hi-LP is like a box full of surprises. For listening music in some cheap computer speakers, it's a very nice codec. Sometimes I realise that it's not sounding bad at all, and after that i think: "Wow, this is sounding great! and at 64 kbps!" Still i think it is worst than mp3 at 128 kbps, althogh that ugly metalic sound is not present at all. In terms of stereo separation, it's very good, i can feel it.
  18. i think that the software does the encoding. In simple burner if you notice till 50% of each track, there's an encoding process... and from 50% to 100% the transfering to the MD is done. Haven't you noticed yet the difference in speed that the progress goes from 50% to 100%, compared when it goes from 0% to 50%. I hope it wasn't too confusing
  19. lets just hope that in the future some hack will be found for adding that line-out mode for the NH700. Maybe we can see different results if the output circuit is the same... if not, we're doomed! ahahha... damn... the circuit should be different: NH900 has a digital amplifier while the NH700 has an analoge one
  20. xispe


    my nh700 does that too... when the volume is about ... 23/30, it starts making it... it's because of the equalizer. With the eq. off I get more output, with the same constant volume.
  21. xispe

    iTunes test!

    i've compared: mp3s converted to pcm and mp3s converted to atrac3plus 256 kbps. There was a slight difference, but nothing noticiable. By the way, i used nero and deamon tools to burn a virtual cd image on nero, and then recorded from it in soniccrap.
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