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    Sony MZ-R37

    End Search rocks!
  2. xispe

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    Minidisc is still be a great format for me, and i intend to keep using it.
  3. Audiophiles, ABX testers, enjoy this one: The ten biggest lies in audio
  4. wow! that looks very cool! nice job!!
  5. maybe that buffalo unit plays mp3 better than rh10! I WOULD ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING IF THAT HAPPENED!
  6. ahahah! another good one! ... damn! :|
  7. I still record lots of stuff in real sp with my nh700. (in realtime using digital optical output). The quality is great (atrac type-r) and sound just great on my car head unit. SP rocks!
  8. ahahhahaha! nice one! "January 2005: Kenwood have ceased production of MiniDisc products" nice find!
  9. what a heck ? wasn't mp3 recording at 128 kbps part of the specifications ? the sony guys were actually selling that...
  10. hey! I don't want a new unit... i just want my money back!
  11. well... in fact i beleive these are unit related problems. I've had lots of problems with 1gb discs... somehow I managed to recalibrate my unit using the service mode. It was a heck to do it, i had previous experience with my mz r70 in this auto adjustment mode, so after a few days i was able to figure it out. It's something that i don't recomend to anyone, since we still don't have service manuals available for the units... After clearing the NV i had my nh700 completely dead for a few days. I've managed to recover it back, restoring some service mode values that i've read in a list made by the user aiox and running successfuly all the auto adjustment modes. After that i had no problems reading and writing 1gb discs. There was one particular disc that was almost full of errors, and with this adjustment i was able to fill it in, and copy the data back, and all the bits were in the right place (md5 hash checked!) So, just a thought... i think that some units aren't properly adjusted, not the discs that are defective.
  12. Still no real sp via sonicstage.... the difference is that now LP2 is better in SonicStage 3.0, and once transcoded to SP it is not as bad as doing the same using SonicStage 2.xx
  13. I have to say that these are major improvements! The interface is faster, easier... now we have playlists. Everything runs smooth! On the codec side, i've encoded by mistake some music in Hi-LP and wow... the encoding is much better. Then i encoded in Hi-SP and even better!
  14. My question: - will the units work properly!?
  15. Just to add that i've found more tracks with problems...
  16. OFFTOPIC: Heyyyyyy sinus6ber, nice avatar! Happy Tree Friends rules!
  17. Guess what!? It seems that 1gb discs are finally available in my area, and i've got 5! Now i was listening to one of the new ones.. and the sound skipped! Another damaged disc.! I give up!
  18. regarding your question, i don't know. I reformatted 80 and 74 minute sony and tdk minidiscs with no problems.
  19. Atrac SP Type-R rules! For me it's the best quality mode... much better than hi-sp Realtime recording rocks!
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